Verizon All Circuits Are Busy (why, What It Means + Potential Fixes)

If you are trying to make a phone call using a Verizon wireless number and you receive a message that says “Verizon, all circuits are busy” than it is likely you are experiencing busy signal.

Well, I’m researching this topic and I have learned a lot, including what it means, why it happens, and some fixes, so keep reading to learn more!

Why Are All Verizon Circuits Busy In 2022?

This message is meant to be shown in an error case where the number gets connected to service provider, but they are not able to connect the call. This means that there is an issue with the calling or the recipient. It’s meant to be used if the service provider is busy and can not connect the call.

Are you looking for a fix for the Verizon all circuits busy message or have other questions about that? If so, continue reading below to find out what else I’ve discovered!

How Do I Fix My Verizon Circuit Connection?

If you see a message like “Try to Dial Another Number”, it means you’re calling the wrong phone number for the service you are trying to connect to.

There is a possibility that the issue is with the Verizon network or with the service provider of the phone number you’re trying to dial.

This means, that the system couldn’t find your telephone number in it’s database. For this to happen, there should be at least one number in the contact list on your phone. If you don’t have a number on your list, you can enter it manually from your contacts list.

But if the problem is with more than one specific number, then you’ll need to take that number to the provider who is dealing with that number and ask them to see if it can be fixed. Otherwise, you’ll have to find someone else to try their luck.

3. To hear about any service plans available for your account.

If you’re experiencing the error message, try calling *611 from your Verizon phone.

The *611 operator can help with the problem on your account.
Please leave a message after the beep.

To listen to your message, press *721.

This message has been recorded.

– Make sure the new location that you are moving to has the same carrier as the last one you were with.
– If not, check your coverage is available in the new location that you are looking to move to.

A message saying that all circuits are busy means that there’s not enough space in the system for your new number to be stored. You need to move to a different location to see the change. This is not considered a valid reason to deny service.

If your cell phone signal is really weak and you have less than the bars required to make a phone call, you could be getting this error message.

You need to restart your phone to fix the problem if your battery is almost drained
or you have an important app running in the background.
You may also restart your phone if the issue is not solved by these steps.

Try to restart your phone and see if there was a glitch in your reception or if it’s your connection to your home Wi-Fi.
If neither worked, please try to reboot your device to see if the problem gets resolved.

While the phone is turned off/off, I’m not sure what would cause the phone to take this long, but this is the only thing I’ve found as it is taking about 15 seconds to turn the phone back on.

You can turn Airplane Mode on & off.

To change your Verizon circuit connection, you can try to turn off your cell network and turn it back on, to reset your connection.

This means that you should place your phone calls outside peak hours. The peak hour is the time when most people are on the phone. That means between 8am and 9am, and 3pm and 5pm.

If you get the “all circuits busy” message when trying to send a message then this could mean that the router is very busy on the network.

If the telephone call is not important, then you can simply wait outside of peak times to place your phone call to give your phone a chance to connect to a cell tower.

To get rid of the SIM or the SIM card, push and hold on to the SIM or the SIM card until the SIM or the SIM card pops out of the USB connector, and then lift the SIM up and out of the USB connector. While the SIM or the SIM card is out of the USB connector, do not let the SIM or the SIM card touch the charger, or you may cause damage to the SIM or the SIM card.

If you’re experiencing connectivity issues with your phone and it only happens when you’re on Verizon, it’s a good idea to simply insert your SIM card again and see if that fixes the issue.

However, if you have a cracked or scratched SIM, this can cause interference to Verizon network.

When inserting your new SIM card, be sure you don’t touch the gold contacts, and make sure that the phone is lined up internally at the proper location.

There are different devices you can use to help you keep your workout on course. Some people prefer to use the phone, others the computer, and yet others, the music player. You need to find a device that works for you and get used to using that device to keep you focused and on track.

You may want to try to make the phone call using a different device, which could let you know whether your device is the issue, including damage that is preventing phone calls.

In other words, if you have a different phone that works on Verizon, you can use that to determine if it’s a specific issue with your phone or if it’s affecting a larger number of Verizon customers.

You can also try to use a non-Verizon device to see if the phone call goes through, which lets you know it could be Verizon or your phone.

For more information about phone and data coverage, visit

What this means is that when the file is modified, the File System sees that the file is already in use and there is no need to re-open it.
This is a very powerful feature if you use it.

This is just a temporary fix, as the data will get disconnected from your cellular network and re-connected to the network.
[Disclaimer]: The network data connection quality may be reduced while on this connection.

Also, a time lag or lag to adjust to cellular settings is to allow the phone time to adjust before it will be able to make the phone call again.

The cloud application is not working. It is likely that there is a network problem,
or a problem with the server hosting the application.

Verizon having a network outage caused the Verizon network to be busy during the outage, which is why it’s taking hours to upload your photos and videos to Verizon.

But if you do encounter any issues, there is nothing you can do. You can only wait for the service provider to fix any problems, which may take some time and could be extended if the provider needs to resolve the problem first.

* Contact your local Verizon store to see if you qualify for service and find out if they’re currently offering the Samsung VZW Galaxy S7.

The error message on the screen doesn’t mean that there is a problem with your Verizon router, it means that someone is trying to access the Internet.

What Does “All Circuits Are Busy” Mean?

If you hear the message “all circuits busy” in your call-waiting or message waiting indicator on your phone, you will probably see the same message during a phone call.

To know more, you can also read our posts on ” Verizon Hotspot not working” or ” Verizon WiFi not working”.

If you are having any issue related to your device, please do
let me know and I would help you out.


When the “all circuits are busy” message appears, it could mean there is a problem with the Verizon network, or a problem with the carrier.

As shown, the second example was written as a question.

Here is an example of how it could be written as a statement.

However, if it keeps happening, it could be an issue with your provider, and you should try other numbers to figure out which is the most likely cause.

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