Amazon Bereavement Policy? (How Many Days, Proof, & More!)

Companies understand how difficult a job can seem. Amazon offers employees the opportunity to take time off for family members who have died.

You’re here to get some more comfort and peace if you are interested in the details of such a situation.

What is Amazon’s Bereavement policy?

Amazon now allows customers to take three days of paid grieving leave if a loved one dies. This is effective as of 2021. This applies to full-time and part time employees. However, policies in subsidiaries like Whole Foods might be different. There may be some differences in the allowed days and aspects of the bereavement time, depending on where you live.

Although it’s a straightforward answer, you may still have questions. If you are interested in learning more about bereavement, keep reading.

Amazon: Who is considered an immediate family member for Bereavement Leave?

Amazon considers the following family members to be immediate:

  • Father and Mother
  • Spouse
  • Children
  • Brother and sister
  • Grandmother and Grandfather
  • The spouse’s close family members

Is it necessary to approve the bereavement?

Yes, your manager must approve your request for bereavement leave. Amazon will need to provide proof and documentation to support your request.

If a manager or supervisor determines that your family member or immediate family member is not close enough, or otherwise, the request may be denied. This applies equally to friends.

Can an employee take more than three days?

Yes, Amazon employees can request additional time off. However, they will not be paid the same as the first three days.

What is the Whole Foods Bereavement Policy and How Does It Work?

As we mentioned, different policies and rules are followed by different companies, even if they are subsidiaries.

Whole Foods does not allow employees to take bereavement leaves in the United States. Canada allows for 3 days unpaid leave.

Sometimes laws in a particular state require that employees have bereavement leave for a few days. Oregon is one example. Employees can request up to two weeks of bereavement leave without paying.

Part-time workers are not eligible as Oregon has a strict policy regarding bereavement leave.

How many times can an employee ask for bereavement?

There are only 3 days of bereavement leave each year. You cannot transfer them to the next year if they don’t get used.

Some employees may take unutilized sick days that are provided by their employer. This allows you to have more time.

What is the best time to ask for days off at Amazon?

Amazon employees can take days off in certain situations. Sometimes they get paid, but other times they don’t.

These are the times that could allow them to take days off.

Paid time off

Amazon offers its employees a few hours off, which they can use as long they give 24 hours notice.

Sick Leave

Amazon allows you to take 15 days off sick per year. However, this may change depending on your job.

Leaves of Absence

Amazon lists these as all situations where there is an emergency or medical reason.

Leaves of absence can be granted to eligible employees to allow them to take time off for a qualifying medical condition or the care of a family member. These can be for personal reasons, birth or adoption, death of a family member, jury/witness duty or military reasons or any other reason provided by various laws. Except for certain parental and pregnancy leaves and certain portions of jury/witness and military leaves, most leaves are not paid. There are different length limits for leaves. Some leave types require certification or approval from your manager or Human Resources.

What can an employer ask for proof of death?

They can request proof of death if necessary. However, it is not required by law. An employer may require proof of death to be granted staff members who request their bereavement leave.

There are several ways that employees can be proven right, but they will not ask for too much in most cases. This is because it is more important when an employee appears suspicious.

An obituary is a document that an employee can present to their employer or manager. It includes information about the funeral, such as the time and place of death.

There is no policy in this area. Any evidence that could be used as evidence, if needed, will be accepted.

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Amazon recognizes that employees have few options when it comes time to take days off. However, they offer 3 days of paid time off for the loss of a family member. They also provide additional not-paid days off as needed.

Keep in mind, however, that days off may be needed for other reasons, such as childbirth or sick leave.

Although there might be differences between policies depending on where you work and your job, an employee who needs time off will likely be able to reach an agreement with their manager, provided that it adheres to Amazon’s policy.

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