25+ Walmart Hacks Shoppers Need to know!

Walmart is famous for offering its wide range of products at amazingly affordable prices.

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These Walmart hacks will make you wonder why you didn’t think of them yourself! They’ll save you money and time, and they’ll save you even more time by not having to go to Walmart at all.

25+ Walmart Hacks Shoppers NEED To Know In 2022

1. Look At Online Prices When Shopping In-Store

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It pays to do your research in order to find the best deals, but sometimes, it’s more economical to buy in-store.

2. Exchange Your Unwanted Gift Cards For Walmart Gift Cards

If you like the idea of giving your friends and family Walmart gift cards, you can actually trade in those unwanted gift cards for more Walmart gift cards, and get cash back.

To find out more about the Walmart gift card buy-back incentive, check out my full guide on the Walmart Gift Card Buyback Incentive!

I also learned that you can trade in your old smartphone to get a discount on a new one.

3. Price Match Your Products Online (Even With Amazon)

When you order your shopping through the Walmart website, you also can price match your products (even including Amazon.com!), which can help you make some great savings.

Simply visit Walmart’s customer service page to let them know that you’ve found one of their products from another online retailer at a lower price.

You don’t have to worry about which products you can price match. You can only use this feature once per day!

4. Make The Most Of Walmart’s Price Adjustment Policy

Walmart has a special feature which allows you to access their deals even after you have made a purchase.

Walmart is now taking away any form of protection from items that aren’t sold by Walmart.

If the price drops within a week, you can take your receipt into the store you bought your product from, and they will check the price on their website. If they can find the same product cheaper, they will give you the difference as a refund.

5. Buy Second Hand Electronics At Bargain Prices

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on new electronics, you can check out Walmart’s selection of refurbished electronics.

We will be fully tested and inspected so anything you buy will be like new, but at a fraction of the price.

6. Look Out For Markdown Stickers

Walmart makes products that have a “yellow sticker on the package that are being sold at a discounted price.

This could be because the price is going down, because it is about to become out of date, or because the store is going to clear some stock. Either way, these stickers are a great way to spot a bargain.

Walmart App and the online site provides the information about the discounts and deals so that your shopping can be done online.

The app is also helpful when navigating while shopping at Walmart. For example, it will tell you when the store is being remodeled. You can also use it to navigate when it’s hard to find a bathroom scale or ricotta cheese.

7. Get Cash Back With A Walmart Credit Card

Walmart credit customers receive exclusive deals that are not available to other shoppers on the credit cards shopping app.

When you use your credit card, you can get 5% cashback. You can also get cashback in fuel stations, restaurants, and anywhere that Mastercard is accepted.

8. Step Up Your Couponing Game

Walmart has a great coupon policy.
[New Paraphrase]: Coupons are a great money-saver.

Basically, if you use a manufacturer’s coupon for a product and it’s worth more than the manufacturers’ price, Walmart will take the additional money off your basket total.

With this policy in place, you have to learn how to coupon really well, and you could even end up getting cash back at the end of your shop if the coupons you use have a cumulative total value that’s more than the value of your cart.

9. Use Printable Coupons, Too

The website also features a digital coupon section, which includes a link to the print-at-home coupons.

Check out these shopping sites right now to find the best coupons. Remember to check for a barcode for a valid expiration date.

10. Subscribe To Walmart’s Weekly Newsletter

Sign up for Walmart’s newsletter so that you get all their best deals delivered straight to you.

If you want to make sure subscribers will receive your email, input the email address where it says “Enter email for weekly newsletter.” Other shoppers won’t have access to these exclusive deals.

11. Do Your Shopping First Thing For Hard To Find Items

* If you wanted to work the night shift, you could always sign up for a second career!
* Some people think of being a shelf-stacker as a second job.

Since you’re in the grocery store before it gets busy, you’re also much more likely to find what you need before it gets too crowded.

