Walgreens Bereavement Policy [all You Need To Know]

Losing your loved one is a very difficult situation for all of us, but for those of us that live in the UK, there’s a legal obligation that we follow.

Walgreens employs over 225,000 employees all over the country. I have some information about their bereavement policy for their employees.

Walgreens Bereavement Policy 2022

Walgreens employees are given three days of paid leave on the death of a family member. This can be extended using the employee’s allotted PTO, as long as the employee communicates with their store manager.

If you want to find out more about how much time you can take off work, how many people in your immediate family can take the leave, if you can take time away from the company to take a leave, and much more, keep on reading!

Who Is Considered An Immediate Family Member For Bereavement Leave At Walgreens?

Husband, wife, parent, child, brother, sister, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, step-parent, step-child, grandfather, grandmother, nephew, niece, aunts, uncles, a first cousin or step- or adopted cousin and any other blood relatives.

This shows that Walgreens will grant all people who have a close family member dying of AIDS bereavement leave.

How Many Days Off Are You Entitled To For Bereavement At Walgreens?

The store’s overall performance
The store’s capacity for handling a large number of new policies
The store’s financial performance

As such, the duration of leave may vary based on each individual store.

The store manager will usually (without any questions) give the employee three days of bereavement leave.

Does Walgreens Pay Employees During Bereavement Leave?

Yes, Walgreens pays employees the standard hourly rate during bereavement leave for all the hours that the employee would otherwise be working in the Walgreens store and for the bereaved employee’s remaining working hours.

If you take more than three days off, it is your responsibility to inform your employer of the reason for your absence.

If you decide that you need more time off than you are currently paid for, that extra time will likely not be paid.

Does Walgreens Allow Bereavement Leave Longer Than Three Days?

A company can give its employees leave to attend a funeral, or when they need to take some extra time to sort out things like legal documents or dealing with any other matter. However, they will not be paid beyond three days.

An alternative to not lose pay would be to use the paid leave that is given on top of the 3 days of bereavement leave. This will allow the employee to be paid for any extra days.

Do You Have To Show Proof For Bereavement To Walgreens?

There are no legal requirements for an employee to provide proof of bereavement to their employer before they are eligible to take their paid leave. In most situations, the manager in the store will be able to understand the situation and allow the employee to take the paid leave days. For more information on paid leave, see Workplace leave in the United States.

Does The Law Require Walgreens To Provide Bereavement Leave?

No. However, an employer must provide leave under the FMLA if the employer has more than 50 employees. An employer must also notify the employee of the employee’s rights under the law.

Walgreens has no way of forcing their employees to take the three-day paid vacation leave. However, the company does have the right to offer it.

The new law prohibits employers from asking for Social Security numbers or other information related to a job application or interview, except when necessary to conduct a criminal background check.


The policy allows to employees to take three days of bereavement leave without pay. The policy leaves the determination to the discretion of the store management. Some store managers can also be of the opinion that even if the bereavement is not part of the official list, it is still valid.

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