What Is Verizon Message Plus? (how To Activate, Compatibility + More)

Verizon Message Plus is a messaging service that allows you to send and receive messages while on the road. Some features include: voice-to-text, voice mail, text messaging, and email.

I use the Verizon Message Plus service to email my college students with important information regarding upcoming assignments. I also use it to send important group emails and to keep everyone up to date as to the progress of certain group projects. I’ve had no issues with the service, and I have enjoyed being able to use it as part of my daily routine.

What Is Verizon Message Plus In 2022?

This is the full name for the application, meaning its official name is Verizon Message Plus. The application allows you to text your friends and family using Verizon as your carrier. You can access a variety of features offered through the app, including the ability to send and receive texts on all of your devices, and access your messages.

Message Plus is one of the more popular data plans offered by Verizon.

This message is going to show you how to install Message Plus and how you can use the service.

In addition, you’ll learn about some of the benefits of having a Message Plus plan and how you can use the features of the service.

What’s the Difference Between Message and Message Plus on Verizon?

Message Plus is a different app that offers extra features for users of Verizon Wireless. It can be downloaded on any phone.

Google offers many apps with some features of its own, but when it comes to messaging, the most important features are lacking.

Example, is syncing your voice messages and text to your cell phone as well as your laptop or your iPad.

And this allows you to have a more complete and richer conversation with your friends without having to make multiple versions of the same message or have to send the same message repeatedly.

On a message-by-message basis, SMS messages sent in Messages are able to have international support – i.e. they can contain Unicode characters. Messages Plus, the more capable text messaging app from Apple, doesn’t offer that. On the whole, Messages Plus has international support for messaging, but the SMS component doesn’t.

Message Plus helps prevent you from draining your battery and keeps you informed about your messages.

As long as the WiFi connection is active, i.e., the device is able to connect to the wireless network, the call and text services will be available.

All you need to do is download the app, which is in the form of a web browser, onto your smart phone.

The Message Plus app also allows for Rich Text Communication Services for devices outside of Samsung Verizon devices.

Next step is to create a message by clicking on the NEW icon at the bottom of the message app.

You will now be presented with a blank message editor screen, you can now use the keyboard to enter a message.

Another important element to consider in case of using a SMS messaging application is that it should be able to communicate with all networks.

How Do I Activate Verizon Message Plus?

You’ll need to install the Verizon messaging app on your device to be able to use it.

You can then login to your Verizon account from the App Store (iPhone) or Play Store (Android).

 If there is an update to the app that allows you to read text messages, then you should download that first before you begin using this system.

Can Anyone Use Verizon Messages?

Verizon Messages can be used by anyone, as long as they are located within the USA and have a valid mobile number.

In addition, it is available for everyone outside of the Verizon network.

This app is only for Verizon customers. If you are not currently a Verizon customer, please go to Verizon to sign up and use the app.

What Devices are Compatible with Verizon Message Plus?

If you wish to continue using your device, you can switch to a different messaging app that will allow you to do so.

If you’re using the app through the web browser, you can use the “Browser” tab to access your message conversations, as well as send and receive messages with friends.

Does Verizon Charge for Message Plus?

Messages don’t cost any additional money, but the free version isn’t as comprehensive as the ones that cost money.

You will need to activate the messages and notifications on the phone using the settings before you will have unlimited data.

You will have to pay for the service, and if you pay for the service, you will have access to the service.

If you are on a prepaid plan, you will need to remember that messages are deducted from your specific plan.

Verizon has two apps for you to use: the Messages App and the Mobile Hotspot. The latter being the main app to use.

How Do I Get Rid of Verizon Message Plus?

To uninstall the app, turn off your data connection and go to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications.

I went into settings and found my settings page, and then I chose apps & notifications, located my messageplus app, and chose uninstall.

If you have an Android device, you can call the Verizon tech support to remove the unwanted voice calls.

In the case of an iOS device, you can remove the app from the springboard using the app switcher (found by pressing the Home button and swiping up on your device) or by choosing an app from your home screen.

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We hope you find our answers useful.

In the case of the last two bullet points, they are not related to prepaid plans and they are not exclusive to Verizon.


Verizon Message Plus has many more features than the traditional Verizon message app. It also allows Verizon customers to send and receive text messages to friends, family, and co-workers, as well as receive missed call alerts and message reminders.

Here’s what I’m getting at… You can sync your messages across all different kinds of devices, including tablets, and have RCS capabilities with other devices, and you can make international calls.

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