Check Port Status Verizon (what It Means + More)

If you are switching from another carrier to Verizon and have ported your number before, you might have seen the “check port status” but don’t know what it means or how it can help you during the porting process.

If you follow this guide, you will be able to verify your port status for use with Verizon and when this service could be helpful for you to use to make sure your port is not causing problems.

Check Port Status Verizon In 2022

If you are planning on porting an old number, you should check to make sure you’re eligible to port the number. Some carriers require you to have a contract with them to be eligible for porting a number, and if the carrier doesn’t recognize you for a port, they won’t let you port the number.

Do you want to know what’s happening with your port? Keep reading as I tell you what’s going on, and how to tell if it’s taking too long and more!

How Can You Check Port Status With Verizon?

If you’re porting your number to Verizon, you’ll be able to check the port status through the link you’ll receive in a text message from Verizon.

However, you can access this status anytime by clicking here within the text message.

If you use the Verizon port eligibility website and your port is still pending verification, please call Verizon Wireless at 1-844-333-6348 to find out why your port has been denied or verified.

While the port eligibility website is nice, it won’t tell you the specific time it’ll take but you’ll at least see if an error occurred on your port request.

What Is The Port Number For Verizon?

You can use the phone number 1-888-844-7095 to get help from the Port Department at Verizon.

How Long Does Porting A Number Take With Verizon?

You can’t make or receive calls while porting a Verizon phone, but you can be on the phone with Verizon support while porting.

The port could be completed in ten minutes, or it could take longer, but Verizon will err on the side of caution regarding how long the port will take to complete.

You can call your local phone service center and see how long it would take to port your number.

You can also still make calls with your Verizon phone, and you’ll get a text when the process has been completed.

Unfortunately, we might still have to wait a day or two before the entire port is finished, including receiving or sending any texts or calls, but it will almost never take longer than 24 hours.

Why Is It Taking Verizon So Long to Port My Number?

For a customer who lives in a state with a port which has changed from one port to another, the customer must wait until Verizon gets the new information and can update the port.

This is very important because this will be a slow process and you will be spending a lot of time doing research and waiting.

Tips For A Quicker Verizon Port

If you want to make sure your port goes quickly, here are some tips that’ll make the process go smoothly.

Does Verizon Charge A Porting Fee?

Verizon does not charge a fee for porting your phone number and it does not matter if you’re porting a landline number, a cellular number or another number.

It is important to remember that your contract doesn’t restart if you just have one existing number.

If you port a new number on top of an existing one, the contract will end on your existing number and you will get a new contract with your new number.

To know more about this, you can also read our posts on Verizon text, Verizon calls and Verizon contact information.


Verizon provides you with a link that it will send you in a text message, which is helpful if you’re waiting for the connection to be fully established.

Additionally, you can use the check port eligibility website to check your port status and also call the Port Center at Verizon if you need assistance.

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It is possible to check the port status through the FCC port eligibility website. This is only an option if your port was approved and will only work once it has. The downside to this is that it does not update automatically.

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