Amazon Scams (full List Of Scams To Be Aware Of)

If you’re buying on Amazon, you need to watch out. There’s a whole bunch of scams out there to get your money or your Amazon profile.

A lot of online stores offer discounts and deals if you spend a certain amount at their store.
Amazon is also known for their low prices which makes them a perfect target for scammers to take advantage and get more from you.

Amazon Scams In 2022

Sellers on Amazon are getting a lot of grief lately and scams targeting buyers and sellers are on the rise. However, Amazon customers should watch out for tricks scammers use to gain information for fraudulent purchases. Emails, texts, and fake phone calls look like they are coming from Amazon.

This Amazon list of scams and tips to avoid them in the future is very helpful, and also includes other related facts.

What Are the Most Common Amazon Scams?

According to a report by the NY Post, scammers are up to the old tricks, but on a larger scale, this year.

There are a few different types of scams that happen in Amazon, and it’s essential to be aware of them so you don’t become a victim.

Failed Delivery is a scam which can be sent to a user in order to hack an account. It will show as a delivery failure with a code. This code can be used by the scammer to gain access to the account.

An internet scam targets Amazon with an email telling the victim that they already bought something, but the product was cancelled and they’ll have to pay a fee if they want to receive a refund.

A scammer will order something from Amazon and then will claim they never received it so they ask for a refund.

It is hard not to feel sympathy for the service agents when they work hard.

You may need to re-send the order confirmation email to confirm the order.

If you are not going to be charging this order, don’t worry about it.

Eventually this scam will impact customers as sellers will fail to profit, and prices will be increased as a consequence.

Counterfeit products are considered an economic activity if they can be classified as a crime, or if they are the product of a “crime in the making”.

Scammers can sell fake products and products of low quality as they may have created these products in bulk by making a low quality product.

Receiving counterfeit products can be dangerous because you could end up with a fake product that doesn’t work or could be hazardous to health or safety. It is important to avoid buying or using counterfeit goods because no one can be sure if the goods they have are authentic or counterfeit.

It is a scam that calls you and tells you that a customer service representative will contact you in a few minutes. Instead, the scammers wait until you put the phone down, and then hang up. They then leave a message where they claim the representative has to call you back within a specific time frame.

Another example of a phishing email being sent out to the public from a fake Amazon email account.

When consumers contact customer service, fake agents might pretend to be with Amazon or claim there’s a problem with their order.

What happens then, after filling your personal information, is that you will then be given a questionnaire.

This isn’t something that should bother you and if it does, contact Amazon Customer Support.
Amazon Customer Service is available 24/7 and they are going to be able to fix the problem right away.

If you get a call from someone claiming to be from Amazon, it’s probably a scam since Amazon will never call a customer out of the blue and will never ask them to pay over the phone.

If some one calls you claiming to be from Amazon, you should not give any personal information. You should hang up and report it to Amazon.

They will be delivered once the transaction is completed.

In the case of Amazon, make sure you get the email from a trusted website or from the Amazon website in the first place.

Since they can’t get their hands on your Amazon login information, these scammers are trying to trick you into giving them your personal information.

If you are unsure if an email really was sent from Amazon, forward the email to

People are complaining about how a third-party seller is giving fake positive reviews so you can easily buy your favorite products at a bargain price. When you buy something from them, it is not guaranteed to be genuine and reliable. This is illegal and harmful to the product’s reputation.

When you order something from a third party seller on Amazon, you are taking a risk because you do not know if the seller is reputable.

You should always do research before making a purchase from any third-party seller. Always be sure that the seller is reputable and you’re not buying something that is fake.

Phishing texts are a type of email that is aimed to give the receiver the impression that the email originates from a trusted source. This is done by having the spammer send an email from an email address that is recognized as a trusted email address.

Sometimes a shoplifter might send a text message claiming to be from an employee of your local Amazon store and asking you to provide your security code.

People can be tricked into falling for Phishing Scams, if they get a strange or unusual text from a phone number or email they didn’t recognize.

In The Text, they might say they have some problems with your order and then request you to click on a link to resolve the problem, or there might be a problem with your account and they request you to visit the website in your web browser for this.

Clicking this link may take you to a fake website that will collect your online shopping information, including your Amazon login details, as well as download a virus onto your device.

But, it’s a lot more fun to click on the link and then go to report the text message.

Pop-ups are very annoying. If you have a popup, you should ask yourself: “why am I here?”.

If you see a pop-up window that looks like it’s from Amazon, beware. Often these pop-ups can contain fake viruses or links to fake websites. If you think it’s a legitimate Amazon link, try righting clicking, then using a web search.

