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While this is not the case. Ace does work with convicted felons for a number of reasons. In fact, Ace’s number one goal is to hire people with an “unblemished background.” In addition, felons have to pass background checks from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Foreign Labor Certification. Also, if they were convicted of a “violent offense,” then they are not allowed to work with children under 14.

Does Ace Hardware Hire Felons In 2022?

Ace Hardware has a long and proud history as the nation’s number one Ace Hardware store, but not everyone is able to work there. Some people face many legal challenges to get a job at Ace Hardware, including if a felon. For more information about if Ace Hardware hires felons, including if it’s hard to get hired, which felony convictions prevent you from getting a job at Ace Hardware, then keep reading!

Can I Get Hired At Ace Hardware With A Felony?

Ace Hardware is willing to hire people with a felony, but the applicant needs to meet all of the qualifications before they’re hired.

But as a result of that decision, it does not appear that Ace Hardware discriminates against applicants with felony charges.

Further, Ace Hardware is part of the Ban the Box movement, which advocates removing the criminal record box from employment applications and is also a Fair Chance employer.

It’s best to be truthful and honest if you want to work for Ace Hardware as the company will give you a chance if you are honest and truthful.

As a result of this, a local Ace Hardware store might not employ you because they don’t have a position available, but they may have another Ace Hardware store where they do have a position available.

If you want to go to Ace Hardware store, you can contact your local store. If you want to work at Ace Hardware, you can check out their website for career opportunities.

Does Ace Hardware Do Background Checks?

The company also conducts background checks during the hiring process, as required by law.

What you have to be careful of is that the felony did not occur in the time period where you were applying and you did not have a felony conviction on your record which you must disclose to the job applicant.

The business is going to want to know that you are who you say you are.
This is important because they can’t really check your personal background until they verify your identity.

In addition, the employment application asks potential employees to disclose any felony charges, however, this will not prevent you from being hired at Ace Hardware.

What May Stop Me Getting Hired at Ace Hardware?

Some felony convictions may make it difficult to get hired at Ace Hardware.

If you have been in trouble with the law, you may be worried about being hired at places that involve inventory or money.

You will not be hired as an employee of Ace Hardware or any of its franchisees if you have been convicted of fraud.

However, if you have a DWI and your employer sees your background, you might have a better chance at having your charges dropped or reduced.

Still, while these felony charges may make it difficult to hire at Ace Hardware, it doesn’t mean you will be disqualified immediately.

Does Ace Hardware Drug Test?

The application process at some Ace Hardware locations may include a drug test as a prerequisite for employment.

If your Ace Hardware store requires a drug test, it is likely that they will also require random drug testing and accident-related drug testing.

Also, if you’re suspected of drug use at Ace Hardware, you will be required to undergo a drug test even if the drug use was in a private setting.

And furthermore, if you previously have felony drug convictions, Ace Hardware may require you to submit a drug test before it ever hires you.

Ace Hardware, along with most other companies, will not fire anyone for drug testing positive on a drug test.

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In 2014, Ace Hardware opened its first retail location in Philadelphia. Despite a lack of training and education, Ace Hardware hires felons.

As an example, you may find that you are being interviewed at Ace Hardware and you get arrested but are later cleared of the charges, you may find that you no longer have chances at the store and it may be difficult to come back.

If you wish to work at Ace Hardware, you can apply online or talk to your local store about your potential job opportunity.

However, you can work for Ace Hardware without any background checks, however you will be required to take a drug test and must fill out a criminal background form and/or employment/background check.

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