Does Amazon Echo Listen To Your Conversations? (What To Know!)

Amazon Echo devices come with all the benefits of Alexa. This smart voice assistant is the most widely used on the market. It can help you place orders online, check the weather, and even control the temperature and lights in your home.

It does require that you record your voice in order to be able to respond to commands. However, even though it is very useful, many people wonder if Echo devices can listen to all conversations around them.

Let’s make your mind at ease and explain how the device works, as well as what Alexa does.

Amazon Echo Can Listen to Your Conversations

Amazon’s Alexa is always listening, but it won’t do anything unless you use the wake word. This can be either “Alexa” (or “Echo”) until you specify that keyword. Your device will then be on standby.

Alexa can record any activity in the room if activated by the wake word. Sometimes it might be activated accidentally.

However, the recording is not sent to anyone. It works in a similar way to how google saves search queries.

There are many ways to ensure your privacy while using your device.

Amazon Echo: How to Keep Yourself Secure

There have been a few reports about Alexa’s vulnerabilities. However, just as with any device, we are susceptible to hacks and other data vulnerabilities due to our internet connection.

What can we do to stay safe? We look for ways that we can stay safe. These are some tips to help you stay safe while using your Amazon Echo device.

Don’t Save Your Recordings

You can save or delete your voice history. This includes all Alexa’s recordings, from general commands to online orders to Amazon.

You can listen to and view any voice recordings stored by your Echo device, and even see Alexa’s response to them. Just go to settings, then to Review Voice History.

You can disable the recording setting at any time if you don’t wish to have your recordings saved.

Delete Your Voice History

It is a smart idea to delete your history to prevent your recordings being listened to by someone else. Thankfully, you have complete control of your history.

You can listen to your voice recordings and then delete them all at once or automatically. Go to Settings, Alexa Privacy, then Review Voice History.

Protect your Wi-Fi network.

Secure Alexa and your Echo devices by starting with your Wi-Fi network. This includes antivirus, good privacy protection and password protection.


Although this seems obvious, you should remember that if your router is compromised, all your devices could be at risk. Keep your antivirus active to protect yourself from unknown threats.

How to stop Alexa from listening after a command

It is very simple and will help you feel more secure if you are concerned about your private conversations being recorded or listened to.

These steps will stop Alexa listening to you by turning off Echo’s microphone.

  • First, locate the microphone button on your device. It looks like a microphone or a circle with a strike through.
  • Next, press the button
  • Alexa will make a sound and then the indicator light will go red. This means that Alexa is off and not listening to any commands.
  • To use Alexa again, press the microphone button until the red light is gone, then say the wake word, and then press the button again.

This will ensure that your device doesn’t make any sounds. If you feel more secure, then go ahead.

Can Alexa Record Conversations In a Room?

Alexa can record conversations in a room, but only if activated with the wake word. Alexa will not randomly record conversations like it is an Amazon eavesdropping device.


Amazon Echo devices will give you access to Alexa. If you do not use the wake word, the device will stop recording and will “listen” until you activate it.

It can also be activated accidentally so you should take precautions.

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