Does Starbucks Have Public Toilets? (can Anyone Use, Code + Other Faqs)

No, Starbucks does not have a bathroom and you can’t use it there. However, if you go to Starbucks often you may be wondering if you can use the restroom in the store. This is a great question, and when you want to use it, you can ask the staff to direct you to the nearest one.

Starbucks doesn’t have any public bathrooms, but it does have a private bathroom in the back that is only accessible to employees and those with special needs. They are also accessible via a keycard from the front.

Does Starbucks Have Public Toilets In 2022?

However, the toilets in Starbucks have now changed too. Previously, the only toilets were locked which meant only employees could use them. Additionally, before May 2018, you needed to ask for the “bathroom code” to open the door. However, since May, the bathrooms are available to everyone.

If you are interested in more information on Starbucks’ bathroom policies, check out the full article that we wrote!

Do all Starbucks have Bathrooms?

Although Starbucks shops in airports that are open 24 hours don’t have restrooms, those in other countries that close for the night do have restrooms.

I think this is because Starbucks can offer more services to customers who go inside their shop than the ones who goes inside a supermarket or convenience store.

Are Starbucks’ Bathrooms Locked?

There are still some Starbucks bathrooms that are very “locked down” and if you have to use the bathroom quickly, you will more than likely have to request the key be sent to you in order to get in.

I was walking back from a restroom one day and noticed a Starbucks employee walking into a bathroom without the key, so I decided to ask her why.

Do you have to Buy Something to use the Bathroom at Starbucks?

Starbucks closed its restrooms to anyone other than people buying drinks. As a compromise, Starbucks set up a line for the public to use.

Fortunately, because of an incident in May of 2018, Starbucks has changed its restroom policy to become “public” and allow anyone to use its restroom, even if they haven’t bought anything.

What is Starbucks’ Bathroom Code?

Starbucks bathrooms have always had codes. They just switched to digital keys.

Customers used to have to ask a Starbucks employee for the key to the bathroom. Now that Starbucks has changed the policy, there is no longer a need to ask for the key, you can just use a Starbucks bathroom.

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Starbucks will now give out a key to any customer, they will also give out a key to anyone who is going home at night, and if you have a key you will always be able to use the bathroom. They also added that customers will always be able to use the bathroom without a key.

In fact, the key now is a key that customers need to open the door to access the bathroom. Starbucks has also added security cameras in bathrooms, and employees are trained to respond to any suspicious activity.

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