10 Reasons Why Walmart Is So “trashy”

In a study done by researchers at the University of Maryland, shopping malls in urban areas are more likely to be visited by low-income individuals in comparison to stores in suburban and rural areas.

From what I researched, I found out that Walmart is considered to be a trashy, low quality, and bad store because it overcharges for its products.

10 Reasons Why Walmart Is So “Trashy”

1. The Drama

Walmart has been known for its bad customers for years, but they have recently been getting some attention due to “Karens” and other customers who get really angry, act rude, and then start yelling and screaming.

The recent incident of a man going into a Walmart store in Missouri and assaulting a transgender man, is now being shared and discussed on both social media and the news. It’s not being discussed because it’s shocking, but because of the fact that it’s being shared on social media. The video in question is embedded below!

2. History Of Walmart Related Crime

After a national news outlet called Walmart “America’s most hated company” in 2014, a lot of people started boycotting the giant retailer. However, after several instances of crimes committed by staff or in their stores, people started thinking about Walmart again.

While the world is becoming more aware, these crimes are not limited to any single gender, nationality, or race.

3. Pople Think Walmart Is Trashy, So People Act That Way

Not only do people want to go home with a big bag of groceries but they don’t want to go home with food from a chain that seems to be in the business of not caring about the quality of their products.

Ultimately, this turns into a self-fulfilling prophesy as if someone cares about their appearance, then they will care less about their appearance.

There are a lot of people who go to Walmart in the morning wearing old clothes, half asleep, even if they are not a tourist (we’ve all been there!). And many of them will be leaving the country the following day.

4. It’s Too Busy!

With so many people visiting your store each day, it can sometimes be overwhelming and intimidating to interact with people from all different walks of life.

Many Facebook groups are titled seen in Walmart, and sadly some people are happier than others to describe the way people act as trashy. Whilst these unknowing people continue to visit Walmart, unfortunately, others will continue to regard Walmart as trashy.

5. Cheap Products Attract Poorer Demographics

If you think about it, Walmart is basically like a community center where people can go and shop for cheap, no-frills items.

The other issue is that people do sometimes take advantage of the fact that Walmart is open 24/7. Walmart was built to make shopping for a lot easier.

6. Staff Pay

A lot of Walmarts pay minimum wage plus sales are so horrible it is hard to believe they are still around.

This means that if a customer has a bad experience with a Walmart employee, that customer may pass their bad experience onto the entire company, and may not recommend Walmart to their friends or family.

7. Reducing Staff Hours

Those who don’t understand the situation may feel this to be disrespectful of Walmart’s workers. However, those who look at it from a different perspective, recognize this a great opportunity to make money.

8. Mispriced Items

Walmart recently had a mini-scandal on its website, where lots of items were suddenly reduced in price with no warning. They didn’t even have to post the price cuts to the public.

Walmart’s prices have been very high, so a lot of customers decided to shop at Amazon for their orders.

Customers were upset after their orders were canceled and complained that Walmart was being cheap by not granting them the lower price due to the error being on their side.

9. Lack Of Warranty On Products

Warranty is one of the factors that Walmart customers are less likely to buy from them. Customers who buy from a more trusted store for a particular product are more likely to take the chance on buying it from Walmart.

10. It Hurts Small Businesses

American businesses are struggling because of Walmart, who have a monopoly-like effect on other businesses.

Due to the fact that Walmart has given so much attention to the smallest of towns across the US, the competition for business is high and in some cases even the survival of some smaller businesses is threatened.

11. A Change In Suppliers

Most of their products were made by Chinese companies. They said they can make quality products but they just don’t.

Walmart is also being treated as trash because they are using disposable packaging for all their goods.

To learn more about this multinational corporation, don’t forget to see our other guides on if Walmart is evil, if there are no Walmarts in NYC, and if Walmart is in the statistics.


If you look at the prices you buy goods at Walmart, you’ll see that the quality isn’t as good as at other stores. That’s why many people have become critical of this brand.

Walmart workers are in a race to the bottom. Their policies are designed to maximize their profit, even when that means exploiting their own workers and destroying local businesses that depend on them.

On the other hand, a lot of people have a great positive experience with Walmart and enjoy the vast variety of stores, and the fact that they’re one of the few stores that offers reasonably priced products.

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