Does Amazon Check Returns? (expensive, Broken, Laptops, Damaged + Process)

Are you going to have to return an item you’ve bought as a gift? Have you been thinking: does Amazon check returns? Do you want to know if they check expensive returns? Does Amazon charge you for the return?

We’re going to answer all your questions, but first, let’s explore what is and isn’t allowed when you return something.

I think that’s correct because I’m not sure I’ve come across this information before. I’ll dig around for a bit and see if I find anything new.

Does Amazon Check Returns In 2022?

If you purchase a lot, Amazon will also be able to tell if you’ve bought stolen goods or counterfeits. If you’ve bought 10% or more of your items from the marketplace, Amazon will check returns more carefully, as that could be an indication of suspicious activity or as a result of a damaged item.

It looks like Amazon does check returns, but I’m not sure about damaged ones. I also can’t tell if you need to pay for a damaged return, so I’ve got more answers for you in the “return process” section below!

How Does Amazon Check Returns?

To be eligible for a refund, you will need to use Amazon’s return center and attach the receipt to the returned unit.

If the serial number doesn’t match, it gives you the option of giving a reason for it or if it is accepted, it will allow you to leave.

Does Amazon Check Expensive Returns?

The Amazon warehouse worker on Reddit revealed that the warehouse workers are checking for the expensive items the most. Items that are being returned are the ones that are expensive and are being returned.

For example, items being returned that fall into the gaming or PC category will be checked for damage that has occurred due to a user’s mishandling of the item, as well as smartphones, tablets, or other gadgets of value.

All devices in your warehouse that meet the requirement of the warranty must be sent to the warehouse technical grade department for processing.

Does Amazon Check Cheap Returns?

He said that in the beginning it was a policy to check and verify all returns to make sure they were sent properly and with appropriate items. After the policy was established, he said that quality began to decline as it was implemented on a large scale. He said that the company’s quality has come a long way since then, but the policies were not well-enforced.

Does Amazon Check Broken Returns?

Amazon generally won’t even check to see if a return is damaged or broken if they can avoid losing money by just discarding it and recycling it instead.

Does Amazon Check Returned Laptops?

This is a trick question, because the returned laptop should not have been returned to begin with, but Amazon will test the laptop for the customer and allow them a short window to prove they did not return it.

Besides, when people purchase products from Amazon, they have the option to return them. However, the company also has to pay for the return shipping of the products, which is why they try to resell them as much as possible.

If you misrepresent the condition of the laptop, you could get a bad deal if they find out you lied to them.

If the laptop is returned and tampered with by the customer, it could be stolen, or if the customer tampered with the laptop and sold it for less than what it was purchased for, then you could be charged a higher restocking fee.

Does Amazon Check Damaged Returns?

Amazon may not always be able to inspect damaged returns in all cases.

The following returns are not exempt from shipping fees. Please make sure you have sufficient funds for the return before proceeding.

In the United States, a bill for the repair or replacement of an item is sent via U.S. mail to the nearest post office where the item was delivered.

In addition to the Amazon Deals website, Amazon sells refurbished items at a discounted price, plus the added bonus of being able to use Amazon Prime.

You answered this one correctly. Amazon is required to donate the item to goodwill. It is not required to pay any shipping expenses.

What Items Cannot Be Returned to Amazon?

It’s possible to return products to Amazon, including items that are listed as return eligible, meaning it is possible to return them.

What Is the Amazon Return Process?

You can return your purchase within 30 days if you find something wrong with the product. Amazon offers its third-party sellers more time to solve any complaints regarding the purchased items.

Amazon is a great way to shop. The site makes shopping on the go a breeze. If you’re looking to shop or return an item to Amazon, here’s what you need to know.

Can I View the Status of an Amazon Return?

You can also look at the status of your Amazon Return by clicking the “View Return/Refund” link on the order you’ve returned.

How Long Does It Take to Receive a Refund After Amazon Return?

In order to receive money back, Amazon has to receive the items in their fulfillment centers. Typically, it takes 25 days to process one return.

However if you’ve returned it to store-buyer as well, you’ll receive your refund within 15 business days in most cases.

Can Amazon Ban You for Too Many Returns?

Amazon will ban you if you have too many returns in your account history, at which point the Amazon representatives can see all your returns. However, it’s unlikely you’d be banned from the site.

For example, if you’re getting close to the 10% return status, you might see an email from Amazon reminding you that you have returned too many items and could be banned.

The Amazon fraud is detected by Amazon and it does it based on your account activity and it doesn’t care whether it’s a refund or order.

If you have returned an item from Amazon and you need to know more about Amazon’s return policy, here are our posts on how to buy Amazon returns, Amazon return policy after 30 days, and Amazon return warning.


Amazon has been known to return items without checking the serial numbers. The good news is that you can request a refund if your item was mis-shipped. Contact the seller to see if they can refund your purchase if the serial number does not match that of the item you purchased.

 But when it comes to cheaper items; for example, for laptops and electronic goods, the retailer offers the possibility of exchanging them if they are being misrepresented by the customer.  This option is only offered to customers who have their identity documents on them as proof of their purchase.

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