Does Petco Hire Felons? (all You Need To Know)

The company has several locations around the county, which is a good place to pick up a job.

If you’re considering working at Petco and are a felon, we looked into whether the company is felon friendly. Read on to see what we found!

Does Petco Hire Felons In 2022?

Petco does a background check that goes back 7 years. This will reveal anything from arrests/ charges/ convictions to misdemeanor to more serious charges like felonies. Petco is also a pet lovers store so it hires felons in most cases. Petco also has a drug test for all of their applicants.

The company does run a background check on all jobseekers, however, it also checks references and verifies criminal history. Petco uses a third-party company that does this. It does have a very good record of vetting its employees. It does not discriminate against people based on their criminal record or any kind of criminal history as long as the jobseeker does not have a violent or sex related crimes.

Can You Work at Petco with a Criminal Record?

You can work at a Petco store with a criminal record, regardless of whether it includes a misdemeanor or felony.

Petco takes into account if a person has been convicted of a felony and will not hire them if they have any kind of a sexual offense or violence on their record.

We found a thread full of answers from people saying how they wouldn’t think Petco would hire someone with a robbery charge.

This means you are hired at Petco because of your criminal record.

The last sentence is only partially true. In general, the person hiring will have a good idea of what their hiring criteria are – at least if they have experience hiring – and will often ask to see your transcript.

When charges are dropped for a first-time offender, it’s because there isn’t enough evidence to prove them guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. But if a criminal charge sticks, the government might find better evidence that will get you convicted and keep you in prison.

As an example, if you were convicted for something involving fraud, you would have a difficult time getting into a job involving finances.

We then found a case of a high profile judge who was a former judge of a small town in Iowa, but the county sheriff found information on one of the judge’s former clients, which in turn led to a conviction over an assault charge.

The employee was with the company for a long time, and it seems like they are performing good.

Does Petco Run a Background Check?

Petco runs background checks on its potential hires during the job interview process, and this is where previous criminal records will likely be disclosed.

How Far Does Petco’s Background Check Go?

Petco is a national chain of pet stores. Their customers have 7 years to be eligible for a background check.

If the place is on the top tier, then they’re all likely to be working to look at the past.

What Does Petco Look for in a Background Check?

In background checks for entry and store level jobs, Petco looks for the potential hire’s criminal history. They look into things like arrests, DUIs, drug use, and other drug crimes like possession.

The more data Amazon has available, the more confident your results will be.

This is likely because these people have been involved in other things, giving them a better identity.

Petco uses background checks on all of its applicants to make sure they are honest, so they will have no problem filling jobs.

Since people in management are more knowledgeable about finances, they can ensure that the person they hired is financially fit for the position.

How Long Does It Take for Petco to Do a Background Check?

Assuming everything goes fine, the background checks at Petco usually take around a week, maybe a bit longer if you need to be fingerprinted or have to go to the background check center.

If the person they’re checking has moved around a lot, the local police may need time to do their research. They’ll contact the person’s previous homes or employers.

Depending on the hiring manager’s schedule, it may take longer. It’s harder when there are multiple people reporting to the same hiring manager. And it gets harder when the hiring manager’s schedule doesn’t align with the other people reporting to them.

I think the best bet for you is to contact the individual directly.
* Note that the original text is worded in a way that suggests using the Phone app to contact the individual. I’ve modified it to fit the situation you describe:

You may need to call the individual directly in order to address the
discrepancy. Phone apps cannot handle this kind of issue.

Petco Pet Adoption Center may take a little longer than usual to do the background check, but it’s probably no more than a week or two.

To get a complete list of Petco store locations, visit our post on Petco store locations.


While it is true that most pet stores are open to people with criminal records, if the job requires one to work behind the counter or in a store, then most pet stores would not hire you. If one was a dog walker or an animal groomer, then maybe pet stores would feel more comfortable hiring people with criminal records.

Petco also conducts background checks on potential hires, and you can look back as far as you want.

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