What Is Costco Business Membership? (all You Need To Know)

The Costco warehouse club is known for its sales, low prices, and warehouse club format.

Costco has different membership types. The most common is called Costco Business membership. It’s the best option for companies to buy Costco merchandise directly.

What Is Costco Business Membership In 2022?

To renew the Costco Business membership with a Business Executive or Business Plus is not a problem. We can renew this membership at the same time as other Costco memberships. Costco Business is valid for one year, so you can renew it annually. The Annual membership fee is $60 with a $120 deposit and expires every year.

To learn more about Costco Business membership, how it works, how to enroll, and the annual cost, read on!

You can sign up for an Costco Business membership online, 24-7. Once you sign up, you can view your Costco Business membership benefits online anytime.

What Is The Difference Between The Costco Personal & Business Membership?

You can buy different plans at Costco.
You can choose your own plan.
You have four different plans.
You can choose between the Personal and Business membership plans.
You can choose between Personal and Business membership plans.
You have Personal and Business membership plans.
You can choose between Personal and Business membership plans.

You can also select the Basic or Executive plan so that you get more benefits.

Costco memberships are typically used for larger families, people with businesses, or students who require more than one card. Costco also offers a membership for small families, which is different from the regular membership. Costco also offers a membership that allows the members a special 10% discount on wine. The special discount is only available once per month.

Business Membership is for individuals in the business world, and are allowed to join as a member.

Costco members get access to the latest selection of the top-ranking brands, saving money in the process, and enjoying the highest quality goods.

Gold Star
A Gold Star is awarded by the organization to distinguished individuals for meritorious achievement in any field of work or activity.

The executive of a group has specific powers within the group. In this case, the executives of each chapter (all the elected chapter officers together) make up the executive.

 After you get your Costco Executive Membership, here’s what you should expect.

How Much Does A Costco Business Membership Cost?

Just select the number of additional cardholders you would like to add to this account. Once the order is placed your $60 can be applied towards your first cardmembership purchase.

The total annual fee you pay is going to vary, depending on how many people you add as cardholders.

What Are The Benefits Of A Costco Business Membership?

One of the benefits of registering your company to become a Costco Business member is: you get a discount on your insurance.

The Executive Membership Benefits below are offered to all members
of the Executive Committee for consideration. Each of these benefits is
available for consideration on a voluntary basis.

You might be wondering why you want to join the community of fellow entrepreneurs. Well, there are many benefits that an online community of entrepreneurs offer you. Read more.

Business executives who choose the Business Executive membership get more benefits than with Business Standard.

The benefits of Chase Freedom include a 2% reward on purchases.

This means you will pay less money for insurance and you can see your statement with the date, times, mileage, and other details of your insurance company, when you have to make these checks.

Additional members of the family can also be included in your travel policy.
However, it is often recommended that you purchase a higher plan in order to have access to more services.

Personal membership plans are cheaper than household membership plans, so if a member of your household subscribes, you get a free Household Card for that member.

Now that’s not too bad. You can always keep adding additional cardholders. If you pay for a Business membership, you’ll have to pay $60 for each additional cardholder.

In the event the business expands you can add more people and purchase more merchandise.

How To Sign Up For A Costco Business Membership

You can register for a Costco Business membership by filling out the Costco Membership Application available on Costco.com.

After filling the signup form out, you’ll be redirected to the verification page, where you’ll have to verify your email address and phone number.

You can also find the product’s name, price, description, and color(s). The item image(s) are also displayed to the right of the search results. You can click on the thumbnail to view the large-sized version of the image.

You will receive a confirmation email from Costco that will include your membership number within two business days.

* a Costco membership card
* Costco membership number
* a valid form of identification (driver’s license, passport, social security card etc.)
* proof of address (address or bill with your name on it).

How Can You Add Additional Members To Your Business Membership?

Add a person.
Add all the people from your address book.
Add a person by email or phone, using the Search feature.
Add a person from a social media network such as LinkedIn.

If you fax a letter to more than one person at the same time, you must list the names and phone numbers of the additional members and the signature of the primary member.

Please include a telephone number to allow a quicker response. I am also interested in finding out more about your company.

Can You Change The Primary Cardholder On A Business Membership?

The number one thing that you should know about your credit card is replacing it.

For this, we need to go to the membership counter at your nearest Costco warehouse; there we can change this information for future visits.

In addition, the primary cardholder can request a change by contacting Costco via mail or fax.

And this letter should also include the cardholder’s signature, company address, and the job title of whoever signed the letter.

Is A Costco Business Membership Worth It?

As a Costco member you can get a nice discount on the business goods you buy for your store. It’s worth it to sign up, so you get the discount and gain the additional benefits of the membership.

In order to have the easiest time, you can have a list of other cardholders for your account. If you need help or have the cards, you can contact them and they’ll handle the task for you.

Additionally, this membership includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Therefore, if you are not satisfied, Costco will cancel and refund you.

If you want to know more about these topics, you can also read our posts on Costco Executive membership review, Costco Auto-Renew, Costco Gold Star Membership Review, and Costco Gold Star Membership.


Business accounts are available to members, which allow members to buy and sell products at multiple Costco locations.

This membership is valid for one year. If the business membership expires, you can continue to renew it annually.

Well, the good news is that both are totally free for now. You can choose from the Basic plan or the Basic plan, which is $60 annually.

Finally, this Membership option is ideal if you want to add more cardholders because you’ll have to pay $60 for each card.

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