Does Kohl’s Drug Test? (warning: Must Read)

Many businesses conduct thorough background checks including drug testing to make sure that employees can not affect the in-store customer experience.

The short answer is that Kohl’s doesn’t require a mandatory drug test during its employment process, but it does conduct background checks on prospective employees.

Does Kohl’s Drug Test In 2022?

Kohl’s Inc. announced a major turnaround plan. In addition to expanding into the home and garden store market, Kohl’s is also considering offering more pharmacy and optical services in the next three years. The CEO also stated that Kohl’s has plans to expand into the online shopping market.

Now that you know what kind of things you can expect an employer to ask you about as you apply for a job, you can now begin to practice your cover story in the interview.

Why Would Kohl’s Ask An Employee To Take A Drug Test?

A lot of companies are doing random drug tests or ask your references if you’ve used any illegal drugs during the time you’ve applied with them.

There’s a drug test that needs to be taken when there is a risk of injury.

If the background check also shows that you have ever used drugs in the past, you will be asked to undergo a drug test.

What Type Of Drug Tests Does Kohl’s Conduct?

The most common tests used by the retail stores and distributors to detect drug use are the drug-screening methods done through visual observation and/or a mouth swab test.

If you have a urine sample or blood sample taken for a drug test, it will be stored and tested for a period of time. If it’s a urine sample, it may be kept for two weeks. If it’s a blood sample, it may be kept for a longer period of time.

If you’re at the store, the store will conduct the test and you’ll have to pay a portion of the price for it.

If you’re selected for a urine test, you will be asked to provide a sample of urine and you will take the test at a designated testing facility.

Does Kohl’s Hire/Keep Employees Who Fail Its Drug Test?

There is no formal policy about whether or not a Kohl’s store would hire someone with a drug habit or not, but Kohl’s has a good reputation for treating its employees fairly.

However, we can still take a few things from the background check into account when thinking about a job. Let’s say that you have some negative history that has been revealed. If a certain store doesn’t have a policy for that kind of a problem, you still have the opportunity to be hired there.

There are even places that may have special hiring requirements.

If an employee is expected to negatively impact the experience of the customer, the store manager may decide to not keep/hire that person.

How Thorough is Kohl’s Background Check?

Kohl’s hires for a reason. They want to make sure that only good quality people work there. A background check can take up to a week to complete, but before they make the hire, they can usually get most of the information they need to make an informed decision.

First Advantage background checks, a leading global background check company, conduct a check if the applicant has been convicted of a crime or has been arrested for a crime. Only if the applicant has not been convicted or arrested will the company proceed with a background check.

The investigation also looks into the applicant’s background and previous employment to see if it aligns with the needs of the store’s current employees.

Does Kohl’s Hire Employees With A Negative Background Check?

Kohl’s usually does not hire people with a criminal record.

The following must also be considered:

the existence and duration of civil litigation;
the existence and duration of pending criminal litigation;
the nature of the criminal activity of the claimant;
the existence and duration of any potential civil liability of a criminal defendant,
the existence and duration of any potential civil liability of a civil defendant to a civil plaintiff.

If Kohl’s sees the new hire has enough merit and is safe enough for the company to be able to comfortably co-exist with its employees, Kohl’s will hire that person into the company’s staff team.

Do Employees Have Access to Kohl’s Background Check Data?

You can sue anyone who violates the FCRA, which requires that the credit reporting agency do certain things in order to prepare your credit report.

But Kohl’s is required to get written consent from potential employees to submit a background check, which it does through a third party.

However, even if you do not have legal protection under the FCRA, you are still protected by state laws.

The reason for this is that you want to make sure you do your research properly prior to deciding to hire a potential employee.

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Some Kohl’s locations can require prospective employees to test positive for drugs based on specific indicators, such as erratic or abnormal behavior.

If a Kohl’s store requires a drug test, it will likely take a sample of an employee’s saliva or a urine test. Kohl’s may or may not decide to hire an employee with a positive drug test, depending on their current condition.

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