Do Amazon Gift Cards Expire? (Everything You Need To Know…)


A gift that has a time limit would be a terrible idea, especially if the recipient isn’t sure what they will use it for. I looked into whether Amazon gift cards can be used …..

Are Amazon Gift Cards Expiring?


Continue reading to find out more about Amazon gift certificates, their use, and where you can use them.

What does Amazon say about gift cards?

The following is a statement from Amazon regarding the expiration of gift cards:

Your Balance that includes Gift Cards issued after October 1, 2005 is not subject to expiration. It can be applied to your Account and used to make eligible purchases, regardless of the expiration date. The expiration dates for any portion of your balance that contains Gift Cards issued before October 1, 2005 in CA CT, LA ME, MD and MT are not applicable. Your Balance and all other Gift Cards issued before October 1, 2005 expire according to their terms.

This is why we know that Amazon Gift Cards are valid for a year and don’t expire.

Yes, you can still redeem a gift certificate that was given to you by someone for Christmas 2005!

How to redeem an Amazon gift card

It is simple and straightforward to redeem an Amazon gift certificate.

It can be redeemed on your desktop computer or via the Amazon app on mobile devices.

These are the steps to redeem your voucher:

You’re done!

You can now use your gift card balance to pay for purchases.

Are Amazon Gift Cards Expired if Not Redeemed?

The balance of your Amazon gift card does not expire even if it is lost. Your Amazon gift card can be redeemed at any time.

If you lose an Amazon gift card for more than three years, it will still have its balance when you retrieve it and claim it.

However, it is a smart idea to activate your gift certificate immediately and add the balance of your account. This will prevent any issues such as misplacing your card.

It doesn’t mean you have to redeem it immediately. The funds will remain in your account until you choose to use them as a payment option.

We recommend that you add the money immediately to your account.

Can you return an Amazon gift card?

Amazon does not allow you to return a gift card.

It is not possible to exchange an Amazon gift certificate for cash at the moment.

You can’t regift the card or resell it if you have already used it.

Once you have redeemed the card, you can only ask a customer representative to transfer the funds into another account. However, you will not be able to get the funds back into your debit or credit card.

Amazon does not allow gift cards to be returned. They are final sales.

How to remove an Amazon gift card from your account

The gift card’s value can not be removed once it has been used.

If you don’t wish to affect your gift card balance, you can choose another payment method from Amazon. It is important to delete it from the ‘preferred payments method’ list.

Your Amazon gift card balance will remain in your account until it’s used up.

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Amazon gift cards are non-expired and can be used at any time.

You don’t need to worry about the money disappearing or expiring.

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