Where Is The Claim Code On An Amazon Gift Card? (+ Other Common Faqs)

Amazon gets consumers to spend more at each purchase, not only by providing Prime, but also by offering gift cards and other discounts to their customers.

However, if you want to find the claim code or if you need an overview of how it is located, keep on reading this article to learn how to find it!

Where is the Claim Code on Amazon Gift Cards In 2022?

This is an Amazon gift card.
Use this card to buy goods and share the joy of life with friends and family by using it at Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de, Amazon.es, Amazon.ca, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.ca, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.fr, Amazon.de, Amazon.es, Amazon.ca, Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.fr.

If you want to know about the Amazon gift card you can buy, where you can purchase one, and more, keep reading to learn more useful facts and tips!

What Does An Amazon Gift Card Claim Code Look Like?

If a gift card is lost or stolen, the customer should immediately notify the retailer and the company will replace the lost or stolen card.

We are giving gift cards with the code on them so we don’t have to worry about any claim codes getting messed up.

Additionally, there is usually a camera symbol on the left side and a gift box symbol on the right side of the claim code strip.

If the package was delivered, the order confirmation is the final proof of delivery.

The first time you receive a digital gift card, you receive a confirmation code in your email. Then the digital gift card will be automatically activated and will be sent to your email inbox.

How Do I Redeem a Gift Card on Amazon?

To buy an item in Amazon, customers must use a payment system such as a credit card or Amazon payments.

Go to the “My Account” page on the app.
Click “Redeem a Gift Card”

Select an Amazon Gift Card

Select “Redeem”

Enter the Amazon Gift Card code.

Can I Use an Amazon Gift Card Multiple Times?

Gift cards on the Amazon website may only be used for purchases made and shipped by Amazon.com. When Amazon.com receives a gift card from a customer, it is automatically converted to Amazon.com gift cards.

Depending on the country, customers can use their Amazon gift cards for different lengths of time.

Although the US allows Amazon gift cards to be used for up to 10 years, in other countries such as India, the cards are only valid for one year.

Therefore, it is recommended customers check the expiration date of gift cards to ensure they aren’t spending money they won’t have time to use.

Are Amazon Gift Cards Sold in Stores?

Amazon Gift Cards are a convenient way to give the gift of online shopping, and we can help you with your personal shopping experience.

If you want to get a better understanding of the cost of the gift card, you can ask Amazon.com for the current exchange rate that they will be charging you in the end.

Can I Use an Amazon Gift Card at Amazon Fresh?

Customers can use their gift cards at the Amazon Fresh supermarkets and at-home delivery.

Some businesses have noticed decreased sales as people are increasingly turning to online shopping, according to the report.

Can I Use an Amazon Gift Card to Split a Purchase?

If a customer would like to split their purchase between debit/ credit cards and Amazon gift cards, they can do so by paying for half of their order with a debit/ credit card and the other half with an Amazon Gift Card.

Customers can add the goods to the cart, and at the checkout, they can select “add payment options” and apply their gift card.

Amazon gift cards can be used at hundreds of merchants, although this is not the case for all of them.
Amazon gift cards are available through Amazon and through third-party sources.
You can use Amazon gift cards on any items available on Amazon, from Kindle books to items on Amazon.com.
In some locations, you can use Amazon gift cards to buy Amazon items.


You can know your claim code by looking for a 14-digit code on the back of your Amazon card. The code usually has a white stripe and two arrows pointing toward the top with the words “Claim Code” below it.

However, customers who have been sent a physical Amazon gift card will find the 14-digit claim code on the gift card.

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