Usps Delivered To Wrong Address (what To Do, Recovering + More)

have you ever received mail for your home’s previous occupant and not opened it? For many of us, it happens so often, and it’s usually junk, so we think nothing of it.

The USPS says that you can only use a prepaid sticker that can be applied to an envelope that has been pre-printed with a unique address bar.

If you don’t have a mailbox or your address is wrong, you may be receiving packages to the wrong address.

What Do You Do When USPS Delivered To The Wrong Address In 2022?

 The postal service will direct mail to the wrong address with a return address of “unknown.”   USPS will hold on to the mail, and will then send the mail on to the correct address once the intended recipient returns the mail to the USPS for forwarding.  For those interested, in this case the intended recipient had returned the mail to USPS and was awaiting further instructions.

What To Do If USPS Delivered Mail To Right Address, But The Person No Longer Lives There?

The USPS website suggests that if you find mail at your residence that wasn’t sent to you, to call the USPS to inform them of the situation.

If you want to ensure your mail gets delivered to the correct address, you might consider placing a note with your neighbor’s name on the envelope.

To make sure the mail gets to its destination, mail carriers will make sure the mail is taken by someone who is going there.

(I’ve also had a mail carrier stop and open my mailbox to take the mail out for them, which is usually when I realize it’s not coming.)

If you have to leave a message on the door, that could work too.

If you don’t know who the addressee is at a given address, and you’re concerned about giving them something, you should write an explanatory letter.

 You want to make sure that you put your mailpiece in your mailbox or let the mail carrier know that you will be absent for a day or two so they don’t try to deliver it to you.

This document is useful for reference and study.

How Do You Recover Mail Sent To Your Old Address?

If you recently got a new address, and you haven’t yet received all of your mail, you can do several things to retrieve missing items. is a company that can help you change your address, and make sure that you are sending mail where it is meant to go. To change your mailing address, the company only charges a dollar, and you can do it online.

The next step if you want to see what’s been shipped, what was delayed, you can file a USPS Help Request Form.

With this option you tell the post office where your mailpiece will arrive, and where it will be going to.
If you have tracking information, you’ll be able to see when it will arrive and even know when it will be dropped off to your delivery person.

I’m moving out of my apartment and moving into a new apartment in the same city, but I’m not sure if I should mail my mail to the new apartment so that it gets delivered to my old apartment or if I should just wait until I move out of that apartment and mail it from my new apartment.

If you are in good standing, you could ask the leasing manager to hold your mail until the new tenants move in.

If you can’t find a contact, you can get in touch with the person who’s address you last had, and update it.

Is It Illegal To Open Someone Else’s Mail?

There are times when our mail is opened on purpose. The people you are writing to could be trying to give you money, and they don’t want the authorities to know about it. It can also be the result of a dispute that is getting out of hand.

This is my experience, and it’s been a long while in my case.

Unless you actually wanted to open the letters, in which case you can be sure they contain something you want and are probably meant for you.

Can You Throw Away Mail Not Addressed To You?

When you throw away mail that’s not addressed to you, that’s known as littering.

There are some things that are protected under the Constitution (freedom of speech for example), but in addition to that, the law also protects your own mail that you send out. If someone opens, throws, or destroys this mail, they could be charged with a crime.

Is It Illegal To Destroy Someone Else’s Mail?

If you have been harassing someone, you ought to think again! It is a crime to destroy mail.

The address has been changed because the sender did not want, in this case, for the recipient to receive it.

That is why I put this email address in the Subject line and then at the bottom of the email I ask that you forward to the appropriate person.

Well, as a person who loves to be helpful, it means a lot to me that my friend gets to come visit, but I hope it doesn’t mean we’re losing a lot of money.

How Do You Stop Someone Else’s Mail Coming To Your Address?

If you have been having the same name on the mail and you want to stop them, stop the mail. You can also report it as a spam mail so you can stop it from coming in.

You can write on the envelope “Not at this address” whenever the mailpiece arrives at the incorrect address.

If you do not, in fact, live in the US, place the mail back in the mailbox and let the mail carrier pick it up with the new knowledge that the listed recipient lives elsewhere. This should help USPS to update their records as well.

If you have multiple mailings in one order, put the sticky note in the mailpiece itself and label everything following the note (in the order you mailed them).

Make sure to label the mailpiece with both an item code in the address field, so that you can easily find this sticky note in your inventory.
Inventory and packing:
Since you don’t have any sort of inventory or packing for those mailpieces, you’ll just need to keep a list of them in your inventory file.

Put a note telling the recipient to call the agency at the number on the box. That way they at least have an address to call for your records.
Put a note asking the recipient not to read the contents of your box.

____ may not have lived at ____’s address for many years, so this serves as a reminder that ____ is no longer there.

Finally, you can prevent being annoyed by a junk envelope you get in your mailbox since you could write the message on the envelope “Not at this address” on the mailpiece that comes to your residence in error.

This is done after the mailpiece is printed, making the mailpieces returnable for most types of mail.

BIN (Bulk Indicia Non-Delivery Notification): Bulk mailers use this to notify customers of bulk items that were not delivered.

Hopefully, I will get a nice letter in the mail saying my post office knows where I live and they’re going to start sending me things there now.

If you are not sure if USPS or FedEx delivers to your place of business, you can check your parcel tracking number on their website.


When the USPS delivers a letter to a house with a vacant mailbox, it’s a little bit more complicated.

It can be much better to either drop the letter off in the mailbox or write the address on the envelope and say not for this address.

If we let others’ communication get in the way of our own, it’s only a matter of time before we’re the ones complaining about how our email is getting interrupted.
The best way to prevent this is to be proactive and make sure there is enough space in your inbox to handle every message that comes across!

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