Cvs Bereavement Policy (all You Need To Know)

Many retail and pharmacy chains acknowledge there’s a challenge for workers when dealing with grief and loss and they provide flexible bereavement leaves.

If you are applying for a CVS job, you may want to know if they allow you bereavement leave if a family member passes away. Here’s what I found out…

CVS Bereavement Policy In 2022

According to a study from the Global Workforce Institute from 2016, workers who are employed in full-time jobs in the United States receive a total of about 10 weeks of paid leave to be taken as of April 2020. If you take the amount of leave you are owed from the current laws in place, you receive about 10.33 weeks of paid leave.

To apply for bereavement leave, you need to write a formal application. Make sure to include all the necessary documents and explanations.

To be eligible for bereavement leave, you need to show that you have suffered a bereavement. You cannot take bereavement leave unless the event has taken place within the last six months of the request.

How Do I Apply For Bereavement Leave At CVS?

You should be able to ask your manager to help you out if you need to take a vacation since you have lost a close family member.

This is the preferred method of handling such an issue. Please be sure to document the process so that no misunderstandings take place.

Which Relations Are Included In CVS Bereavement Leave?

The employer only covers the immediate family, defined as the employee’s: spouse, unmarried children, parents, and siblings.

The list of people you can grant letters of protection to includes your spouse and children and parents of your spouse. There are two other types of people who can be protected under your letters of protection – “special friends” and people who worked for you.

Does CVS Offer Paid Bereavement Leave?

Employees must be in the first six months of their probationary period to be eligible. If the employee is in the probationary period, they accrue time off and are eligible for bereavement leave, just like a regular employee would.

The CVS Health Employee Relief Fund also pays for funeral expenses and emergency travel expenses for employees to attend a funeral.

Employee Relief Fund is a public charity created by CVS to help its employees during times of unanticipated and unavoidable financial hardships and emergencies.

If the employee is required to be away from work for an extended time they will be required to submit a Personal Leave of Absence (LOA) for approval.

Who Is Eligible For Paid Bereavement Leave?

When an employee has reached the 90-day probationary period, that employee will be eligible for paid bereavement leave.

No one, including those who have not yet completed their probationary period, will receive unpaid bereavement leave.

Do I Need To Provide Proof To Qualify For Bereavement Leave At CVS?

If you do not request for bereavement leave, there is no need to provide proof. However, you as a manager have the authority to request that your staff supply proof of bereavement leave.

It is possible that a bereavement may occur suddenly, or you may wish to know if you can apply for the same benefit as your beneficiary.

Am I Covered By The CVS Employee Relief Fund?

As a result of the pandemic, many employees have been laid off and are receiving unemployment benefits. This fund is for those that fall into this category.

This will help provide financial relief to employees who have suffered as a result of a family death, medical emergencies, natural disasters, and other unforeseen events.

The fund helps employees with urgent expenses such as a car repair/replacement, medical bill, or other expenses. The program only assists families of employees who work for Cintas.

If you have any questions in your case, you can contact the relevant HR team to discuss your options.

Can CVS Deny Bereavement Leave To Employees?

There are no laws in the U.S. that protect the freedom to take leave if your family member dies, and it is up to the employer’s discretion whether that leave will be granted.

In fact, the state of Oregon is an exception to this because it is mandatory for companies to offer a reasonable bereavement policy, which includes the right to 4 weeks paid leave and up to 2 weeks of additional time off.

CVS has a separate emergency relief fund. This shows that it is unlikely that the managers will deny bereavement leave.

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The employer has a bereavement policy that allows for up to three days of unpaid leave. The employer covers all of their employees that have a 90-day probationary period (during which time the employee is on unpaid leave). If the employee has worked at the organization for more than a year, they will receive the unpaid leave.

This policy will cover only the immediate family of the employee. It does not cover extended family members such as aunts or uncles.

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