Does Walmart Deliver To Australia? (no, But Here’s How) 

Walmart is an American company that sells high-quality products at low prices, also known as a chain of retail stores.

I live in Australia, and I’m going to tell you everything I know about how to get Walmart US delivery to your home. It can take a little bit to sort things out, but it is possible to have Walmart US delivery to your home in Australia.

Does Walmart Deliver To Australia In 2022?

Luckily, you can get around this hassle with a trusted company like World Wide Packages. World Wide Packages provides a hassle-free international package forwarding service that will get your package to the destination you want, quickly and efficiently.

In America you can ship to Australia to get your order. But, you can also find other countries that ship to Australia!

Why Doesn’t Walmart Ship To Australia?

Even though we have a lot of great products at Walmart, we are unable to ship to your area. We only have in inventory online for sale in the states.

Therefore, if you want to receive any of our items in Australia, you will need to first receive shipments to the U.S. International package forwarding companies (see below) will then send your items to your home in Australia.

How Can You Ship Walmart Goods From The U.S. To Australia?

1- Make sure there is not any customs on the imported goods and they are not subject to any taxes.

2- Make sure the shipping address is the destination address on the shipping label.

3- Make sure the imported products are not prohibited by local laws.

4- Ship the goods as soon as possible.

The safest package shipping companies include the likes of FedEx and United States Postal Service (USPS).

Depending on the size of the package and how it is being forwarded onto the other country, it can cost anywhere from $15 to about $100 as well.

With the new delivery costs and the existing delivery costs, it might be more or less costly to send a package to the Netherlands, if you want to be on the safe side you probably should get a tracking service to know where the package is on its way.

Once you have placed your order, you must ensure that the item is shipped to the nominated address.

When you are forwarding a package from one person to another, you should be sure to specify where you are sending it.

There is a lot to be done to ensure safe delivery of an order – it is important to have an appropriate method of tracking order.

This is the tracking number you will be required to provide to your local post office and the carrier on which the package will be sent.

If the package is being delivered to a workplace or a residential address in Australia, the recipient should be notified of this by the courier company. If a signature is required, the recipient has to be out to sign for the package. The delivery can take a few days to show up in their mailboxes.

However, if a delivery is not made to Australia, the recipient of the package will have to pick it up at a local Australia Post store.

What Is The Australian Equivalent Of Walmart?

But it should be noted that these large stores do not have products from brands that you will find in the United States, such as The Gap, Nike, Abercrombie, and H&M. There also isn’t a wide variety of imported goods, as there in the US.

Amazon Australia also has a great reputation for customer service and the Amazon brand is strong in Australia, so expect a smooth transaction.

In general, I would suggest the option of shopping at Amazon first and then checking the price at the local Walmart store.

If you want to read more about where Walmart ships to, you can check out our post on that. Additionally, you can see a post on if Walmart ships to Canada, and how to ship to Canada from the USA.


Shipping is relatively easy from any address in the world to another address in another. The hard part is in shipping from one set of circumstances over to another set of situation, particularly when a product is going to a country like Australia. I believe it has to do with customs regulations.

However, when you compare the prices for shipping a Walmart item to Australia from the USA, make sure to compare the prices for shipping from all over the world or you might be paying way more than you bargained for!

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