Does Amazon Flex Hire Felons? (Everything To Know!)

Amazon Flex, which is similar to a UPS personal driver, allows Amazon to pay independent drivers to deliver their products to customers in personal vehicles.

This driving job might be what you are looking for but there is a process that you must go through before you can qualify.

Who meets the requirements to become an Amazon Flex driver, then? Amazon Flex conducts background checks before deciding on its drivers.

Continue reading to learn more about the background check and the types of people Amazon Flex hires.

Amazon Flex Hire Felons

Amazon has stated that it does not discriminate against felons in its company policy. Amazon understands that ex-convicts paid their dues to society and they don’t deserve to be returned to an unforgiving society. Amazon has actually hired many felons over the years. They are mostly entry-level employees, including drivers for delivery.



Your chances of being convicted of murder, manslaughter or violent assault are slim. The company also has a zero tolerance policy for sex offenders.

What if I have a felony?

Amazon allows felons to work, but there are exceptions. Amazon will not hire felonies like theft, drug use, or sexual assault.

What is Amazon Flex’s Background Check Like?

Amazon Flex conducts a thorough background check on all potential employees. Accurate Background is a third-party agency that Amazon uses to conduct background checks.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), however, limits the content of background checks reports. This includes negative marks such as arrest records, judgments, or other offenses, that are older than seven years and bankruptcies that are more than ten years.

Two stages of the Amazon Flex background check look for criminal activity, such as violence or theft. The first stage includes a search of up to seven years worth of your personal information. If you have a conviction for a felony in the past seven years, it will likely be found.

The background check second stage checks your driving record for violations of moving laws or other citations. You may or not be eligible to drive for Amazon Flex depending on the nature and severity of your offense.

What happens after the Background Check?

Once you have passed the background check you can schedule your deliveries. Amazon should know about your availability so they can plan your “shifts” or “blocks”.

Amazon Flex allows you to choose whether or not to accept a shift. Drivers typically earn $18-$25 an hour plus tips, and more if they do special deliveries or work on shifts.

Amazon Hires What Type Of Felons?

Amazon is not one of those companies that judges people on the basis of their criminal records. They don’t work with felons because of certain factors.

Nature of Conviction

Amazon may not offer a job to felons convicted of theft, drug, violent crime, or sexual assault.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to get a job. You can still try your luck, no matter what your convictions are. Amazon may be open to your application, given the number of slots available.

Applying for multiple jobs can increase your chances of being hired.

The duration of a criminal record

Most states prohibit access to criminal records older that seven years. Amazon will ask you whether you have been convicted of any felon in the last seven years.

If your felony has been in existence for more than seven years, you won’t have to lie about it. Amazon will not learn about your felony convictions.

Previous work experience

Amazon will consider your skills and experience when hiring.

If you have experience in similar jobs to those offered by Amazon, your chances for securing the job will automatically increase.

However, good advice is always a good option if you don’t have much experience.


It’s not unusual for felons to feel embarrassed about their felony.

Amazon will know if you lie during an interview or fill out your application. After running a background check on all employees, Amazon will not be surprised if you do.

This background check will only be performed if your conviction was less than seven years old.

It will only make your chances of getting a job less likely.

How do you become an Amazon Flex Driver?

Here are the requirements to become an Amazon Flex driver.

  • You must be 21 years of age or older
  • Amazon Flex is available to anyone who lives in an area that has Amazon Flex
  • A valid driver’s licence and social security number
  • You can have a van, SUV or sedan with a covered bed for all-size packages.
  • Have a smartphone
  • Motor vehicle insurance

Learn more about Amazon These articles will help you learn more about Amazon.


Amazon is different from other ventures that do not tolerate felons. Amazon has a firm policy that does not discriminate against convicts.

Amazon Flex also hires criminals to drive for its driver positions. To be eligible, you must have a conviction that is less than seven years old.

The company does not hire felons convicted for theft, violent crimes, drug abuse, or sexual assault.

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