Grubhub Dui Policy (can You Still Get A Job + Other Faqs)

As a GrubHub driver, you’ll get to decide whether to accept that job, and which restaurant to pick up or deliver from. That gives you more control than if you had a steady job at a traditional restaurant company. You’re in charge of your schedule, and you can choose which customers to take on and which to turn down. You’ll be able to control your own earnings to a large extent.

However, Grubhub has a lot of requirements for entry that you must meet before you can be approved. If you’re wondering how Grubhub treats DUIs, read on!

Grubhub DUI Policy In 2022

Grubhub says they don’t accept people who have a DUI. Grubhub says that they don’t have a DUI policy on their website, but that their background check looks into your criminal history and driving records. They also check with your DMV and insurance company. Sometimes people with DUIs are even disqualified.

If you work for Grubhub and get pulled over with an unlawful alcohol concentration in your system, you could lose your job!

But Grubhub’s policy does still have some benefits, so don’t let it scare you off!

Can You Drive For Grubhub With A Criminal Record?

Many times Grubhub will disqualify you from driving for them on their app as well.

Futher, The service is used to perform a background check of the people that apply for a job at Grubhub. It seems if the individual’s background checks the company flags people whose results display a criminal record.

If your profile is flagged, Grub hub will send someone to your job to review your application. If your application is flagged, Grub Hub will send you an email telling you.

While they’re pretty happy about the change, they’re going to make sure that they maintain balance in the economy.

Also, this is supposed to be a live person, who will review your background to see whether the conviction can be overlooked.

But even if someone was looking into it, they’d already got to the point where they were questioning whether it was worth it.

If the DUI conviction was a felony or misdemeanor, it doesn’t matter because Grubhub doesn’t accept people with those convictions.

It used to be that if you already have a criminal record, you might be denied. But as you know, criminal records are pretty easy to find these days. The only thing that matters now is the severity of the record.

If you have a felony record: You could be denied a job if a potential employer sees it on a background check.
If you have multiple misdemeanor convictions: You could be denied a job if a potential employer sees it on a background check.
If you have a conviction for a serious sex offense: You could be denied a job if a potential employer sees it on a background check.

What Are Grubhub Violations?

This is a screening question that asks if you have ever been convicted of a crime or a warrant for your arrest. It will help them decide if they should interview you or not.

When you apply for a license, they usually look at your driving history to see if you’re a safe driver.

This may indicate that you are not a good fit for the job because your record shows that you have been a bad driver in the past. In this case, you may have to pay for the job in order to get the chance to be hired.

It really doesn’t matter. What matters is that cars don’t get where they’re going in any reasonable amount of time.

Grubhub checks whether you’re legally allowed to work in the United States and whether your background check will prevent you from committing crimes of violence.

Delivery services also have many employees who want to get in, so it can afford to be strict on what counts as a violation.

What Will Disqualify You From Grubhub?

Grubhub has a clear cut policy in place that it will not hire anyone with a criminal record and if you are not hired by them you can file a complaint with the EEOC.

Grubhub uses a tool to check if your credit history was clean when you applied. And because of this tool, people who were convicted of a crime aren’t always rejected from the service.

For example, in California, you could be denied a car lease, an apartment lease, or a home purchase.

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Grubhub doesn’t accept people with DUI convictions. If they find out you’ve been convicted, your profile will be deleted.

You do not need to be a convicted felon to get rejected from Grubhub.

This is probably due to the way the background check system is designed. In most people’s cases, there probably aren’t a lot of convictions on their record and the algorithm for what would get them flagged wasn’t written correctly.

A user on Instagram called out Grubhub for having two employees who were caught speeding in New York City.
The workers were driving 40 to 50 miles over the speed limit in a 55. The post was shared around a hundred thousand times.

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