How To Create An Amazon Account Without A Phone Number (all You Need To Know)

If your Amazon app keeps demanding more and more of your time, you may want to try limiting app access to your phone number.

However, it does appear that there is a way to create an Amazon account without a phone number. We had to do some digging to find out.

How to Create an Amazon Account Without a Phone Number In 2022

It is possible to create an Amazon account without a phone number, and Amazon specifically tells you that adding a phone number to your account is strictly optional, but when you start using your account to buy and ship items from Amazon, you will need to give a phone number to go with your shipping address.

Here are some great tips about signing up for a new account and then using that account to simplify your Amazon account login process. You’ll want to read on to learn how this can help!

Can I Create an Amazon Account Without a Phone Number?

Someone may have already got their Amazon account registered with a phone number, then they want to change that to another account or they want to add an extra account for a child.

And even if you do want to keep receiving messages from Amazon, maybe you’d rather you could choose when to receive them.

I will create another account and use the phone number I already use to log into my existing account.

You get your credit card and personal information stolen from another account.

If you don’t have a phone number at all, you’ll need to set up account recovery.

In an email to customers, Amazon specified that providing a mobile phone number is optional.

… the account holder may only have up to three devices that could be used to access the same account.
… the account holder may have up to five devices that could be used to access the same account.

You can add a contact information, such as your phone number, email address, as well as a billing address and shipping address for Amazon orders.

So, you will have to give a phone number to your Amazon account to verify your identity or else you will start using your Amazon account to buy things online.

Further, for sellers, if you are setting up business accounts on Amazon, you will have to provide and verify a phone number when setting up an account.

This is because trust is very important for online retail and businesses have to provide all contact infomation.

How Can I Create an Account With Amazon?

It is very simple to set up an Amazon account. Further, Amazon specifically tells you that adding a phone number to your account is purely optional for individual accounts. Additionally, you only need to add a phone number if you want to receive SMS notifications for your orders. You can leave the phone number field blank if you want to.

You will be able to create your Amazon account. You will be asked for your name, email, or phone number and a password.

To create an Amazon account, you will require to visit the site and register as well as add an email address and a phone number for security purposes.

One of the advantages of being an Amazon seller is that you can include your phone number in your Amazon listing to help customers communicate with you.

I use it to send automated updates to you about your order and delivery updates.

If you happen to get notified of the latest situation or if there are any problems, Amazon can use your phone number to notify you of the latest situation.

How Do I Skip Amazon Phone Verification?

If you want to do this, then you will skip the phone verification for your Amazon account.

In order to verify your password, you must enable the option called Two-Step Verification (2SV) Settings, where you have to set the phone number used to access the account.

In the Edit option next to the Two-Step Verification (2SV) Settings, you have to verify a code from your phone number on your account.

Two-Step Verification is on by default but might have been turned off. To complete this process, you’ll have to provide another backup method of verification such as an email.

You will be sent an email notification, which will include either an Amazon
Security Code or a link to your Amazon Account, if you have one. We will
store your email address for the purpose of sending this notification.

When you enter the code, you will have successfully disabled Two-Step Verification and will be asked to confirm the action.

Can You Have Two Amazon Accounts?

You can link as many accounts as you want to various email addresses. You also have the option to link each account to a different phone number.

If you want to combine two separate accounts, you can add them to an Amazon Household. This is also called “Family Sharing”.

If an order placed through your Amazon account was approved by Amazon, but was not processed by Amazon due to system failures or other events beyond your direct control, we will refund the approved amount to your Amazon account.


Amazon will let you create an account without a phone number and then add a phone number later in case you want to have your orders shipped to you.

They need a phone number to notify the customer of shipping delays or problems at the delivery address. They also need a phone number so they can call anyone to verify identity like the USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.

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