Does Target Hire Felons? (all You Need To Know)

After being convicted of a felony, finding a job can be challenging. However, if you have a clean record and you have served your sentence, you should have no issues getting a job. If you have to, then you should hire a lawyer to help you.

I didn’t think there were any specific federal laws stating which groups of people are prohibited from working at Target. I did find information about Target’s hiring policies for convicted felons. I’ll tell you some of what I found.

Does Target Hire Felons In 2022?

When should a business ask for a background check?

A: A background check can be an added cost to a business. However, it is a reasonable cost and will identify those with criminal arrest histories that were not reported to the background check service. Therefore, a business can decide whether or not to request a background check.

If you want to read more about what to expect when you apply for a job at Target, their background check and drug test requirements, and more, read on!

What Disqualifies You From Working At Target?

It’s a very specific job position, and it’s actually not easy to get it, but the one thing that will disqualify you is if you’re a serial killer.

This disqualification also applies to people who are felons or have a criminal record. It can pose a risk to guests, team members or property if you apply to work here.

Target is in no way responsible for any injuries suffered by anyone at any of its stores.

So if the company has reason to believe that you will be a security risk at the store, the hiring manager will decide not to hire you.

(also, it’s worth noting that if you have any record of felony convictions not disclosed during the background check, your opportunity to explain yourself will likely be limited/nonexistent)

The idea being that you don’t want to explain your situation to Target unless you really have to. If you are planning on applying to a place other than Target, you’ll have a great deal more leverage over the details of your arrest.

Although you are providing your Target with some information about yourself, Target’s opinion about you will probably change after they learn more information about you. This changes the probability of receiving the job.

Is Target Strict On Background Checks?

Target requires a background check to be conducted to ensure people are free of violence. Target will not hire anyone who had a crime committed while using marijuana.

However, if you have a criminal background, this may impact your immigration status.

> I get a conditional job offer at Target
> I’m told to get a background check, and if I pass, they will hire me
> So I decide to break the rules and apply for an H1B at the same time as my O1, and then I can get a job at Target

The O1 visa is for people who are already a permanent resident of the US, and the H1B visa is for people who are not yet a permanent resident of the US.

Target also started to look at how it can make its hiring process more fair.
This means that candidates are evaluated based on the skills that they display during the interviews and not on their country of origin.

The company announced that it would no longer ask applicants about their criminal history on its website.

On top of that, Target decided to change its hiring policies because of a claim that they were unintentionally disqualifying some people from working with Target.

When I see a person like this on our site I send them a message asking why they want to waste my time and that I don’t want to talk to them.

Target decided that to be eligible for employment it will consider a person’s background and criminal convictions. It decided that to be eligible for employment, it will not consider a person’s background and criminal convictions.

That way, Target’s hiring process is fair to all applicants. Because of this, they are able to receive many more job applicants.

Finally, Target hires Accurate Background to handle their background checks. If you need help with your background check, or if you need a job at Target, call them at 855-581-0580.

Does Target Drug Test Its Employees?

Target does not have any tests in place to ensure the drug free status of any of its stores, according to the FDA.

If you apply at Target and the hiring manager has a drug test in mind, it will let you know when that hiring manager offers you the job.

But Target requires you to take the drug test before the contract is signed and before work begins.

Because we are still unsure of the identity of the person who made the comment, we are unable to say what they did with the comment. If it was forwarded to Target.

Finally, as stated previously, Target will provide you with details and your next steps, such as where to go or who to contact for the drug test, when the manager offers you the job. However, your chances of being hired are not as high as a person without a criminal history.

What Is Target’s Hiring Process?

After your application is approved, you get scheduled for an interview with your interviewer.

The manager will review your application and can give you a call if they like what they see. The manager will get back to you about the interview.

Your interview with Target was successful. It seems Target believes they should hire you if you receive the conditional job offer.

You accept the conditional job offer from Target and Accurate Background will request a background check for you through the company.

The company performing the background check might also need to do a drug test, and this will happen after the background check has been completed.

Go to the search location on the Target website,, by clicking on the location you will be directed to.
In the search bar type the location, then select the location you are searching for.
Select an attribute filter from the left side of the page.

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Target has a policy where you have to be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident to work there.

The only reason a Target worker would not be hired is if an applicant poses a risk to Target’s customers, employees, or property.

Target hires people on a per job basis. The reason for the drug test is because some people are not able to do the job properly and are abusing drugs.

In addition, once you are hired, you will usually be required to undergo random drug tests which could include, but aren’t limited to, urine and/or blood testing.

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