Does Grubhub Do Background Checks? (must Read Before Applying)

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They do not have to disclose your past criminal history in the application process. But they can run a background check if they want.

Does Grubhub Perform Background Checks In 2022?

Since background checks are done with Checkr, potential drivers are only reviewed by computers. As a result, only those convicted of violent crimes or felonies are denied driver status, and most are approved.
GrubHub has been known to hire people convicted of felonies and misdemeanors. While it’s rare, it does happen.

The company that operates the website, Grubhub, conducts background checks, which is good, as people like me need to know that the person who is going to pick up their food or deliver their order isn’t a psychopath or serial killer.

How Long Does Grubhub Take to Review Background?

I think I heard that it takes a few days to review the background of a potential driver and the results from a background check will take a little over a week at most.

In many cases, job applicants have been reported to the police through Checkr.

Checkr says the results will take between 3 and 7 days to get back to you if you ordered them.

You can view the detailed shipping cost by clicking the “Add to Cart” button.

If your background check is taking longer than expected, it might be because they’re waiting for something on your end or one of the county courts they’re looking through is taking longer than average to return the information.

The first reason is you could log in to your Grubhub account and navigate to your application status to see if there was something they were asking for.

You could also try using Gmail’s advanced filters to set up automated rules for notifying you or others.

You will be requested to sign a “Non Disclosure Agreement” which guarantees that you will not sue the company for disclosing your background.

What Does Grubhub Look for on a Background Check?

Grubhub looks at your driving history and criminal history before they can approve you.

I was a delivery driver for Grubhub. I was required to sign up for a full driver’s license, a passport, a social security number, and proof of insurance for my car.

Any felony convictions
Any misdemeanor convictions
Any felony arrests without convictions
Any misdemeanor arrests without convictions
Any misdemeanor convictions
Any misdemeanors not listed above

In other words, you would be giving up all your digital privacy in exchange for a free burger.

Not only does Checkr help prevent against future problems, but it also makes sure that you are not on a background check report in the first place.

What Does “Consider” Mean on Grubhub Background Check?

While Checkr has been working diligently to help its clients weed out bad background checks, the company has also found that the majority of the time, this information isn’t readily available on background check databases.

Someone needs to review it. In this case, that’d be you.

And then if it’s good enough, if the background check finds your criminal records, or it’s from one of these other countries, then it’s going to be a disqualification and it’s going to be a negative review.

You will get hired if you have a “consider” on your background check. Getting a “considered” usually doesn’t mean you aren’t going to get hired but it’s usually a bad sign.

When this happens, someone at Grubhub will review your information, and then decide for themselves if they’d let you work for them.

They are very quick to review your food delivery app, but they make you jump through hoops on the “consideration” thing.

What Would Disqualify You From Grubhub?

But if you don’t pass a criminal background check by the time you’re 20, it will remain on your record throughout your life.

At the time, it was very easy to get through because they were all on social media. Now, there’s a bunch of private companies conducting background checks for background checks.

All this could be due to the change in wording in the new agreement, although given the size of the database, it seems unlikely any single policy change would have this effect. The simplest explanation is the change in wording at the time, combined with the fact that some people might have started signing up under a different account.

This service helps you find restaurants that have a great rating but you’re still not sure if you want eat there.

GrubHub is an American online food delivery platform providing delivery services for restaurants in the United States.
GrubHub started in 2004 and operates in over 100 cities nationwide.


Grubhub uses Checkr, a program that is part of their application to take a user’s criminal and driving history into account. This check may occur anywhere between three to seven days into the application process.

The app will report any information from the records that haven’t been updated by the DMV for six months. It also gives you a list of records that you can look into for a new license.

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