Does Costco Allow Dogs & Are They Pet Friendly? [full Guide]

In 2013, Costco sells a wide range of products and treats for pet owners, which is one of the many reasons animal lovers return to their stores.

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Costco allows members to bring dogs, but they have to be in a pet crate or carry the pet in their arms. They also have to remain by their crate at all times. This is similar to what you would find in a pet shop.

Does Costco Allow Dogs In 2022?

Costco does not allow pets or emotional support animals (dogs, cats, birds, etc.) in-store.

Costco does allow certified service dogs in-store in compliance with the American Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990.

Costco does not allow everyday pets or emotional support animals (dogs, cats, birds, etc.) in-store.

Costco does not allow certified service dogs.

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Costco does not allow pets or service animals in its stores. This is simply because they are not allowed in the stores with regular customers. Their customer base is primarily composed of those who do not have furry, feathered loved ones.

Is Costco Pet Friendly?

This is not because Costco does not want customers to have pets in the store (it very much does), it’s because they do not want to be exposed to dog and cat hair. The Costco warehouses are cleaned regularly, but it is not a very thorough cleaning. It is possible, if you work there for a while, to find a place to bring your own pooch!

The USDA has been told by the FDA that there is nothing in the food service codes that prohibits the inclusion of live animals in food preparation.

There are several things you can do to eat well and eat healthy while in the U.S.

The only exceptions are for service animals, which are allowed in regardless of who they are registered to or if they have any rules that owners need to adhere to.

While Costco “Does Not Officaly Allow Dogs,” Some Stores Bend The Rules

A Reddit user has found an abundance of dogs being sold in Costco stores and the number is staggering.

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If you’re like me, you’d love to pick up a few groceries at a Costco store or warehouse, or a specialty store that has great deals.

We don’t need this type of stuff and we don’t want it. I’ve been here for years, and the company itself is not that large. So, it’s a little bit hard for me to believe that they could’ve kept something like this secret over the last few years.

Costco allows dogs and cats as long as they are well behaved, on a leash, and are not aggressive. The managers at Costco who are pet lovers enjoy that dogs and cats are brought in to the store to purchase.

The Costco in our area requires that dogs wear a harness and leash and it will be considered an act of aggression if a dog does not have one on. However, it is the owner’s responsibility to make sure that they have their dog on a leash and that it is wearing a harness, and not all pets are well trained enough to comply with these instructions.

Why Does Costco Not Allow Pets?

You may not bring any pet or pet product into a Costco location.

You also cannot leave any animal in the parking lot.

Stores and stores cannot sell live animals. Stores cannot sell things that may be contaminated, such as live animals or food. There are fears of contamination and disease if stores such as Costco sell food, animals, and other things.

A reason is that some people may not like shopping in stores with animals. These people might have a phobia of animals or might be allergic to their hair.

Does Costco Allow Service Animals?

In order to be considered a service animal, the dog must have a disability, or be the emotional support animal of an individual with a disability, and provide needed assistance or emotional support for a person with a disability.

A service dog is a tool used to help people with disabilities such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and multiple sclerosis. They are specially trained to help persons with certain disabilities.

Costco stores are good locations to allow service dog access because they typically have larger aisles and areas with a lower percentage of customer traffic than smaller retail stores.

Are All Service Dogs Allowed In Costco?

Costco said that the company’s policy allows people with service dogs to enter any of its warehouses and that, as of last year, Costco had over 1,000 locations across the U.S..

If you take your dog into Costco, you should be aware that certain rules do apply.

One must be careful when taking a dog for a shopping trip. The owner and the dog must follow all the health and safety laws, and the dog must be in a leash.

Additionally, the service dog is not allowed to wander around freely, because it might damage the store’s products or make people uncomfortable.

Can Costco Ask If Your Dog Is A Service Dog?

While customers are legally allowed to bring their animals with them to Costco, Costco employees do have the right to ask whether the animal in question is, in fact, a service dog.

As a health and safety precaution, you must remove your backpack/laptop at the end of your shift. You must also not bring in any personal possessions or equipment, such as a phone, keys or coins.

You can ask that the company provide proof of the reason they need the service animal. You are not allowed to ask anything else without the person requesting the accommodation.

Are Emotional Support Animals Allowed In Costco?

To help you understand this, take a look at the American Disability Act (ADA). It says dogs and other emotional support animals are not to be considered service animals which means they are not covered under the ADA.

Emotional support animals have become a source of controversy among animal rights activists. The animals have the ability to cause a person’s emotional well-being to deteriorate, thus they are considered a threat towards animal rights.

Can You Put Your Dog In Your Shopping Cart At Costco?

As you can see from the picture, the food is on shelves, the shelves are on the floor and there is no loose food or debris in the area where the dog was found. The food is not contaminated and is safe to eat. It is important to check with your local health department for the most recent health information.

If a Costco customer, who has a service dog in a shopping cart, leaves the store their dog might be left in a shopping cart unattended for a period of time.

Other Examples

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Are Dogs Allowed In Costco Canada?

Costco stores in Canada only allow ATPDR service dogs in-store because they are certified by the association that is associated with the American society that certifies emotional support animals.

A fluffy friend would be a great way to explore more places with your dog, especially if the stores have a good pet policy or if you are a good and responsible dog owner.

Conclusion: Can I Take My Dog Or Other Pet Into Costco?

There is no specific guidance on bringing your food from a restaurant to your food shelf. You should be aware of any food safety issues in the restaurant and follow the same rules as you would at your shelf, as well as any additional risks associated with the food they serve.

Please contact the store manager about this.

You must also be aware that Costco employees are not allowed to question a customer’s service dog’s purpose, nor are they allowed to question the customer’s legal status as a service dog owner.

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