Why Is Ikea Shipping So Expensive? (What To Know!)


You may be surprised to learn that IKEA charges a high shipping fee. You may have thought you were within your furniture budget when shipping fees arrive and suddenly you are way out of budget. Many customers who rely on IKEA for their shipping fees are puzzled by it.

You are here because you want to find out why! Continue reading to learn the reasons IKEA charges such high shipping fees.

Why is IKEA Shipping so Expensive?

IKEA is known for its focus on bulk orders. High standards of product delivery are also a priority for IKEA.

IKEA does not charge delivery fees based upon distance, unlike other retailers that charge delivery fees based only on the distance to your address. IKEA offers a variety of delivery fees, from small orders to large-scale delivery.

Small Item Delivery is the cheapest shipping method, priced at $5.99 only. This is the best option for small orders, both in size and quantity. This is ideal for small tables, pillows, and bedside tables. Doorstep Delivery is the most popular option with a flat rate $49.

IKEA’s high shipping costs can be attributed to many factors. These are five reasons you should know.

Reason #1: Bulk Order Delivery

IKEA’s shipping infrastructure was designed to handle bulk orders (buying in large quantities). No matter how many cabinets you order, the delivery cost is $49. It’s better to order all of your items together, as it will save you money on shipping.

This strategy is IKEA’s to encourage customers order bulk, which in turn leads to increased revenue for the company. It is a strategy that will benefit customers who buy large quantities.

Reason #2: High Quality Delivery

IKEA is committed to quality in all aspects of its products. IKEA also delivers customers’ orders with the highest standards. IKEA adheres to high delivery standards to ensure your items arrive safely at your door and your furniture is in good condition (see the irony …?).

It is a bad idea to ship damaged goods due to incompetent or sloppy delivery. IKEA’s reputation can be damaged by a few customer complaints. IKEA values high-quality delivery services, even though they come at a higher cost.

Without proper care, fragile items such as glassware and easily scratched materials may be damaged. Bubble wrap and padding material are great solutions. IKEA staff must follow strict guidelines, starting with the preparation of items and ending with delivery.

Customers who do not have an IKEA store in their country can also use the service for a simple and convenient delivery. This allows you to shop and ship with ease. You’re getting high-quality service at a reasonable price.

Reason #3: The nature of the product

Home furniture is not a regular product that can be easily transported by a bicycle or car. Furniture is heavy, bulky and large. To transport furniture, it takes more people and larger vehicles. It is not surprising that delivery charges are high.

IKEA must cover the costs of labor and transportation vehicles such as vans or trucks. These vehicles aren’t fuel-efficient (they can be extremely thirsty), so petrol is also a significant expense. It makes sense to charge higher delivery fees when you consider all of this.

Reason #4: IKEA Stores Encourage Shopping

You will find that IKEA furniture stores are unlike any other. IKEA created a unique shopping experience for their customers. Your senses will be engaged by IKEA’s products, which are openly displayed and allow customers to touch them. It is possible to see, touch, feel and smell wood (mostly).

IKEA spends billions of euros in its stores and other services to improve the shopping experience. Therefore, they encourage customers to visit their physical stores. Shipping and delivery comes with inherent risks, including damaged goods, inefficiencies, shipping cost, and other issues. A physical store can contain and manage the risk better, as there is less room to error.

IKEA hopes to capitalize on the fact that people often make more purchases in person than they planned. Think about all the sweets, chocolate bars, and chewing gum that can be found at the cashier at grocery stores. IKEA has the same strategy.

All the gorgeous furniture draws you in. You are soon buying an additional table, drawer or mattress.

Reason #5: Additional Tax Charges

IKEA can transport items by rail, road, sea and train. Certain tax and custom fees apply to goods that cross national borders or between states. The charges may rise depending on the item’s size or weight.

Different countries have different tariff rates. Delivery by company vehicles is taxable in the US depending on which state. IKEA must cover the costs of shipping overseas as it is costly.

Shipping Tips to Save Money

Make a list of the items that you want to order. You should order all you need in one order. This will allow you to make the most of the flat-rate delivery service.

To get discounts on shipping fees, keep an eye out for shipping coupon codes. You can even get free shipping coupons.

Try ordering smaller items if you can. The shipping cost is usually much lower. It is significant that $5.99 costs less than $49, Instead, buy large items in-store.

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IKEA has been known for its quality furniture. However, shipping can sometimes be prohibitive. This is due to several reasons. IKEA adheres to high delivery standards in order to prevent damage during shipping. For bulk orders, the flat shipping rate fee applies. IKEA uses the high shipping cost to encourage customers to shop in their physical stores.

Tax and customs fees can apply when delivering goods overseas or across state lines. These charges can be costly. Not to mention, furniture delivery is not the same as transporting small packages. The cost of delivering furniture is higher if it’s larger.

You can save money on shipping by ordering everything in one order, ordering small items and using IKEA coupons. Is IKEA’s shipping cost worth it? Comment below to let us know your thoughts!

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