Is The GLD Shop Legit? What You Should Know About GLD Membership

When it comes to buying and selling jewelry, GLD shop has become a force to reckon with. From ordinary people to celebrities, everyone seems to have a place to shop for jewelry of all kinds, and especially gold necklaces, on this platform. It is your one-stop destination to buy gold jewelry, including Cuban chains and pendants. You can also shop for your street wears and all kinds of apparel here. The gold shop offers a lifetime warranty on many of its products, which is why many are trusted.

Is GLD Shop Legit?

Yes, GLD shop is legit, and it is the first to offer its investors an opportunity to earn income from gold accessories.

A History Of GLD Shop

It is believed that the GLD shop was founded in 2008 by Christian Johnson and Dan Folger, two friends who were based in Pittsburg, and they both share a dream to create a brand that will reflect their styles.

This business started in a basement; within a few years, it has grown into an international brand that has become widely acceptable to investors and buyers. The company has a 12,000 Sq.ft headquarters located in Miami, Florida, United States of America.

The company has expanded rapidly all around the world since its inception. The company is also collaborating with several A-list celebrities in the entertainment industry to promote its products.

GLD Shop became more popular worldwide in 2014 and was regarded as the first ETF company to offer cost-effective trading in gold. The company’s price shares were about a tenth of the cost of an ounce of gold, and these investments are backed up by pure gold stored in vaults.

Today, GLD gold has secured a $42 billion investment that ensures that investors make money from gold-which is one of the world’s most priceless commodities. Since its inception, the shares of investing in GLD have risen by more than 100%, and further rise is expected.

According to the company, one of the biggest drivers for the higher demand for gold is the emerging markets. The emerging-market central banks have become some of the biggest buyers of gold. The demand for jewelry in the emerging markets of Africa, South America, and Asia has also contributed to the rising value of GLD shops.

How Legit Is GLD Shop?

From the look of things, especially about the operations of the GLD shop, it appears the company is legit. The endorsement received from many celebrities all around the world has further confirmed the legitimacy of the business.

The company currently partners with the National Basketball Association and Marvel movies. Celebrities like Cardi B, Paul Pogba, and Wiz Khalifa also partner with the company to boost its image among the populace.

What You Should Know About GLD Shop

The following are the information you should know about the GLD Shop;

1. What Does GLD Shop Sells?

GLD sells everything to make you look great, and those are fashion products and accessories. Contrary to global perception, GLD shop does not limit itself to selling gold only; apparel is also part of its collections.

GLD shop sells solid gold chains, custom-made pendants, and chains. They do offer a huge collection of heavy bracelets most found on celebrities. All products sold here are available on order. If your goal is to look like a celebrity, check out the company’s collection of Cubans.

2. How Expensive are GLD Shop Products?

Since GLD Shop products are premium, it is expected that prices should be out of reach for many average shoppers. Quality here is always top-notch, and you can expect to buy the most original stuff.

Prices of products can start from about $35 for the smaller pendants and can rise to several thousands of dollars for heavier accessories and popular brands. You may discover that wristwatches with some encrusted gems are some of the most expensive items on the website.

For the custom-made orders, you should be prepared to spend a minimum of $2000. The actual price of a product will be determined by its quality, and a buyer will have such information.

3. The Gold Shop Shipping Policy

Interestingly, the GLD shop delivers its purchased products to more than 200 countries worldwide. People who buy from GLD shop can get free shipping when they spend more than $30. Goods are also delivered within 5 and 10 days.

You may want to opt for faster shipping, such as expedited or overnight shipping. You have to pay more for expedited or overnight shipping. International buyers can also qualify for free shipping when they buy goods worth $125 or more. Both the standard and expedited shipping options are also available for international buyers.

4. The Gold Shop Return Policy

This is one area where you can trust the GLD Shop. The company offers 14 days to make returns on products already purchased.

Keep in mind that not all products are eligible for returns. You may have to provide some proof of a defective or missing product to get a full refund of a purchased item. Products that are not returned within the 14-day return period are automatically completed.

Not all products can be returned, solid gold, for instance, cannot be returned because they are custom-made, but you can get such products repaired under the Warranty cover. Earrings are also classified as non-returnable products in GLD Shop. Earrings are classified as non-refundable for hygiene reasons.

All other customized-made-to-order items are classified as non-refundable products in GLD Shop. This should not be a worry to buyers because all customized-to-order products come with a Limited lifetime warranty.

What Is The Average GLD Shop Ratings Online?

When you purchase a product on the GLD Shop store, you will be encouraged to leave a review to help others identify who to trust.

According to Trustpilot, one of the most trusted review sites online, Gold Shop has an average rating of 4.7/5 on average.

There are at least 4000 reviews on Gold Shop on Trustpilot. It appears most buyers on the site were satisfied with their experience and would probably recommend it to others. Most buyers also agreed that the quality and prices on GLD shop are no match for what they found on other sites.

The company had an average of 4.3/5 rating on Facebook, with many reporting shopping on GLD shop for years, and they have contentment with the quality and price.

What Are The Main Alternatives To GLD Shop?

GLD Shop has a number of alternatives, but Iceclique and HipHop Bling are probably the most notable among them.

Iceclique seems to offer more affordable products than GLD shop. The company offers a wide range of ornaments that will make you look like a celebrity. The prices offered on Iceclique make the company stands out.

HipHop Bling is another GLD Shop alternative people patronize online. If, for instance, you are looking for a replica of bling your favorite artiste wears, HipHop bling will be one of the best alternatives to check. The company has been selling bling for more than 15 years without charging too much for them.

Some Answers To Frequently Asked Questions On GLD Store

The following are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about GLD Store;

1. What is the Lifetime Warranty on GLD Store products?

The GLD shop provides a lifetime warranty on most products available in their stores. The lifetime warranty means you can get replacements for some products and sometimes exchanges or repairs for the trinkets.

Keep in mind that not all products qualify for returns, and you must be clear about the type of warranty available on a product before you complete the order.

2. Does GLD Shop Use Real Gold for its Jewelry?

Yes, GLD uses real gold for making its jewelry, and you can find golds from 14k to 18k jewelry here. The company also uses sterling silver and rhodium to finish some of its products. All materials used in making GLD shop products have been approved by the Jewelry Vigilance Committee.

3. Why is GLD Shop Using Sezzle Payment?

The Sezzle payment is used on GLD Shop for its products because it is the only option that allows installment payments for products. This installment payment does not attract any interest as long as you pay within the stipulated time.


There is no doubt about the legitimacy of GLD Shop, and it offers great products and services that you can resell later since the component parts are original. The company has carved a great name for itself through its numerous customized products.

The company also offers a great customer care service, though there are issues with product disputes which is the main reason why many question the legitimacy of the company. It is important to read the product and service information clearly before you make a purchase here. You must be sure of your product warranty cover before placing your order.

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