What Is Amazon 4-star? (all You Need To Know)

According to a company blog post, a number of 4-star products will appear on the storefront to give customers an additional, quality-controlled option.

Amazon’s 4-star product pages contain products that have received ratings higher than 4 stars, but not all products offer Amazon’s ‘Amazon 4-Star’ service. In fact, as of 2017, only a small number of products (0.3%) in the top 15,000 in-demand products in the United States offer 4-star ratings.

What Is Amazon 4-Star In 2022?

4-Star stores are physical stores that sell products with a four-star or higher rating by customers who bought the item on Amazon’s eCommerce platform as of 2022. At 4-Star stores, you can find everyday and unique items, with Prime members receiving special pricing discounts. However, you don’t have to be a Prime member to shop at 4-Star stores. Some of them offer limited-time specials, and many have different themes and themes.

To get even more information about how the 4-Star stores are designed, like what payment methods they accept and what types of products they choose to showcase, keep reading for more information.

What Is an Amazon 4-Star Store?

Amazon 4-star is a chain of physical stores designed to introduce customers to new products by using the Amazon rating system.

Amazon offers best-selling items in stores. You can actually find the items at the Amazon store.

Only the products sold on the Amazon 4-Star store have been rated four stars or higher by customers who purchased them online.

And you can’t get the products at the lowest possible price at Amazon.

While Amazon’s team looks at several factors before deciding which products to show, they’re mainly focusing on the feedback that customers have given the products.

What Products Can You Find at an Amazon 4-Star Store?

While the Amazon 4-star option may be in the future, the focus right now is on the Amazon Prime membership.

If you want to stock a product or service that has been rated at least four stars by customers on Amazon, then make sure you’ve already made the product or service available on Amazon. You’ll want to make sure that you have a product to sell, or a service you can offer, on Amazon’s virtual shelves.

Home Improvement

So, no, Amazon 4-stars are not exclusive to Amazon.

To be eligible for Amazon’s best-seller award, items must meet Amazon’s threshold in each of four categories: rating, customer reviews, sales, and product detail pages.

The Amazon 4-star online stores are an incredible source of household goods and other items.

Who Can Shop at an Amazon 4-Star Store?

All of the products that are offered in the Amazon 4-Star stores are offered at Amazon.com. However, because the Amazon 4-Star stores are not directly connected to the Amazon.com site, you can only shop for your favorite products if you are a customer of the Amazon 4-Star stores.

However, if you are a member of Amazon Prime, you have access to extra benefits at 4-Star stores!

The 4-Star program, in addition to providing customers access to a curated selection of online products, provides online pricing for the same products found in a store.

But, those extra amounts for the products are worth it because you’ll have access to a lot of great deals.

Amazon is also expanding its online movie service. The subscription-based Amazon Video On Demand (AVOD) service launched last year in Seattle. This fall, the new service will come to New York City. The service offers instant access to new and popular releases – such as “Gravity” and “Titanic” – as well as the entire Amazon Prime membership library.

However, you also get a number of other details — the original retail price, the average rating, and the number of user reviews.

You can try out Prime as a free trial member for 30 days and if you like the service, you can upgrade to the paid version.

However, only 4-Star Prime members can access the prices in eligible Amazon 4-Star stores.

What Payment Methods Do Amazon 4-Star Stores Accept?

It is convenient to be able to pay for your purchases with more than just a credit card.

Pay with Amazon Cash

Use other Amazon payments and credit cards

Paying with Amazon Cash lets you pay with the balance or credit you have stored in your Amazon.com account. Amazon Cash can be loaded into a prepaid MasterCard(r) debit card, loaded by your Amazon.com account balance or used as a substitute for a credit or debit card.

Amazon Payments is the best way to pay via Amazon at any location.

Amazon Payments is the best way to pay using your mobile device.

Amazon Payments is the best way to pay for any Amazon benefit inside a store.

Amazon Payments is the best way to pay for any Amazon benefit outside of a store.

Amazon Payments is available in all locations, while credit cards and other methods are limited.

How Does Amazon Choose Products for 4-Star Stores?

It is very particular in choosing products for the premium store.

The product must be manufactured and assembled in the United States and meets U.S. federal standards.
The product must meet the specifications required for the applicable government testing and certification.

The team of curators check everything they can from the details provided by the seller. They use this information to analyze how to improve Amazon’s service to the sellers.

Finally, Amazon considers a seller’s customer feedback on a product before choosing products that will be put into 4-star stores.

It has a very good staff that will work with all departments to keep up with the product trends and improve the way they work together. Their team strives to keep up with product trends to offer only what customers want.

While you may not even know the item is in there, it’s there just in case you ever decide to look.

Where Are Amazon 4-Star Stores Located?

You can be closer to your Amazon 4-Star store by using Amazon’s store locator. This tool will tell you what products are new, trending on Amazon, and which ones are popular with customers.

After you use the Amazon 4-Star store locator, the locations are only supported in a limited area.

At the moment, there are stores in the United States, Germany, Denmark and Canada.

What Can’t You Find at Amazon 4-Star Stores?

The only food available in Amazon Go is the basic stuff that is available in any grocery store. Though, you can get any food that is also offered in the Whole Foods stores.

To know all these and much more about Amazon, you can also visit our post on whether or not Amazon is a wholesaler or retailer.


Online only products are displayed as “3-Star” which means customers can only see products on Amazon.com that have received 3 reviews or less.

Buying at the best 4% stores can save you a significant amount of money. Also, you can receive discounted pricing at the Amazon 4-Star stores.

If you’re not an Amazon Prime member, you don’t need to be.

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