Amazon Won’t Accept Address (What It Means & What To Do…)

Amazon’s shipping services can be quite extensive. The address widget located at the top of every page will let you know if the product you are interested in is available for shipping.

Amazon may reject addresses due to verification issues in certain situations. This happens most often because your address is not yet in the system or you have entered incorrect information.

Why is Amazon not recognising my address?

Amazon uses an automated verification process to verify shipping addresses. Google Maps and other official directories are used by the automatic system to verify that your address is valid for the selected item and shipping method. Amazon will give you an error message stating that “The street number or number appears to have been invalid” or similar. This means that Amazon was unable to verify the address you entered.

This happens, as mentioned above, for one of the following reasons:

  • Your address is brand new. Amazon may not have the latest address if you just moved in to a newly developed property or whose street number/street name has changed. You can call customer service or wait for the address to be updated in the system.
  • The information was not correct. Double-check and ensure that you have entered the correct information. Even if you are certain that the information is correct you might have entered it incorrectly. To find the correct format for your address in the US, use the USPS Zip Code Lookup Service. Try calling customer service if all else fails. They’re always willing to assist you.

If your shipping address is not valid, customer service will not be in a position to assist you.

It can happen for many reasons. For example, your package is too big for the shipping method or the item is prohibited in the country where you reside.

How do I verify my address on Amazon as a seller?

Amazon may ask you to verify your business address in order to ensure that you are shipping the right items. This is an important part of Amazon’s ability to offer fast and accurate shipping services.

Before you can sell items, sellers must go through the verification process. This process is quite simple.

Amazon will first contact you to inform that your address needs verification. Then, you can review your address and confirm it on Amazon’s SellerCentral portal.

Amazon will send a postcard to you within a few days. You will receive a verification code on the postcard that you can enter into SellerCentral. Sellers typically have 60 days to verify their address.

Amazon will send you an address verification request if you have a seller account and purchase an item for someone else. Amazon will request verification of your address if you use your buyer’s account in order to circumvent seller policies and regulations.

Although this is a rare case, you will need to submit scanned images of your ID and proof that you are located within 14 days.

Why won’t Amazon ship to my address?

You might not be able buy the exact item you want if your address isn’t eligible for the shipping option you selected. offers an address widget that displays whether your address is eligible for shipping. If an address is not eligible for certain shipping, it will display an error message when you try to checkout.

There are many reasons why an address may not be eligible for shipping. These depend on the shipping service chosen. Most of the time, your address falls outside the shipping range for the chosen shipping method.

Pre-ordered items are not available outside the United States. Release-Date Delivery is one example. Pre-ordered items will not be delivered to Hawaii, Alaska, and other locations outside the United States.

Amazon may encounter shipping problems in certain circumstances due to unpredicted shipping conditions. These cases might result in special shipping methods not being available or delays in your shipment. If you have any questions or concerns, contact customer service.

What to do if Amazon won’t accept my address

If you have already used the USPS Zip Code Lookup Service and entered your address exactly how it appears there, but Amazon still states that ‘the street number or number appears to not be valid,’ it is time to contact an Amazon customer representative directly.

To let Amazon know what’s happening, get in touch by phone or chat. The customer service representative will be able override the error and correct it.

This is a quick and easy way to verify your address.

You can use Amazon Locker to pick your packages up if you are far away. It is unlikely, as Amazon will accept mail from any address in the continental United States.

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Amazon generally uses Google Maps for shipping address verification. Amazon may not be able to locate a property if it isn’t in an official directory. In these cases, Amazon might inform you that the address is invalid.

Contacting an Amazon customer service representative is the fastest way to resolve this issue. They will be able validate your order and authorize deliveries to your home.

We hope this answers any questions that you might have about Amazon shipping services or address verification. You can reach us in the comments section if you have any concerns or questions.

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