Autozone Limited Lifetime Warranty (how It Works + More)

There are two sides to this problem, on one side, you can claim warranty,
on the other side, manufacturers want to sell their items at cheaper
The solution comes when the customers are considered as the third
party. A warranty can be extended between a customer and a retailer.

AutoZone is now offering a limited lifetime warranty on more than 2000 products. That makes this company one of the very few to offer a limited lifetime warranty on most of its products.

AutoZone Limited Lifetime Warranty In 2022

AutoZone offers a limited warranty for the repair of any part within the warranty period. The warranty is valid for five years from the date of purchase unless the product has been registered. If you have registration confirmation, bring it when the product is serviced. When purchasing an item, confirm the warranty period with the AutoZone staff.

Read on to learn more about AutoZone’s limited lifetime warranty and how it works!

To enjoy even greater coverage and added protection, you might consider taking advantage of AutoZone’s extended warranty. This coverage, which is backed by the original parts manufacturer, covers the parts for a year or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first.

How Does AutoZone Limited Lifetime Warranty Work?

Typically, a limited lifetime warranty covers specific defects and conditions and is meant for specified parts.

The warranty doesn’t cover the entire device.

Therefore, I would recommend to stop and repair everything as soon as you spot any signs of trouble with your car.

When you
purchase a
part or
accessory from an AutoZone store or covered by the limited lifetime warranty, this information is automatically entered into its national warranty database. For more details, please refer to the AutoZone warranty service, available for download from

The warranty period will show on your receipt. This means you can take your item back for exchange or repair within the warranty period.

when you check out to return your part you are going to get a refund or replacement on the part.

However, AutoZone’s limited lifetime warranty only applies in some states because it only covers parts and labor, but not the entire vehicle.

Because country-specific legal conditions apply, warranty conditions vary state to state as well.

What Is Excluded From The AutoZone Limited Lifetime Warranty?

* Your item was damaged in the event of an accident.
* You do not have a warranty.
* Your item was not bought at the AutoZone store where it was purchased.

The warranty also does not cover parts that have been improperly installed, improperly maintained or misused, have been exposed to marine, off-road and commercial use, or have been the result of accident, installation, or repair by non-authorized repair facilities.

How Long Is The AutoZone Warranty?

AutoZone offers different warranty periods for different parts so that you would not have to worry about the time frame that a particular part will be covered.

If you have any questions about this content, you should contact your AutoZone Dealer.

This AutoZone page states that the warranty for the part has a length of a year.

As well, you can get the receipt for the part you bought, which will tell you more information about when you can start using the warranty.

You can contact the customer service team for assistance as this is an authorized warranty provider.

At first, we need to look up the warranty code of the car. We will also need to check the details from the national warranty database.

You can find out a lot of information about this, including how to pay, how to apply and much more, at the AutoZone website:

Do Batteries Have A Limited Lifetime Warranty At AutoZone?

If you buy a battery from AutoZone, and it gives you a limited warranty that lasts a specific amount of time, it will depend on the brand of battery.

For example, Duralast Gold and Platinum have three years of warranty, while some Odyssey brands have four years of warranty.

Further, the warranty is for the period of time stated on your receipt and will not be extended.

ÂPlus, this warranty is voided once you transfer or sell your vehicle.

You can also do a free replacement, if your battery is working the way it should but is defective, then you can take it back to an AutoZone store to get a replacement. If your battery is defective during the free replacement period, you must notify the store where the battery is defective.

As long as the battery is not defective, then the customer can return the defective battery to us and we will offer to credit the same purchase. But please keep the receipt from us.
We are offering this extended warranty service after the complimentary 30-day period is over. We are not offering this to any other manufacturer. The customer must call to order this service.

Do Brake Pads Have A Limited Lifetime Warranty At AutoZone?

If you buy brake pads from AutoZone, you’ll get a limited lifetime warranty that covers defects that your brakes could encounter, such as if your brakes are poorly made or improperly installed.

However, this only applys to brakes. In which case, you can’t complain about damaged brake pads without first being able to produce the evidence.

We’ve written a detailed article on where to find warranty information, including brake pad warranty and AutoZone’s own warranty.

The brake pads warranty will only last as long as you own the vehicle and then it is up to the manufacturer to repair or replace the pads.

If you are unsure what warranty coverage to expect, please contact your local AutoZone store to inquire about any warranties that may be available for the type of vehicle you are purchasing.


Unfortunately, because AutoZone is a big box store with large parts inventory, they can’t provide one-on-one service for each customer.

This is a warranty against manufacturing or design defects, not abuse.

The warranty period indicated is:
* One year unless otherwise indicated on the receipt on the item being purchased.
* This indicates the warranty period for the item being purchased.

The customer must be aware of the warranty time, and the warranty is provided at no extra costs.

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