Does Tractor Supply Sell Ducks? (price, Types Of Ducks, When They Sell Them + More)

A quack is an explosive, loud noise that is commonly heard during duck breeding season, and it is also said when a duck is called.

If you’d like to expand your duck flock, you may be wondering if Tractor Supply sells ducks. We looked into the matter and found some very interesting and useful information for you.

Does Tractor Supply Sell Ducks In 2022?

Ducklings are for sale through Tractor Supply in early spring, usually in the middle or late February. If you want a new start to your breeding program, you are welcome to purchase ducklings, just note that you need to order at least 6 for in-store purchases and 10 online.

To find out more about buying ducklings at Tractor Supply, read on. We have all the information you need to start your own flock.

How Can I Buy Ducks At Tractor Supply?

Buying ducks is a good idea if you have to expand your poultry flock. Ducklings are available in Tractor Supply stores and online during the Chick Days event.

Chick Days are when stores receive new chicks from local farmers and give them away to customers for free.

The ducks have hatched and run around for the first time. You can buy some of them or just look at them in the store. If you plan to buy any, check to see if they are available.
In fall, you can watch duckling-raising shows.

In this case, the maximum limit for all orders is 6 ducklings; in addition, it is possible for any user to have his/her own specific maximum limit for individual orders.

You would also be able to order 10 ducklings, but they should be shipped to you via the normal postal system.

The company is also allowing its employees to go on vacation until July 1, 2020.

After the ducklings have been picked up, you will receive an email notifying you when to call the local Post Office to pick up the ducklings.

Additionally, you can buy all supplies you will need — including a brooder, heat source, feed and feeders, and waterers — directly from Tractor Supply.

When Does Tractor Supply Sell Ducks?

Chick Days is a two-week long festival that is held every year, starting in the middle of February and lasts until the end of April.

If you buy online you can make your order in January or February if you want your ducklings by March or April.

How Much Do Ducks Cost At Tractor Supply?

Ducklings are one of the cheapest way to raise chickens.

There is a limit of 6 ducks per person or 10 ducks purchased together online.

Tractor Supply wants to make sure that ducks will be raised in a flock. They have a minimum number for each order.

Also a duckling order cannot be placed online, however, the store will have a minimum order of 30 for pick-up only.

In addition to all of that – you have to wait until the chicks are well into their second and third week of life before you really can start to feed them.

What Types Of Ducks Does Tractor Supply Sell?

Usually if you go to a store, you can find Peking ducks. They have a white body, yellow feet, and can be raised for egg and meat.

When it comes to buying a duck online, you have more choice. You can have a different breed to the one you want, as well as different colours and sizes.

Can Tractor Supply Ducks Fly?

Mute ducks are bigger than domestic duck breeds and are not good for backyard farming. Mute ducks need more space, feed and water than other domestic duck breeds. Some mute ducks can fly, but most do not have wings.

Usually, ducks will remain near the source of food just like pigeons.

So, there are two factors, one is the desire to migrate and the other is being unable to stay. The factors associated with the desire to migrate would be a family that is not having enough food or if the land is being taken away from them.

Even if they survive the hardships of migration, they do not have the ability to find food and shelter without a flock of other domestic ducks.

How Do I Care For My New Ducklings?

As with any pets or live animals, you should be sure that the living spaces are set up before bringing them home.

You should put ducklings into a brooder to keep them warm and get them food and water.

In addition, you will get plenty of resources online for raising ducks.

Tractor Supply sells chickens that they raise themselves with chicken feed.
Tractor Supply sells rabbits that they raise themselves with rabbit feed.
Tractor Supply sells hay that they buy.


Tractor Supply sells ducklings every spring during Chick Days. Furthermore, it is intended that the ducklings are used as part of a farmyard flock rather than pets.

Tractor Supply Company buys ducklings in bulk, so it is not possible to buy only one or two. Tractor Supply Company will deliver 6 ducklings to your in-store purchase location, or 10 ducklings for your online purchase.

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