Walmart Bicycle Return Policy [all You Need To Know] 

Walmart has a number of different ranges of bikes that cover the needs of families and individuals, all available from quality retailers.

The Walmart store may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of returning unwanted items. But as you will discover, this is the place to bring unwanted items you would like to dispose of.

Walmart Bicycle Return Policy 2022

Bicycles that are not in the original packaging can be returned within 90 days of purchase with the original packaging and a receipt. Additionally, Walmart will return electric bicycles within 30 days of purchase. If a customer does not have a receipt, they may be eligible for Walmart store credit or a full cash refund if the receipt is given.

Walmart will be selling bikes for the first time this holiday season. So if you want to get a new bike this holiday season, you might want to follow Walmart’s lead.

Can You Return a Used Bicycle to Walmart? 

Yes, if bicycles are returned in a suitable condition they can be accepted in a Walmart return policy.

You should be able to get a refund or exchange for as long as your original packaging is still in excellent condition.

Can Walmart Deny My Return?

No, Walmart will accept almost any returned item that meets the requirements laid out in the Returns Policy (i.e., 30 days, free return shipping, and a full refund). However, if your return falls outside of the Returns Policy (e.g., a returned video game that was bought more than 90 days ago) the return may be denied.

Walmart can refuse your return, and will most likely keep your payment for the item, if you cannot provide proof of purchase.

The first thing would be to try returning the item to a Walmart location. You can find this in the Walmart app or on your Walmart receipt. There, you’ll find a ‘Return to Store’ button. If that doesn’t work, you can always go to the return center, though the window of time to return the item is limited.
You can also use a credit card to order something and later return it, but that can get expensive, depending on your card’s fee schedule.

You are allowed to return any item that has been damaged, broken or is not working at all.

Do I Need a Receipt to Process a Bicycle Return at Walmart?

Walmart can process bicycle returns without receipts only if they sell bikes without a receipt.

To ensure the safety of guests and staff, you can’t leave your bicycle unattended during your stay. To return your bicycle, present your receipt and photo ID.

Refunds up to $25 and over will be paid to a store credit. Staff can check if a card details, email address, or phone number is present on file for a previous order.

How Do I Return a Bicycle that I Purchased Online?

When you have selected the bicycle you wish to return, a printable label will be provided in order to label the bicycle. Walmart will also require a reason for returning the bicycle.

Once you choose to complete the refund process, then your bicycle can be delivered for free by FedEx or USPS couriers.

Does Walmart Offer Replacement Bicycles?

Yes, Walmart offers a refund for a purchase if the item was not as described, or if a factory defect made it unusable. You can also purchase a replacement for a purchased item, but you must pay the full purchase price for the replacement plus any shipping.

Will Walmart Accept Returns for a Broken Bicycle?

If your bicycle broke after you brought it home, you can return it to Walmart for repair or refund. You’ll need to make sure your bicycle is in good repair and in its original packaging.

Walmart doesn’t allow returns on bikes until 90 days. They will not allow someone to leave a return that they would like to process.

How Long Do Walmart Refunds Take To Process?

When you return a product from Home Shopping Network (HSN) in-store with the original receipt, a cash or check refund is issued immediately.

If you need to cancel a service on your own, you’ll usually get a refund within 1-2 business days.
A refund will be available on the product page in the Customer reviews section.
You can find this link under the name of the listing on the product page.

If the order is not complete or there is a shipping error, we will refund the order. After 24 hours, the order is not refundable.

If you are not satisfied and Walmart doesn’t provide a satisfactory resolution, you can lodge a formal complaint.


If you are returning an item, make sure the bicycle has all of its original parts and accessories. These include the frame, tires, pedals, chain, seat post and saddle, fenders or mudguards, and brake and shift levers. The manufacturer’s warranty is not transferable to another purchaser for value.

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