Does Walmart Us Ship To Canada? [full Guide]

Some of the items at the international Walmart stores may cost a bit more than the ones at the Canadian Walmart store, but they are usually the same items you can buy in the Canadian Walmart.

Yes, Walmart US ships to Canada. While at Walmart Canada, you can find the same Walmart US products as you can find online and in stores.

Does Walmart US Ship to Canada In 2022?

Sadly, Walmart US do not ship in Canada or any of our other Canadian territories. Currently, Walmart US only ship to 50 States and US territories. However, it has been reported that you can still shop for items from US Online Store from your Canadian account.

Walmart has recently decided to stop allowing international shipping for all customers, even those who meet the criteria for the free shipping program.

Where Does US Walmart Ship To?

The Walmart website lists several locations and location types for Canada.

You can use online delivery service if you live in a region that serves by Otherwise, you should use a local delivery service.

We are happy to bring Canadian customers the benefits of Domestic delivery with an online order from

How To Get Items From US Walmart Shipped To Canada

If you insist on getting an item that is coming from the US to Canada shipped through an online third-party retailer, customers could benefit from the free shipping option.

This is very good for the environment and also good for the wallet. They even support eco packaging.

But the costs of getting shipping included in the price of an item are an important issue. If you realize the fee and think this service is worth it, then you can use it.

Alternatives For Canadians

Aside from for domestic delivery, Canadian Customers should also take advantage of Walmart pickup. Orders of $25 or more will have free handling, while orders under $25 will have a $5 handling fee.

Perishable products and items over 350 pounds will no longer qualify for free shipping. Orders containing hazardous materials and large quantities of everyday consumable items have always been ineligible for free shipping (shipping within the US and Canada). Please see our full list of ineligible items.

Shipping charges are calculated based upon the weight of your package and the shipping method you select.

You can select standard shipping or upgrade to expedited shipping for free.

Expedited shipping only works if you are ordering $25 or more.

Standard shipping is 5.97 per $25 order + order handling fee.

If you are looking to order under $25, your shipping costs will be determined automatically and you will be provided with the information.

You only need to pay the $5.97 shipping fee if you’re ordering a total of $25 or more. However, shipping is free if you’re ordering a total of $35 or more from an in-store location.

Rates vary depending on the requested service and length of time. Next-day and expedited shipping options are available. Depending on size and distance, some items may take 3 to 6 weeks to deliver.

What Items Can You Not Ship From Walmart?

When dealing with international shipping, Walmart tries to ship as much as they can, some things just can’t be shipped.

To avoid damage to the goods and make sure you get the right item, it is only possible to order items such as this in the supermarket.

Shipping Information
Please be aware that an additional $20 handling fee will be added to each package to cover the cost for using UPS.
If you require a shipping label for your packages, please include the tracking number, the item number, and the address you wish the package to arrive at in your request.

In terms of beverages, it is not possible to deliver beers, wines or liquors unless they are done with a 3rd party carrier. Also, the age restrictions prohibit the sale of beverages that are beyond a certain age. In addition, hazardous items such as alcohol are subject to restrictions.

This is true, however you should not try to move an item that weighs too much without using a dolly and dolly straps.

So, if Target Canada tried to cash a Canadian check with US dollars and was charged for not having enough dollars to cover the check, and they tried to cash the check in a bank in Canada and were charged for insufficient funds in the first place, then they should be charged again for failing to have enough dollars in the US to cover the check.


For international orders, we do have a fulfillment and distribution center
in Mexico. Please contact your local Walmart for more information
on shipping.

Canadian is a big market for a number of companies. If you want to buy a specific manufacturer, make sure you are using an official outlet.

You can take advantage of’s in-store pickup and at-home delivery options in Canada. Keep in mind that items containing hazardous materials, alcohol, and gifts are all permitted to be shipped.

Customers may also be charged additional shipping and handling fees for special or oversized orders. Rates may vary.

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