You’re going to install this software, and there’s not much point in having it on an empty, clean machine. That’s why, when you’re installing it,
close it out as quickly as you can.

iphone and most of my peers have the latest in technology in their pockets 24/7.

If someone calls you and tells you that a Mac is not working, hang up immediately, and do not give out any information or pay any charges on your phone.

To hack you, they can say that something has gone wrong with your iCloud account or iPhone and then ask you to enter your password.

Once they have your password they can access all your information and there are no protections on your device like with an iPhone, they can get into your phone and access everything on the phone including any pictures or any information in the photos.

There are thousands of online jobs which pay you for your free time, and you can earn thousands from these websites. They don’t pay you a lot, but it’s a great way to make money without a lot of work. I’ve put some examples on this page, for you to make use of.

The first thing the scammer does is to attempt to get you to go to Amazon to confirm you like the item and purchase it.

Then they’ll say they have a new phone they can’t use and offer to exchange it for a free one.

To prevent this from happening, you’ll have to make sure that you are getting the correct address, and that you are sending the correct shipping options. (Most people use USPS, but you can pick whatever you’d like). Otherwise, it’s a simple matter of sending an empty box back to Amazon, and they’ll ship you another one.

There are lots of mystery boxes for sale.

There are fake mystery boxes that ask you for money to unlock them. Usually these are fake boxes being sold on amazon that do not unlock and the boxes usually cost about $20.

The items in this listing are just a few of the millions of dollars stolen from you each year by scammers who pretend to be a UPS delivery!

When there is a problem with your Windows 7 computer, you can buy a warranty from this company.

Scammers might call you and say they’re from Amazon customer service and ask you to sign up for an extended warranty for purchased goods.

The only thing that they might ask to sign up for warranty is that you pay for shipping which is usually included in the price of the machine.

You should be careful of the warranties that come with the products on Amazon, however if you feel that a product is broken, you are able to file a warranty claim.

Amazon is selling pallets in bulk. Just ship to an Amazon location and they will pack it for you. They even offer a free shipping on eligible purchases.

Some scammers will sell Amazon pallets on websites like Craigslist or eBay. They’ll say the pallets are full of returned items from Amazon, and that they’re willing to sell the pallets for $10 per pallet. When people make purchases, the scammers will mark them as “returns” and then contact Amazon to have them shipped back to them.

You may be lucky and receive a good crate of items, but even then the items may be broken.

If you’re not a member of Amazon’s Prime mailing list, you’ll be able to send in messages of up to 300 characters in length to receive a free gift.

A fake email says you are the winner of a gift card or you have been given money to a bank account and all you have to do is click on the link to receive it.

The web pages will tell you that there’s a fake website with malicious links. They have a good explanation below the link.

You got locked out of your Amazon account and need to sign in again.

With this scam, a hacker can steal your credit card or other sensitive data, and use it to make fraudulent purchases.

To access their account, they need to click on the link to update their Amazon account information. These links are easily exploitable by hackers, or simply by people who have direct access to your computer.

If you were to click on this link on an infected computer, you would be asked to update your account information, which would be automatically redirected to a malicious website.

This is how the malware gets into the system.

You can play games on a free account on the Amazon Free Games app or in your PC browser.

The scam promises folks who respond that they can get a free Playstation game or some other gift. They get a link that is either through a text or email.

The offer to have your credit limits raised sounds good! This is another scam to get access to your personal information.

Amazon is offering free shipping to its customers from all over the world.

If you were contacted by such a shipper, please ignore the message and delete it immediately. To protect your account from future fraud, we request a phone number, delivery address and method of payment.

Amazon shoppers should be aware that this site is nothing more than a fake site that is intended to scam them into giving away their account information.

As a free member of Amazon Prime, you’ll receive free one-day shipping for all of your purchases.

Amazon Prime allows shoppers to receive free 2-day shipping on thousands of their products. This is part of the Prime service that costs $79 a year.

Amazon is paying more attention to their online job applications.

Recently, remote work has seen a surge in popularity, and scammers use online job openings as a way to target job seekers.

In this scam, scammers make people think that someone on Amazon is sending them checks, paying them to sign up for a certain Amazon online survey.

But when you click on that link, you’ll be taken to a fake website that will try to steal your information.

If you’re having trouble finding a job in the area you want, do an online search for jobs.

To know more, you can also read our posts on Amazon phone number verification, and are Amazon surveys legitimate.


There are many scams on Amazon right now. Be careful with your personal information. If you’re having trouble with an order, immediately contact Amazon customer service and they’ll take care of it.

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