Where Do Amazon Returns Go? (Everything You Should Know..)

Amazon sells a huge number of products in a few clicks every year. While most customers are satisfied with their purchases, around 25% return products.

One question that comes to mind is, “Where exactly do Amazon returns go?”

Amazon Returns: Where are they?

Amazon returns can be sent to either the Amazon Warehouse or to a liquidations centre.

Amazon processes customer returns of products at its fulfillment centers. The product is then sent to various storages depending on what it is.

It will depend on the state of the product that was returned. Items with little or no use will be sent directly to Amazon Warehouse.

Other items returned in poor condition, regardless of whether Amazon was to blame or the delivery, are sent to storage. They can then be sold at liquidation sites.

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What is Liquidation like for Amazon?

Amazon liquidation is designed to save time and avoid having to go through the entire process of returning items, packaging them, and then listing them again for sale. This would be costly and time-consuming for Amazon.

They simply have the items returned to Amazon to be sold to a third party liquidation site. This allows them to sell the items. Amazon makes a profit by selling products and returned items that have been stored for a long time.

The majority of returned items are given a second chance, but it is not guaranteed that all will be resold.

Amazon Returns: Can I buy them?

After Amazon had to sell their items, liquidation companies can purchase them. You can search for Amazon Pallets through a trusted seller and then bid on it.

Can I resell returned items from an Amazon Pallet?

You can. In fact, there is another business that is growing rapidly because companies like Amazon have a lot more to handle. So naturally, one person’s trash can be another person’s treasure.

An interesting story about a family who made a successful business out of buying pallets from liquidation companies to resell them to customers is The Family Flips.

This is the beauty of reselling. You have many options to be a successful reseller. You can find the products that you love and sell them in the way you prefer. This is where you will find success.

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What Types of Items Can Amazon Return?

Amazon allows you to return nearly any item that has been purchased. However, there are some things you cannot do or conditions that must be met before you can return a product.

Amazon lists these items as the items that you cannot return. They can be returned under certain conditions or at any time.

  • After 30 days, laptops, desktops and kindles are available.
  • Hazardous or dangerous products such as liquids or flammable chemicals are marked with a warning. However, it is best to discuss this matter directly with the manufacturer or provider.
  • A product without a serial number, or UPC.
  • Software and content that can be downloaded.
  • Once a buyer has subscribed, a paid subscription cannot be canceled.
  • Gift cards and prepaid codes for videogames, such as PSN, Nintendo points or Xbox gift cards. Sometimes, the law may make an exception.
  • Some jewelry
  • Some products for hygiene and health.
  • Groceries
  • Special shipping restrictions for certain products
  • Live insects

Why do customers return their products?

It can be caused by items arriving in damaged condition, confusion from anyone, or simply because the customer changed his mind about purchasing the item.

However, they must have a good reason to return the item. Otherwise, Amazon will refuse to honor the request.

Amazon allows returns

Amazon will accept returns if you return the exact item you bought.

This process can vary depending on the product. However, the customer must be refunded and be able then to decide whether it is worth reselling or just putting it in a pallet for liquidation.

Amazon gets so many returns that it is normal for them not to be examined under a microscope to make sure they are working properly and/or missing any parts.

Amazon Returns Can Be Thrown Away

If something doesn’t work it isn’t worth reselling. Therefore, if a product does not serve its purpose, it will be thrown out, and not sent to Amazon Warehouse or filed for liquidation.

It’s possible to do this if certain products take up too much space, which eventually leads to financial loss.

Amazon has a return program for items that have been returned.

Yes they do. In 2019, Amazon launched the “Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA-Donations)” initiative, which allows returns of good quality and condition to be donated to charities.

Alice Shobe, Director of Amazon in the Community.

We understand that getting products to the people who need them is transformative. This is why we offer this program to sellers who use fulfillment services.

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If a customer returns an item, they should know that it won’t go to waste. It will still be useful depending on what the problem is and how the product is in general.

Amazon knows exactly what to do. Once a product has been marked as returned, they first check the buyer and issue a refund. Then they decide if the item should be returned in stock or sent to Amazon Warehouse. After that, they begin liquidation and sell the product so that the liquidation company can resell the pallets to keep the market moving.

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