How To Call In Sick At Target Before Store Opens (What To Know!)

You will likely find yourself in an unpleasant situation if you have any type of job (except a home-based one).

It’s best to stay home until you feel better so you can return to work. But how do you tell your boss that you aren’t feeling well?

Target employees who find themselves in this situation are advised to read the following information.

Target: How to Call in Sick Before the Store Opens

You should not go to work if you feel unwell. However, you must do everything right, including calling in sick. This is best done at least two hours before the store opens.

You can call your local store to make a sick call. If the store is still closed, you can ask for a call to the store at the end of your message.

You can search Google for the number of your Target store or go to the Target website.

Continue reading to learn more about Target’s employee benefits and call-outs.

What is Target’s Call Out Policy and How Does It Work?

Target allows employees to call once per week. In some cases, Target will allow you to call twice per week. However, the LOD may give you a warning if you violate this policy.

Remember to call at the least two hours before your shift. Your call will be recorded, and you must provide a reason for your absence. You will most likely do this to call in sick, but they may accept other reasons.

Keep in mind, however, that you should not call the police if your job is just beginning. However, this probation period allows you to be more flexible with how you handle it.

Target: Can you call out the day before?

Calling is allowed up to 2 hours before your shift starts. However, if you call earlier, it will allow the store staff to be more prepared.

It’s not something you can see coming. Don’t be surprised if you need to call in sick on the same day.

Target can fire you for calling in sick?

You can be fired if you’re sick. However, this does not mean you will lose your job.

To do things right, you should remember these things:

  • Did you give enough notice?
  • Have you ever asked for too many days off to abuse?
  • Are there any other issues at work?
  • Are you a target worker for over 90 days?

You don’t have to fire someone if they are a great employee. If you are a model employee, you will get more than your paycheck. This will allow you to relax during sickness or other emergencies.

Even if it is tempting to consider the worst case scenario, such as being fired or threatened with firing, you should get the termination clause in writing. Sometimes, employees may feel right while the LOD is wrong.

You should speak to the Store Manager in this instance, and not just to the team leader. If you feel that the SM has wronged or escalated the matter, you should speak to the district. It is important to show that there is a good reason for your complaint and more evidence that it has been wronged. Otherwise, it will be a lost cause.

Remember that if you’re a great employee, they won’t want to fire you. According to Deloitte data

Onboarding is a waste of time and money. If an employee leaves six months later after you have invested weeks in onboarding, it’s a waste of your efforts. This can have a devastating financial effect if it happens several times per year.

Are Target employees entitled to days off?

Target does indeed have a holiday plan that its employees can see by clicking the link.

You want to know more about Target? You can find out more about Target in our related posts.


It is very simple to call in sick before the store opens. However, Target allows you to do so several times. This doesn’t mean that you have to abuse the rules. You could get fired for your careless behavior.

Call immediately if you feel unwell and are unable to work. If you are doing a good job, this will not affect you in any way.

Be patient and understand the rules.

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