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Peoplewhiz was accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in February 2019. It currently has an A+ rating on the platform, despite some complaints made by some of its users. BBB declared they had received some 62 complaints about the company within the last 12 months, and many of such complaints were about results. The company offers 24/7 customer care support, and there are lots of automated features on its site, making it very user-friendly. The following review summarized what Peoplewhiz stands for;

So, Is Peoplewhiz Legit?

From business ratings and legal operation perspectives, it appears Peoplewhiz is a legitimate company.

What Is Peoplewhiz?

Peoplewhiz can best be described as a background screen organization that hosts more than 67 billion searchable public records in its database. This company provides a service that is user-friendly and cost-effective.

By utilizing the public records available in its database, users can get detailed background reports, including sensitive information about individuals and groups. With its 24/7 customer support service, Peoplewhiz ensures users have no issues regarding the information they are looking for. Peoplewhiz prides itself as the best background checking company in the country.

Peoplewhiz- Company History And Overview

Peoplewhiz was established in 2017 and offered an extensive database comprising mugshots, criminal records, and many public records pulled from third-party sources. The company is based in Huntington Beach, California, and offers a 24/7 online service. Some of the third-party databases used by Peoplewhiz are; Federal records, state records, county records, and social media platforms.

Information retrieved from third-party sources may include DUIs, judgments, bankruptcies, social media profiles, misdemeanors, gun permits, address histories, email addresses, felonies, arrest warrants, assets, and sexual offenses.

What You Should Know About Peoplewhiz

The following information are essential features of Peoplewhiz you should know;

1. Subscription Fee

Peoplewhiz has been operating for more than 4 years and currently offers services for a starting fee of $19.99. The subscription model here is monthly or premium, depending on the level of service you want. There is an automatic renewal policy unless you cancel it on time before the next due date.

2. Who is This Service Best for?

Though Peoplewhiz is ideal for everyone, it is best suited for some categories of people. This service is suitable for individuals looking for their lost loved ones especially family members and friends. It is also ideal for those who want to perform background checks on potential roommates.

It is great for those looking to date online and trying to avoid getting involved with criminals. It is also a great service to consider if you are looking to obtain public court records to locate any criminal activity. You can also use Peoplewhiz to conduct a background check on someone buying or selling items online.

Peoplewhiz is a place to go if you want to search your own records. You might never know what records await you until you conduct a self-check. You can use Peoplewhiz to obtain someone’s address, and similarly, you can use it to locate your biological parents. You may use Peoplewhiz to identify the true owner of a particular phone number.

Since this website has access to more than 65 billion public records, it can be used easily for background checks on singles looking for dates online. You can run the names of the people you are interested in to make sure they are legit.

What You Can’t Use Peoplewhiz To Do

It must be noted that Peoplewhiz is not a consumer reporting agency hence the findings on this website are not used for employment screening, tenant screening, and consumer credit screening purposes.

According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), it is illegal to use sites like Peoplewhiz to perform certain operations. Note that using the site is illegal, but they don’t comply with the FCRA. The following are lists of other things you cannot use Peoplewhiz for;

  • Qualify individuals for mortgage loans, and tax refinance credit line or insurance cover, and similar situations.
  • Screen and verify social workers like nannies and household workers
  • Background checks for potential employees
  • For screening potential tenants in residential or commercial properties
  • Screen customers that are part of business transactions
  • Stalking someone unnecessarily.

One of the most reported issues about Peoplewhiz is that of stalking, as many people continuously stalk people with the platform.

What Are The Main Features Of Peoplewhiz

The following are the main features of the Peoplewhiz website;

1. User-friendly Interface

The main feature of Peoplewhiz that is easily noticeable is the user-friendly interface. There are no intricate or complex features and plans on the website. It offers a one-size-fits-all system for even the most basic internet user.

2. The Two-search Options

The Peoplewhiz website offers a simple search plus an advanced search option. The search option you choose may depend on the information that you have. You can use this site as people finder by simply entering their full names and state.

3. Free Search

The initial search on this platform is completely free. An additional cost for using this website is applicable to a situation where you have to search for information on multiple people, or you want a piece of in-depth information on a particular person.

4. Large Database

One of the greatest features of Peoplewhiz is that the owner has a very large database of information on individuals. This site has more than 65 billion public records in its database.

What You Should Know About Peoplewhiz Plans And Pricing

It is believed that Peoplewhiz is not transparent about its pricing plans; this means you wouldn’t find a detailed list of the website’s plans and pricing. You may want to contact customer care support before choosing a plan.

You can conduct a simple search which is free, and all you have to do is put the person’s full name, city, and state. To complete an advanced search, you need to add more information, including the person’s name, middle name, surname, city, and state.

Both the free and advanced search will give instant results. Though the free option may give you all information you need, the information may not be as fruitful as you want. This is one of the main complaints about Peoplewhiz. When all information you have is the phone number, name, or address of an individual, you may not find the most credible information about the individual. To get the most accurate information, you may have to switch to a paid service.

Peoplewhiz Paid Service

One of the best ways of getting more information on your target is to narrow down your search, and you can do this by choosing one of the paid options. A monthly membership of $27.99 will give you the opportunity to conduct multiple searches at once. You can input their email addresses, phone numbers, and aliases. This monthly fee is automatically renewed unless you cancel it.

Peoplewhiz paid service starts from $19.99 a month. Fortunately, refunds are issued to individuals who are not satisfied with the results they get from the service. Peoplewhiz does not guarantee 100% correctness of the information they provide their clients, and information is gathered from public databases and not from a database gathered by Peoplewhiz themselves.

Peoplewhiz also provides occasional discounts and special offers to its users, and these might include a $1 first month fee or discounts on its most in-depth search fees.

The Peoplewhiz Customer Service

One of the great features of this website is the 24/7 customer service, where customers can contact well-trained agents on toll-free numbers at any time of the day. The customer care service is available from Mondays to Sundays, and there are no wait times or automated answering machines.

You may also contact the company via its email:, from Mondays to Fridays. Most emails are replied within 24 hours.

Is Peoplewhiz A Trustworthy And Legit Site?

When the pros and cons of using Peoplewhiz are compared, one can conclude that this is a 100% legit site you can trust. It comes with 24/7 customer care support, plus a site with a great user interface and a free search option. You may also qualify for refunds if you are not satisfied with the results you are getting.

Perhaps the downside that made people want to query the legitimacy of this site is the non-transparent service fees online. Some people also question why the site has no mobile app for portable devices like smartphones. The company is not registered at the Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA), and this could be a reason why some are very skeptical.

To understand how effective and trustworthy this site can be, you may want to consider some of its alternatives. Top Peoplewhiz alternatives include; and These sites offer something similar to Peoplewhiz with some minor differences.

On Trustpilot, Peoplewhiz has an average rating of 3.2 out of a maximum of five which is slightly above average, and that could be one reason you should trust them.

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