Does Subway Accept Google Pay & Samsung Pay? (all You Need To Know)

Subway is a part of the food giant, and has over 650 restaurants across the country. It has an abundance of menu offerings, and allows you to customize your food to meet your tastes and dietary requirements.

Google is a global search engine and developer of Android, a popular smartphone operating system. Samsung is another electronics manufacturer, and a leader in wearable technology. Since Subway is a restaurant, it is open to both of these options. When you place an order you can use Google Pay or Samsung Pay to pay. You can use Google, Facebook, or Apple Pay to pay as well.

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Does Subway Accept Google Pay & Samsung Pay In 2022?

Subway does not accept Google Pay or Samsung Pay as of 2022. However, Subway does have NFC (near-field communication) technology for some types of contactless payments, so you can use third-party delivery applications that take Android mobile wallet payments.

Find out more about paying for Subway with your phone or tablet so you can get some pizza on the go!

Does Subway Accept Google Pay?

This app is currently only available on Android devices.

Please try another supported payment method.

Then you may want to put the delivery fee into your budget instead of the restaurant.

You can use the Google Pay wallet app or online services to make purchases at any merchant who accepts Google Pay. This could be any merchant or restaurant, such as a grocery store, a pizza parlor, or a gas station.

For example, when you order through the app, you can place the order and then come back to this screen to complete your payment.

To use Google Pay for a food delivery app, simply sign in to your Google Pay account, and instead of inputting your long card number directly into the app, select the option that uses the payment information stored in your Google Pay account.

In order to be successful in any business, you have to be in the right customer service spot. So, if you want to get food on the go, you need to be prepared to use Google Pay.

Does Subway Accept Samsung Pay?

Instead, Subway has its own app called Subway App. It’s part of the “mobile payment” technology called Near Field Communication (NFC). This means you can use your phone to pay for things directly from your phone. Samsung Pay is a rival to NFC.

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It is only the Apple Pay for iPhone, not the Apple Pay for iPad, Apple Watch, or the Apple Watch for iPhone.

In addition, you can also use the DoorDash app to pay for your mobile Subway order using the Samsung Pay app on your phone.

To use these payment methods, you need to enable them in your DoorDash mobile app.

To order from Subway, GrubHub, or any other restaurant, you can simply use the app or use the web browser, but if you do use the web browser you’ll have to go to Paypal to pay for your order, which makes it a little more complicated than just tapping it through the app. So, again, the bottom line is that the app is incredibly easy to use.

What Forms Of Payment Does Subway Accept?

Paypal (as well as Amazon’s Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and others).
Chips, including Apple’s and Google’s offering.
Diners Club, or any other card that can be read by the register.
Debit cards and gift cards (e.g. Visa, Mastercard, American Express).

The more of these you can use, the more money you’re likely to spend.

You can also use your smartphone to order directly from your mobile phone. And, you can also order directly from your smartphone and choose between curbside pickup, home delivery, or in-store pickup.

If you want to pay using your Apple Pay at a store that has the feature, you can add it from your iPhone’s Settings by tapping Apple Pay, and then choosing Add a new card.

What Restaurants Accept Google Pay & Samsung Pay?

Although Subway does not accept either of these popular Android wallet apps in-store, Google Pay or Samsung Pay, are can be accepted in many restaurants across the nation.

If you are planning on using cash, and you are taking out your credit card, please make sure to charge your purchase back right away!

* **Safeway** will check-in its customers’ purchases of $25 and more when they walk-in to a Safeway store, whether or not they’ve purchased anything else yet. Users who want Safeway rewards and freebies will be able to scan their mobile wallet and get discounts for future purchases.

Google Pay and SamsungPay will allow you to add the payment method directly to your phone and make payments directly from within the Google and Samsung apps.

If you need to know if more Subway locations accept mobile payments, check our post on where Subway accepts Apple Pay, as well as our post on whether or not Subway accepts Google Pay.


Unfortunately, Subway does not accept Google Pay or Samsung Pay for in-store purchases. Instead, you can use your card at the self-service checkout or pay with cash, credit, or debit.

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