Home Depot Bereavement Policy (How Many Days, Proof, + More!)

Home Depot is a household brand in the United States. They are one of the most well-known home improvement retailers in America, with over 500,000 employees.

Perhaps you are curious about the company’s bereavement policy as an employee. What rights do employees have if a loved one has died? This is what we discovered after doing some research.

Home Depot Bereavement Policy

Home Depot provides three days of paid leave for employees who lose a family member. Home Depot offers travel and funeral costs assistance grants. This applies only to employees who have completed the 90-day probation.

Continue reading to find out more about Home Depot’s policy regarding bereavement.

Who qualifies for the Home Depot Bereavement policy?

Home Depot covers all employees, full-time and part-time. The policy does not cover employees who have worked in the system for less than ninety days.

Home Depot says that full-time employees typically work 24 hours per week while part-time workers spend 12 hours per week at work.

What does “Immediate Family Member” mean to Home Depot?

The management of the Home Depot where you work will determine the eligibility rules. Different managements can cause policies to be re-adjusted based on their surroundings, particularly in this area.

The Home Depot Policy considers the following family members to be part of the immediate family:

  • Parent: Mother, Father (Biological), Step-parents, or Official Foster Parents
  • Child: Adopted, biological, foster, step-child or adopted
  • Siblings: Sister or brother (Biological or Step).

You may need to talk to your store manager if you are facing the death of a relative, such as a uncle, aunt, grandparent, friend, cousin, nephew, or other close person.

Managers may allow you to take time off from work to attend the funeral services.

Is Home Depot required to approve bereavement leave?

Yes. The bereaved must notify the store manager of the loss. They may also need to provide documentation to prove that they are related to deceased relatives.

If the store manager determines that the deceased is not related to them, they may decline your application. The store manager might ask you to provide proof of the grieving.

Some stores only ask you to provide the date and name of your death, while others may require that you present the certificate of death.

Are Employees allowed to stay longer than three days?

Yes, employees can take more than three days off. The employees can choose days from other days of the year but they will not be paid for additional leave days.

This can be done between the store manager and the bereaved.

Employees can extend their Bereavement Leave days at no cost, although they may not be paid for the extra days.

If you are granted an extension, it’s important to request a leave-of-absence for the additional days. This will ensure your job security. You may be eligible for sick leave if you have difficulty adjusting to the loss. You might also be required to use any remaining vacation days.

Does Home Depot Offer Paid Bereavement Leave?

Three days of paid leave is provided by the bereavement policy for people who have lost members or their immediate families.

Home Depot employees are paid on bereavement leave at their standard rates depending on their employment.

They typically pay the grieving employee during the time they are earning their wages or salaries. Employees who are struggling during this time may need to access funds.

In the event of a loss, members may also receive financial assistance through direct Grants. Financial grants are used to pay funeral expenses for children aged 26 and under who are related to the member parent.

Only members who are unable to raise the funds for burial or cremation can apply for this grant. The members were required to produce all documents that prove the deceased’s relationship.

Travel expense assistance is also available through the program. The proof of the relationship between an employee and the deceased person is required to be eligible for the grant.

How many times can someone apply for bereavement leave?

Home Depot offers only three days of leave per year. If two members of your immediate family die in the same year, you can’t carry those days forward.

Talk to the manager if you have lost a family member. You can also take sick days that you haven’t used.

What other leave days does Home Depot offer for employees?

Home Depot offers employees the opportunity to take time off from work. Home Depot offers these leaves to its employees:

Home Depot provides 15 days of medical leave each year to members. The policy can vary depending on your situation and the severity of your illness.

Leave of Absence (Leave of Absence): This leave is for emergencies that could arise from personal or family matters.

Home Depot employees are entitled to paid time off in the event of burnouts and regular rest. Notification for this leave should not be less than 24 hours.

Parental Leave: Home Depot provides six weeks of parental leave to parents who have had a baby. This applies to the wife and husband. The mother is allowed to continue breastfeeding for six more weeks. This leave is available to all salaried employees.

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Home Depot is sensitive to the grief experiences of its members. They must provide bereavement leave for members to grieve the loss of loved ones. They can also help with the costs of cremation or burial for members who don’t have the funds.

Even though they only gave three days to members, employees can request additional Leave of Absence (Unpaid), take part of the medical leave days, or work with their manager.

Other than bereavement leave there are many other leaves which members can take, such as medical leave (sickle), Leave of Absence and parental leave.

The policies provide guidelines for the number of days off. For job security, employees can contact the store manager if they have an emergency.

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