13 Reasons Why Walmart Is So Cheap!

We have the power of Walmart at our disposal which allows us to provide our customers with the lowest prices.

How does Walmart keep costs down? Well, there are many ways and we know the truth! Here are the top 13 reasons why Walmart is so affordable!

13 Reasons Why Walmart Is So Cheap In 2022!

1. Walmart Buys In Bulk!

The size of Walmart makes it very easy for them to buy large quantities of goods and then resell for a lower price.

This means that they are able to offer their products for less than they would if they sold them one by one.

2. Walmart Employs On A Majority Part-Time Workers

Some Walmart employees have also complained that the scheduling system, which was implemented in
2016, has led to a decline in wages and working hours.
For example, in April, Walmart employees at a store near San Antonio filed a class-action
lawsuit, alleging that the scheduling system was designed to pay less than minimum wage.
Walmart responded, in part, by blaming the lawsuit on labor union organizing efforts.

3. They Avoid Employee Unions

Walgreens and its parent company, Walgreens Boots Alliance, are pushing Medicare Advantage, which is a part of the United States’ Medicare program.

Walmart employees are struggling to make sure that their basic needs are met. The average hourly pay for Walmart is not enough and most of the employees do not have enough money to meet their basic needs.

4. American Health Laws Mean Cheaper Food!

Americans have fewer health laws than the UK and Europe, but they are more regulated than in other countries.

So what does all of this mean for the future of health and nutrition? Should we expect to see a steady decline in the overall quality of food produced in North America? Absolutely not!
… If you can afford expensive food at the grocery store, you can afford to eat healthy food at home.

5. Walmart Is America’s Biggest Reseller

As Walmart is such a renowned global brand, it’s guaranteed that people will visit it due to customer loyalty and trust.

This has given Walmart a market advantage because they have the resources to offer a lower price, however, their cheaper prices are not the only reason they maintain their market share.

6. Companies Supply Personalised Goods To Walmart

The company started making personalized models of their items in order to meet Walmart’s pricing regulations.

Walmart is able to sell these for even cheaper because they are purchasing them at wholesale prices which are cheaper due to the low quality of the materials, and these are then recycled into other products!

7. Little Store Decoration

Walmart is doing everything they can to save money, since their stores are so huge. Having minimal decor like this means they can have bigger discounts on their items.

8. The Structure Of The Store

Because Walmart stores are designed to be as cheap as can be, it is important to note that there are some things that are not cheap. Because Walmart uses “cheap” shelving, for instance, it can take a long time to reach items that are on top of shelves.

9. Walmart Doesn’t Have Many Adverts

Walmart is one of the largest companies in the world. It spends a lot of money advertising, since it is worth billions.

Although the main reason that Nike is able to keep their prices at a comparatively low level is that they are an extremely
famous, well-known brand. Which means they can save a lot on advertising and have extra money for a marketing budget.

10. The Materials In Furniture Are Lighter

 By using lightweight materials, like cardboard, in their furniture and packaging, Walmart can reduce shipping costs and retail prices. Ikea uses a similar system, and is cheaper!

11. Walmart Has An Efficient Supply Chain System

Walmart has an extremely fast supply chain, enabling them to sell fast and supply fast.

Walmart sells products which were shipped directly to them from the manufacturer, saving them from having to pay to store, as well.

12. They Provide A Lot Of Shelf Space To Third-Party Vendors

Walmart may not sell a lot of their own products, but they lease a lot of shelf space out to other vendors to display their goods.

Well, the price of an item in Walmart is usually about twice that of the market price, as they’re making more money off the total sales.

13. Walmart Looks At The Bigger Picture

Not only are Walmart stores known for their low prices, they also have a reputation for being known as “every day low” or “good enough” brands, that is, brands that are safe choices for the average consumer.

Walmart is selling the items at a lower price than they originally bought the item for. Which means that they are hoping that you will buy more of the item than you originally intended to.

To create this balance, Walmart is able to find new products that customers want and will be willing to purchase. These are then used to compensate for the sales of other products.

If you are interested in further learning about Walmart’s position in the market, also see our guide on Walmart market share, Walmart’s market share, Walmart’s market growth, and more.


Walmart is such a large business due to their brand consolidation. If you start selling cheaply, your products will not have as much value as your competitors. If you start selling a lot of products, you will have a hard time keeping things on track.

When looking for great deals, it is important to keep an eye on the product’s quality and price, as well as the overall savings you are going to get from the price. For the best deal, it is important to remember you can get a high quality item for a low price when shopping at Walmart.

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