12. Purchase Prescriptions For Just $4

In terms of prescriptions, Walmart offers a wide range of generic medications for $4, with no insurance required. For 90-day prescriptions, the price is just $10. You can see this on the Walmart web site.

13. Try Free Samples When You Shop

Walmart is doing a great thing by not giving out free samples. The less time you spend thinking about what to get, the more time you have to spend buying something you don’t like.

Tip to remember is that they’re more likely to have samples available during the busiest times of day.

14. Shop Seasonal

If your fruit and veg are in season, your chances of getting them for just pennies at your local Walmart store are pretty high! Time to brush up on your seasonal produce and get some great deals on some fresh produce.

15. Find Great Discounts When You Shop In The Morning

Shopping for groceries in the morning means you’ll have a much wider selection of products to choose from,
you’ll also find great deals on groceries.

In an effort to keep supply low-cost and move off-peak shopping days, Walmart will be marking down its day-old meat and bakery departments at about 8 am. This will make the food items a great deal on Monday.

16. Keep An Eye Out For Damaged Goods

Walmart has a policy of offering discounts for products with dented or damaged packaging.

The produce clerk will scan the item in for you. They’ll use a scale to match the price you paid with the item’s price in the store.

This type of “discount” or deals is usually offered to customers that want to buy in bulk. The price usually is discounted because of the larger quantity purchased. With this in mind, you can try to find this type of discount on products that don’t need to be used immediately.

17. Shop House Brand Items

While Walmart is already known for being really reasonably priced, but its own brand items will often be even cheaper than the branded items.

When you want to pick bargains, shop around to see which stores have the best prices. It is also a good idea to comparison shop for prices for the same items, at other stores, to see if you can find a better deal elsewhere. It is important to know if store prices are negotiable, because a store can take the cost of a product into consideration when it decides how much to charge.

18. Order Your Shopping Online

You’ll notice that the site’s pages are full of ads for free samples, when you look at a Walmart.com page.

Walmart offers huge discounts and also gives huge discounts to their customers. Plus, these discounts are available only online.

19. Get Free Delivery When You Buy Online

It’s easy to avoid expensive gas when you shop online. Just make sure you carry enough stuff that’s worth $35 or less. It may be frustrating to waste gas going to and from the store, but you might have to make some sacrifices, especially if you don’t live closeby.

20. Pick Up Your Online Orders

If you’re not eligible for free delivery, don’t worry. You can always choose to have your order delivered to another store and pick it up at no extra cost.

This might even be more convenient for you if you want to make up for being late to work!

21. Find Special Offers At In-Store Events

There are various in-store events held by Walmart. Typically these are held before and after the holidays.

They’ll usually have free samples to give out so they can get your business, and may even give away some free stuff!

22. Negotiate On Unmarked Items

There is no such thing as an item that can be negotiated, except in cases where it does not happen to be in the store’s inventory.

It can be annoying when someone prices something out and you’re like “I want that” but they say “I don’t want to sell it to you, I want to sell it to more people”, but then you realize they can’t make more money off it, and it does get frustrating.

23. Try Your Luck With A Gift Card Giveaway

Gift cards are always a great giveaway. You can enter them for free and that gift card usually has you covered on anything including both in-store and online purchases.

24. Shop In The Sales

There are some bargains when you shop at Walmart. In addition, you can find unbelievable discounts for products at the store.

Walmart, since it sets the price for its goods so low, you can get your hands on some amazing deals if you go on the right days!

25. Follow Walmart On Social Media

Walmart has their official social handles, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, to inform customers about their latest deals, offers, and promotions.

Sometimes, you can order products or take advantage of their promotions by using their social media accounts. For example, on the [Facebook page](https://www.facebook.com/BabcockChimes/), you will see a banner at the top of the page that offers free stickers to watch videos. Clicking on the banner takes you to a page that offers a few free samples. Then, click on the “Buy Now” button to order the stickers.

This article will explain the next step you can take if you are having trouble with Walmart or Sams.

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