Subway Sick Policy (all You Need To Know)

After creating their own Subway logo, employees have the responsibility of filling sandwiches with fresh ingredients and putting an excellent experience for the customer on the menu.

There are some basic things you can do when you call in sick at Subway. You can’t have your boss talk to you on the phone; instead, you have to talk to your manager in-person. If your manager asks you questions, you have to tell them the truth. If your manager asks to see proof of a call, they can come with you to the store.

Subway Sick Policy In 2022

There are no specific health benefits for Subway workers, only for workers in general. The company will not provide health insurance for you, but if you decide to join the union, the union will provide health insurance.

To be eligible for the full amount of the award, you must have a valid and current doctor’s note that will be submitted to your employer with your claim.

Can You Call In Sick At Subway?

If the worker has a family and they have to take care of the family, can they take time off.

 I have to inform you that if you know that you will not be able to come to work due to illness, you should contact your supervisor or manager as soon as you can to inform them.

If you know in advance that you cannot make it to the shift, then inform the relevant authority that you will not be there or you will not be reporting.

Also, Subway strongly recommends that you find a replacement employee to cover your shift before you contact them.

People who currently work at Subway are saying that you can take as much sick time as necessary, as long as you give your manager plenty of notice.

How Do I Call In Sick At Subway?

Call your branch and ask for the manager(supervisor) or if you do not know who that is, ask for the supervisor.

Inform them, ideally at least 2 hours before starting your shift, about your medical condition and that you will not be able to come in.

While it is true that many states do not keep up with current medical recommendations, it is always best to have documentation of your illness when requesting sick time off.

If you don’t have anyone else taking the shifts that you could cover, you can call other employees and get them to cover for you.

Does Subway Offer Sick Pay?

No sick pay for Subway because it would be too expensive to pay workers for hours they are not working because of illness or injury.

Can You Get Fired For Calling In Sick At Subway?

If you go out to eat at Subway, you are legally required to write down your doctor’s note or get arrested.

If you are not provided a doctor’s note, you may receive a strike on your record. This means it will be much harder for you to be approved for employment. As a result, it will be more expensive to work for the city.

You can be fired if you receive up to four strikes on your record but it’s not a firing offense. It’s a suspension.

Termination may be a result of calling in sick more than three to four times without proof about being sick.

Do You Need A Doctor’s Note For Subway?

If you have requested a sick day at Subway, it is best to obtain a doctor’s note, so you do not get unnecessary punishment on your record.

If you are absent for several days, it may be worth contacting your HR or senior management to inform them of your absence. You can provide a doctor’s note to validate your absence.

Whether or not Subway drug test is another thing that comes up quite often, however the ones that do are not required to do so. If they do then it is a voluntary drug test that can be paid for. To pass the test there are several ways you can go about it.


Subway is allowing employees to take time off if they are sick, provided they call in with plenty of notice, ideally at least two hours before shift, and provide proof such as doctors note.

We recommended for you to find a different staff member to cover your shift.

Although, if you go on their website, you can see that the company has not yet implemented a policy of terminating employees for excessive absences.

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