How Do You Get A Job At Barnes & Noble? (Everything To Know!)

I don’t know what would be more satisfying than reading and drinking coffee every day.

Barnes and Noble sounds like a great place for work. But how can you get a job at Barnes and Noble. This is what we discovered…

How do you get a job at Barnes & Noble

Over 600 Barnes & Noble Booksellers are located in the United States. Many people are employed in diverse jobs. Apply in person, or create an account at Barnes & Noble to apply online. Barnes & Noble recommends that job openings are only posted on their website.

This article examines Barnes & Noble Booksellers’ role as an employer. It explains what it is like to work there, how you can get a job there and what it is like to work in this industry.

What is The Barnes & Noble Job Application Process

Applicants for Barnes & Noble recommend that applicants apply online for jobs.

You can view all available jobs in all job categories once you have created an account.

Start by visiting the Barnes & Noble Careers Page. Here you can find out more about the company and get direct access to job listings. This page displays all available job opportunities.

  • Retail stores
  • Corporate Headquarters
  • Distributions Centres


After you click on an interesting item, you will be taken to the job description, the location and the time classification.

The job descriptions are usually very detailed and clear. These job summaries include a list of tasks you will be required to perform, as well as the experience and knowledge you will require.

A bookseller, for example, is expected to:

  • Demonstrate a love and knowledge of books
  • Make your environment welcoming
  • Self-educate (about publishing, reading, and the book industry in general).
  • Communicate with other teams about merchandise and displays and take part in the discussions
  • Keep your store clean and appealing
  • Volunteers are needed to help with community outreach and events
  • Customers and employees are important to you.
  • Get to work on the selling floor
  • Be a role model for appropriate behavior and attitudes

Once you have read all the job details, click the “apply now!” button at the bottom. Sign in to your account to follow the prompts.

What Kind of Knowledge and Behaviour Does Barnes & Noble Value

You will need to demonstrate that you are passionate about reading and can work in a team. These values will be a starting point for interview questions. A bookstore is worth its weight in enthusiasm. Show it off if you possess it.

Barnes & Nobles expects you to be able make book recommendations and to know as much about the latest industry trends as possible. It will be important to know when to give advice and when to let customers browse.

You will need to be able to take responsibility, take initiative and be creative. They are looking for team players who will support the company’s goals and ethos.

Demonstrate that you are able to handle feedback and coaching from your line managers, and that you are always open to learning.

Always be kind. In a busy retail store, you will be asked how to respond to certain situations. You will be asked how you show compassion for others.

What will I know if I get the job?

The wait time between an interview and a job offer can vary depending on how many workers are needed.

Your application will be confirmed by email immediately. Some applicants receive a response within days. Some wait up to three weeks.

Managerial posts may require multiple interviews, which can make the process more complicated and prolong the interview time.

Is Working For Barnes & Noble A Good First Job?

Ex-employees and employees of Barnes & Noble have had mixed reactions to their first jobs (something that is common for large chains).

Barnes & Noble has a simple and efficient application process. The job training is also clear and easy. The majority of employees think that B&N is fair and inclusive. This can vary from one store to the next.

Your first job will depend on how well you get along with your manager.

Employees often comment on how wonderful it is to be “amongst the books”. Some workers feel the pay is “not very good” and will not change.

The Barnes & Noble Employee Review Page on Indeed is a great place to get honest feedback about your experience at Barnes & Noble. You’ll find many thoughtful and detailed reviews here.

What Does Barnes & Noble Pay for?

The role you play at Barnes & Noble will determine how much you make. You will get a slightly different hourly rate depending on whether you are in a managerial, warehouse or retail position.

  • Retail workers earn around $11.12 an hour
  • Cashiers – around $14.07 p/h
  • Warehouse – $13.02 per hour
  • Assistant manager – $15.81 p/h
  • Manager of a store – $18.96 an hour

What age do you have to be in order to work at Barnes & Noble

B&N requires you to declare your age and submit your date of birth as part of their job application process. B&N requires that you are at least 16 years of age to work for them.

You may also need to have working papers in some states (or documents that can certify that a minor can work).

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Barnes and Noble has a good reputation for being fair and reasonable employers and is a great place where to start your career.

You can also access a central job application process that is easy to use and search through.

You can always look through the feedback of past (and current) employees before you apply to the job.

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