Does Starbucks Drug Test? (Everything To Know!)

Starbucks is a well-respected employer. The application process for a job at Starbucks is very straightforward.


Is Starbucks Drug Testing?

Starbucks can conduct drug testing on potential and current employees. They only test a small number of candidates and rarely conduct drug tests on employees.

Continue reading to find out more about the Starbucks application process, and specifically Starbucks drug testing.

We also examine the possible obstacles to your application and what you might do about them.

How do you apply for a job at Starbucks?

You can apply online or in-store for a job at Starbucks. To apply for any position currently available, you will need to search online at Starbucks.

Once you have found the item you are interested in and it is available at a local store, you can either apply online or go to the store and complete a paper application.

You will need to send a cover letter and resume if the job you are applying for involves more advanced managerial positions.

Starbucks will send you an email to confirm receipt. If you are interested in general work, it may take up to three months. After 60 days, your application is valid and you can reapply.

If you have bid for an actual job, you’ll be notified about the outcome of your application. You’ll also be invited to reapply if you are unsuccessful.

How is the Starbucks Application Process?

The hiring process will take less than one week after you submit your application and receive an email confirmation that Starbuck is interested in you. However, it can take longer if there are many applicants to review.

The position you have applied for will determine which process is used. All candidates are interviewed, and the best candidate is selected.

What kind of background checks does Starbucks do?

As part of their application process, all candidates must agree to undergo a background check. It is a good practice to agree to a background check, as they are only done if you have been offered a job with them.

Starbucks background checks will check for criminal records, valid social security numbers, driving records, and drug screening records.

Background checks can take around one week. Starbucks claims that each applicant will be reviewed individually. Your application may be denied if your background has any concerns. Starbucks hires many people who have a felony record.

Background checks only cover a certain period of time. Background checks are not a comprehensive search of your life. Also, hiring conditions for background checks vary from one state to the next.

Why does Starbucks only drug test some candidates and not others?

Starbucks is not known to conduct regular, systematic drug testing during employment.

It is important to remember that these tests are legal and they can be conducted if they have good reasons to.

Although it is possible to have drug testing done based on suspicion, you might also be subject to random selections. If this is the case it will most likely occur during the application process. It will then follow a job offer which could be yours if you pass the drug testing.

If you’re going to be driving or working with machinery, the more difficult your job tasks will be, the more likely they are that you’ll be selected for a drug testing.

Starbucks must perform mandatory drug testing if an employee of the company is involved in an accident at work.

Starbucks uses what drug tests?

Starbucks uses the 5-panel standard urine drug test. They test for opiates and cocaine as well as phencyclidine and opiates.

Starbucks does not publicly announce that random drug testing will be conducted. Each Starbucks location makes the final decision.

Usually, the drug results are returned within 24 hours to 48 hours.

How can you tell if there is a problem with your Starbucks application?

There are many reasons why you might not receive a response to your application on time, including mistakes in your application or a high number of applicants.

If there is not an actual job available at the time you submit your registration of interest, it may take some time before you hear anything. However, you will still get confirmation by email of your application.

This email is usually delayed due to high volumes of applicants. However, make sure your contact details are correct and up-to-date.

You will be notified by Starbucks if you are unsuccessful in a job.

If you are selected for an interview, however, you will need to wait for the background check to be completed. Missing details, such as a social safety number, can cause delays in your application.

You may be contacted immediately after the interview. However, it is possible that you will not hear back for several weeks. This depends on how many people were interviewed and the nature of the job.

What can you do if Starbucks rejects your job application?

Starbucks will accept your application again if you don’t succeed the first time. You can apply for multiple positions.

Starbucks has a helpful question and answer page that answers common career and employment questions.

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It is a great way to get started in your bid for work at Starbucks. It will help you save time and speed up your application process by knowing what you must submit, agree to and double-check.

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