Does Target Allow Dogs? (What To Know!)

Target is a chain that operates superstores in the USA and Canada. Target is a favorite grocery store with more than 1930 locations across the country. Many people visit their Target to shop, which is a very popular location. People will want to bring their pets along to their weekly shopping.

Many of us consider our fur-friends like family. We enjoy traveling together and sharing our daily lives. It can sometimes be difficult to leave them behind, even if it means we have to run to the grocery store. Target is a good choice. Can you bring your dog or any fur friend into Target?

Target allows dogs

Target does not allow pets on its premises. However, licensed service dogs that assist shoppers with disabilities are allowed to enter the premises. Every Target has signs indicating that service dogs are not allowed at its entrance.

Target allows service dogs

Service dogs are dogs that have been trained to assist people with disabilities. There are three types of service dogs:

Allergen Alert Dogs

Allergen alert dogs can be vital in identifying potential allergens in an environment and alerting their handlers. Target is one example of a place where service dogs are needed. There are many food items and potential allergens in the air.

Seizure Alert and Response Dogs

Seizure alert dogs and response dogs can be used to help those who are seizure-prone.

Dogs for Psychiatric Services

The tasks of psychiatric service dogs are similar to those of seizure alert dogs. They are trained to detect the onset and assist their handlers in managing episodes or seeking help.

Guide Dogs

Blind or vision impaired people can get essential assistance from guide dogs. They assist them in navigating their environment safely and alert them to potential hazards.

Hearing Dogs

Deaf and hard of hearing people can be helped by training dogs. They notify them when they hear any sound that is important to them.

Target Doesn’t Allow Pets

It’s simple. Target is a major departmental store that sells many daily goods. These items also include fresh food.

Pets on premises increase the risk of germs spreading. This is mainly due to fur shedding, and customers’ inability manage their pets.

For safety reasons, other grocery stores, such as Walmart, IKEA and Costco, do not allow dogs to enter their doors.

Target does not allow dogs as they can be aggressive towards customers or their pets. Shopping experience disruptions can be caused by aggressive dogs.

Service dogs are an exception. They are specially trained as occupational dogs and must be supervised by their handlers for medical reasons. Service dogs are allowed to enter premises to ensure that people with disabilities have access to public spaces without restriction and that they are not discriminated against.

Are emotional support dogs allowed?

Emotional support dogs, which are similar to service dogs, are crucial for many people’s well-being.

Target only allows licensed dogs to enter its premises. Unfortunately, therapy or emotional support dogs cannot be allowed on Target premises because they are not properly trained according to the ADA guidelines (Americans with Disabilities Act).

How do you bring your service dog into Target?

It is a good idea to bring your service dog with you to Target in a vest. Or, you can carry the ID tag. A leash is also a must for your dog.

Target staff will inquire if your dog qualifies as a service dog upon entry.

Target staff cannot legally ask you to show proof that your dog has a disability or that it is a service dog.

They would need to trust your honesty and integrity when allowing a service dog in their stores. They can request your departure if your dog is disruptive or aggressive.

What stores are dog-friendly?

It is reasonable to assume that all stores that sell food for human consumption will have a no-pets policy in order to avoid violating the health code. There are many places that will welcome your fur friend for a day of entertainment.

These stores are pet friendly:

Home Depot has a policy called “Service Dogs Only”. It is still more accommodating to fur friends on their premises. This varies from one store to the next.


Dogs are an integral part of the pet owner’s daily life. Although it would be wonderful to take them with us on our daily adventures, Target does not allow them in their stores for legitimate reasons.

Target is responsible for protecting its customers from potential dangers and health risks in order to offer them the best shopping experience.

Target must also allow service dogs on their premises. Service dogs are responsible for protecting their handlers in public places.

Do you have any questions about Target’s pet policies or guidelines? Please leave a comment below!

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