Walmart Bereavement Policy (all You Need To Know)

We’re going to need more than just to put the book back on the shelf and go home, so the first thing that we do is to help the person who’s really suffering, and that’s usually the family.

Walmart employs over 1.5 million people and they get paid well. I’m sure they have made sure that they have some sort of policy where their employees should be paid when they take bereavement leave.

Walmart Bereavement Leave Policy 2022

Walmart allows employees to take up to three days of bereavement leave if an immediate relative dies, and also usually pays for the time they take off. Employees who take bereavement leave can also request longer periods off work as a personal leave of absence.

Walmart, the largest retailer of US retail products, offers a policy for the bereavement of their employees.

Who does Walmart class as an immediate relative?

According to Walmart, immediate relatives are individuals related to an employee by marriage or other relationship.

This includes a legal union between two persons or a partnership between two people. If a group of people are in a non-legal union, such as a couple without a formal union or a group in a business, that would still be protected under this policy.

The guidelines also state that an employee can take leave for any reason up to 12 weeks in a year. A bereavement leave should not be taken to avoid performance evaluation (but can be if it is a truly personal reason for the loss, for example).

How much time off do Walmart employees get for bereavement leave? 

People who work at Walmart are entitled to three days of paid leave. It’s called bereavement leave.

A supervisor may consider a number of factors when determining the amount of leave to grant, such as:

In the next example, we illustrate a sentence using only paraphrasing.

Does Walmart pay employees during bereavement leave? 

The company will offer all employees who take bereavement leave at their standard hourly rate for the number of hours that they would have been expected to work otherwise, with the exception of temporary employees, who will be paid at the lower hourly rate normally paid to such employees.

However, this only applies to the maximum of three days covered by standard bereavement leave. When you have exhausted your leave and you have not provided another reason for this leave, you will be counted as having taken leave without pay.

Does Walmart allow bereavement leave longer than three days?

If an employee is asked to stay late with a project, and they need more than three days to complete it, then they can instead apply for a Personal Leave of Absence.

The five-day bereavement leave is unpaid, so workers may have to use up any paid time off they have earned if they don’t want to miss out on pay during this period.

Does the law require Walmart to provide bereavement leave? 

Bereavement leave is not required by the federal government, but most states require employers to allow workers to take time off for the loss of a close family member.

In December, Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed a law that will require companies to grant their employees leave for bereavement, and those who refuse must pay their workers for the time off.

It is best to double-check your Walmart paycheck stubs to ensure you have been paid during the time off (if eligible), though most employers will not consider you eligible for bereavement leave.

To help with the difficulty of transferring, I have included a guide on how to move between Walmart locations.

Walmart employees also see if they are eligible for a Walmart EAP (Employee Assistance Program) if they want to be better prepared for the challenges of the work environment.

Conclusion: What is Walmart’s Bereavement Policy? 

Walmart allows employees to take up to three days off work in order to mourn a family member, if they’re close enough.

Supervisors may also grant a vacation day for the death of loved ones or relatives. In addition, employees will still be paid for the time they are away.

It is possible to take longer leaves when the employee has been in the job for a certain period of time and has been making a good contribution to the organization.

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