Amazon Gift Card Claim Code Not Working (5 Fixes + Other Faqs)

Amazon gift cards are a great gift item for yourself or someone else and you add the claim code and they use that code to add money to their account in the future since you just added the claim code.

I have been experiencing some problems with the amazon gift card codes not working correctly. So if you are wondering how to fix it, here are some helpful tips that I have discovered!

Why Isn’t My Amazon Gift Card Claim Code Working In 2022?

If you have a problem with your Amazon Gift Card, it could be due to an error in entering the code. If you cannot enter the code correctly, the best thing to do is enter the code again exactly as it appears on the card in 2022.

If you are having trouble with the Amazon gift card code not working, or
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about this common issue!

1. Retype the Amazon Gift Card Claim Code 

If you’re still not getting the claim code, a potential fix for this can be to re-enter the claim code on the Amazon website, making sure that you’ve entered the correct letters and numbers.

Additionally, you will also need the redemption code. You typically don’t need to enter the redemption code since it is usually printed on the gift card itself. However, since we are making an encrypted transaction, you will enter your redemption code in the claim box. If you do not enter your redemption code, the transaction will not go through and you will not be able to redeem your gift card after purchase.

This will take you to the card details page for that gift card.

2. Check Whether You’ve Already Applied the Code

If you enter your code, there is no error and the Amazon website will show the total value of your gift card.

I was unable to redeem my gift card, so I went into my Amazon account to make sure I hadn’t redeemed it already, and I hadn’t!

The bottom of the gift card redemption area shows you the balance in your account. You can also enter the code there.

3. Contact Amazon Customer Service

If you’re having issues with your Amazon gift card claim code working then you can contact Amazon customer service according to users and ask for further instructions.

To tell you the truth, you can’t do anything for yourself without Amazon knowing.

In addition, they also have the power of making payments.

– the reason for the cancellation of the claim
– the name and location of the seller to whom you purchased the item
– photos or other evidence of the claim.

4. Contact the Authorized Store You Bought It From

If you’ve noticed that the claim code is unreadable and you purchased it from an authorized store, you can contact that store for further assistance, such as getting a replacement card. If the card has expired, you can contact our customer service team at

However, the store will likely ask for a receipt that proves that you added money to the Amazon gift card, and will likely just give you a new Amazon gift card.

5. You’re Trying to Purchase Ineligible Items & Cannot Proceed

If you have a defective Amazon gift card and you are getting the error message which says your code is wrong or expired then you can try to go in into your Amazon cart and see what you tried to buy.

1. You cannot sell your gift card for cash. You cannot spend the cash value of your gift card at

So, if you’re using a gift card to pay for any item then you can only pay for them using a different payment method such as cash or debit card.

Do Amazon Gift Card Claim Codes Expire?

You can add the Amazon gift card to your account at any time, even more than a decade later. You can also save it to your account until the time is right.

How Many Digits Is an Amazon Gift Card Claim Code?

– You can check Gift Card claims on the Gift Card Claims page.
– You can look for a code at
– The claims page shows you the name, location, card type and expiration date.
– You can also send a gift card claim to Amazon Support

How Do I Get My Claim Code for My Amazon Gift Card?

Amazon gift cards are available in the United States from only. To qualify for the Amazon gift card, you must first purchase a qualifying item.

However, make sure that any number you enter into the Amazon website is the card number on your card, not your card number in some sort of bank statement.

So, if you’re like, “Wait, I didn’t receive an electronic gift card in my email,” you should click on the text marked “Someone sent you an Amazon gift card” to view your gift card claim code.

Can I Transfer My Amazon Gift Card Claim Code?

This Amazon gift card cannot be transferred to your account. It will now be used to purchase items on your account.

Therefore you cannot give the gift card to someone else, and you cannot add the card’s total value to your account.

To know more, you can also read our posts on how to find out your name on a gift card, where to find your gift card information and how to use your Amazon gift card.


If you have your code, you can try to enter it again on Amazon, since it’s possible to mistype the code when entering it on the website.

If you try to use the code and the product you’re trying to purchase is ineligible (for example, you attempted to purchase gift cards for items that are ineligible, or to purchase non-eligible gift cards), you won’t be able to use it.

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