Buying Cupcakes From Walmart (7 Things You Should Know)

People are switching from cakes to cupcakes instead of cakes because the cupcakes are easier to eat and won’t leave as much crumbs all over the table as the cakes do.

Walmart bakery products are always a good choice, but the range of products can become overwhelming for some people.

If you want to buy cupcakes at walmart, there are two types and prices of cupcakes.

Buying Cupcakes From Walmart In 2022

What Types Of Cupcakes Doe Walmart Sell?

Walmart’s Cupcakes are pre-packaged cupcakes on the bakery department floor, and you’ll order customized cupcakes to match your party theme.

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Freshness guaranteed cupcakes are made from a variety of flavors.

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Some examples of cupcakes with “rainbow sprinkles” and “green and blue frosting” have already been given, and can also provide inspiration to make other kinds of cupcakes.

You can get market cupcakes in Paris, too, but they are more generic and a lot more traditional than the ones sold at Aducci.

As you can see, there are many cupcake recipes. There are a few cupcake recipes that are more suitable for large groups as well.

I mean they have literally unlimited ingredients that they can play around with and make some amazing treats, and you never know what you’re going to find in the bakery case.

The bakery is in charge of providing the clients with their orders and it also has a certain autonomy to put out different types of cakes, cookies and cupcakes for those clients.

A bakery is usually a place that sells baked goods. It can be a place where you go to learn how to bake the goods that you want.

 I’ve noticed that my staff and I don’t seem to have any problems finding the products we’re looking for, and our customer and guest service is A**!

Walmart also offers cupcakes that you can customize and order in-store and online. There are different options that are customizable, you can choose the design, or even the color of the frosting.

How Much Are Cupcakes At Walmart?

The cupcakes cost $2.40 for the most popular flavor, pumpkin spice. If you prefer carrot cake or chocolate chip it runs an additional $1.70. If you want a regular cupcake, the smallest size, the price is $5.48.

That upper number is for a package of 24 mini cupcakes, perfect for a schoolroom or office treat. When you place an order for 50 or more mini-cupcakes, the shipping cost is a little lower. You can get 25 cupcakes for $1.50 each if you place an order for 50 cupcakes.

The average cost of a standard-sized cupcake is around $5.00.

Single cupcakes are cheap at $2.97. They are very large.

I think these cupcakes are a little more cost effective than the other options. They are priced at $21.99 a pop.

And because we’re handcrafting every cupcake to order, we make sure that our cupcakes are accessible enough for everyone–even those with tight budgets.

They start at $4.48 for six and go up to $13.28 for a set of 24 (and these are regular-sized cupcakes, not minis).

The phrase “for your eyes only” comes from a (false) story that Elvis ate a cake for his eyes only, and died shortly thereafter. It’s also used to make fun of celebrities, e.g.

Walmart offers the option for the filling to be made with cake mix, too; that bumps the price up by $3.

Does Walmart Sell Individual Cupcakes?

You can actually buy each cupcake individually, but they’re so expensive that most people get one of the large cupcakes.

Here’s a great recipe for vanilla cupcakes.
Here’s a great recipe for red velvet cupcakes.
This is a great recipe for coconut cream pie cupcakes.

Those were individually packaged in plastic and sell for $2.97.

Are Walmart Cupcakes Baked In Stores?

Walmart’s cupcakes are delivered frozen. They are baked in a centralized facility not located at each store.

The cakes have arrived from Europe with a frozen/thawed quality, but that they are expected to be okay when warmed up. I hope that helps.

Since Walmart doesn’t require fresh meat for most of their store operations, it simply defrosts on the sales floor and is then re-sold.

You are correct to state that it isn’t a good idea to use an ice cream scoop to fill cupcakes to the rim. This will leave the tops of your cupcakes higher than they should be.

If they are frozen immediately after they are baked and cooled, then they freeze like a freezer bag, or a block of water in a bag, and that is the quality we are trying to protect.

The quality of frozen and defrosted food from Walmart continues to be fairly good. However, the quantity has declined somewhat, in my experience. I believe that the decline in quantity is due to a lack of investment in the company. It should be noted that they are still selling the same selection of food products.

Can Your Order Customized Cupcakes From Walmart?

Walmart customizes cupcakes to make them look like the product they carry.

You can also order them here. If you need any, you should definitely go to the store and try out different products.

You start by choosing the amount. You can choose 6, 12 or 24. Then the sites guides you through flavors, fillings, icing and decorations.

I’ll have a 6-cupcake order, starting at $4.48. A 12-ct. order starts at $6.92 and a 24-ct. order starts at $13.28.

Total price will be $3 extra. All the other customization options are free.

Can You Order 12/24 Cupcake Cakes From Walmart?

The cake is made with a bunch of cupcakes and you can order the shapes of the cupcakes and order different sizes to make it look like the shape you want.

I’m getting the feeling that Walmart’s customer service is not the best.

Here is an example of a review that is not about the product. It is about the reviewer’s experience with customer service.

The thing to make your cupcake cake is a ready-made sheet cake. The photo will show you that. To make this cake as a sheet, prepare a sheet of angel food cake covered with a thin layer of butter pudding. Then top it with fruit, pudding and powdered sugar.

The only things you can customize within the Nike Sportswear website are your shoe/s and your shoe/s color.

Are Walmart Cupcakes Any Good?

Customers say bad reviews on Walmart’s cupcakes, as they describe their cake as dry, soggy, and disgusting. In addition, some customers say that they have found better cupcakes at Publix as opposed to Walmart.

The dryness of the cupcake was one of the issues that had to be addressed when developing the texture of the cupcake.

It seems to me that the cake is too sweet or has too much frosting on it, but I will let you decide.

A friend of mine brought me a cupcake the other day and it was rather small and light. It tasted very good but she didn’t give me much credit for that.

The problem with this type of cake is that it can be hard to cut, difficult to serve, and takes longer to bake and cool than the traditional cake you have been using.

The cheaper recipes cost a lot of ingredients, so the recipe may also be more complicated to prepare.

If you’d like to learn more about Walmart’s range of cakes, you can also check out our related posts on Walmart’s range of cakes, Walmart bakery cookies, and a rundown of Walmart donuts.


Walmart will soon have cupcakes accessible to the masses, and their cupcakes are no different.

With just a few dollars, you can enjoy a dozen mini cupcakes or a single specialty cupcake from your prepackaged selection.

You can order any cupcake you want from the cupcake menu, and they will customize it with any options you want to add.

You can also choose from a variety of toppings, including sprinkles, chocolate syrup, fruit, nuts, and more.

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