“welcome To Verizon Wireless” (what It Means + Other Faqs)

I’ve heard the greeting before. When I’ve tried to place a call and they ask for a phone number, I’ve just started saying “1-800-123-4455” or “1-800-123-4567” or “1-800-999-9999” and they don’t ask for a phone number.

Well, read on below to see how you can get all of the details about the “Welcome to Verizon Wireless” message and answer all of your related questions!

“Welcome to Verizon Wireless” Meaning

I think you’re hearing the Verizon network saying “Welcome to Verizon Wireless” because there are multiple contact entries for the same number. You might have the same phone number listed as both your personal contact and your work contact, or vice versa. As a result, the Verizon network is treating both contacts as the same and is giving you both the same message when you try to dial the number.

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How Do I Fix the “Welcome to Verizon Wireless” Message?

If you are not getting the “Welcome to Verizon Wireless” message on your screen then there are a couple of reasons you could be experiencing this issue.

Wait for a minute and then try to run the program.
See if the error still occurs.
If not, you know where the problem is.
If the error still occurs, you can try to delete the contact.
Again reboot the phone.
The program runs fine.

To fix the problem, you should delete any contact entries that have a number from the same number that you’re using in your contact list.

For example, if you have your friend stored as a contact with his name and phone number, and another entry with his name but his phone number plus his nickname, delete both from your phone.

The phone number can be added again to the contact list. You should try and dial the number again.

If that works, you can try to remove the one that is causing the crash and add it to the second contact to see if it works.

The phone settings will be adjusted.

Sometimes the “Welcome to Verizon Wireless” message could mean that there is an issue with your settings on your phone.

If you look at your phone’s Network Settings, you’ll see your Network Mode as well as any networks available to you on your cellular network.

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This section explains how to use the cellular SIM card for network roaming in Canada if your phone uses a SIM card.

The device’s GPS setting is enabled.
The device is connected to a wireless network.
Internet permission is enabled in the device’s settings.

As a last resort you can try to reset the settings to see if that fixes the error if you’re unsure which mode you should be connected to.

Reboot your phone phone with the Reboot switch.

If you get this error, just reboot your phone and you will no longer see this error message.

For Windows Phone users, when you hear the noise of the back key, then hold down the power button and then wait for your computer to reboot. Then try calling the number again.

For instance, resetting the phone can clear out any corruption in the phone’s memory or cache that might be causing problems with the network (like problems dialing numbers).

Your phone has been logged, please clear your data.
[Logging]: The data on your phone has been cleared.

I wouldn’t recommend that since my phone probably won’t like it. It will probably restart.

The error message “could not find a match with the given criteria for a number” could simply be a corruption from within the call log, especially if you’re trying to dial a number that you regularly dial or receive calls from.

To clear a device, you need to go to the recovery options and select “reset data” or “factory reset”.

It’s not recommended to use it, but if it looks like your phone is bricked and you have no other options, it might be a good idea to factory reset your phone. You might want to back up first.

What Does It Mean When Your Phone Says “Welcome to Verizon Wireless Your Call Cannot Be Completed As Dialed?”

When you encounter this message, it means that the issue has to do with your network and you might need to move somewhere else.

It could also mean that the tower didn’t pick up your call in time or that something in the area of your call was interfering with the call, whether it be a cell phone tower or something else.

When you feel like your call failed, you should look to see if you have a good signal, and if not, move to a location with a better signal and try the call again.

If you just try the call again, the call will fail immediately, as it is already being dialed to connect to the tower.

In these cases, you are already in the process of connecting to our network, so you don’t need to resubmit the location.

What Does “Welcome to Verizon Wireless There Are Restrictions On This Line Mean?”

If you get an error message that’s like this, then it is likely that there is a block on this phone preventing you from contacting it.

Imagine you have a Verizon Smart Family plan. You have set it up to not share your contacts with other numbers. You make a call from your tablet to your smartphone and you get the message shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2: The message you see when you try to call a device that’s not in your Verizon Smart Family.

However, as you can see, this is not all that user friendly. You could write an email to the person in question and see if they have any ideas as to how to fix this.

What Does “Welcome to Verizon Wireless The Called Party is Unavailable Mean?”

When the calling party gets your voicemail, it means your voicemail is currently turned off. You may need to turn it back on, or you may need to enter your voicemail password.

Now, we should verify that the call was actually dropped by the circuit (as in there’s no more data to send – because the device is now offline).

We can use the data-gap event to find out if the call was dropped.

If someone has not paid their phone bill and the phone was turned off, then this message could be what you hear when you try to dial that number. The phone number is not in service.

to learn more about the two companies, you can read our posts on what is Verizon Wireless, how to switch from Verizon to AT&T, and Verizon kids phones plans.


The most common error message is caused by a duplicate entry for the same type of contact, such as having a phone number stored two different ways.

The phone number you have dialed is outside of the country.
The phone number you have dialed is illegal outside of the USA.
The phone number you have dialed is not currently assigned to a phone.
The phone number you have dialed cannot be transferred.

however, there could be a few other reasons including an incorrect number or voicemail.
The phone might not be available to answer a call.

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