Costco Bakery Wrapper (duties, Is It A Good Job, Pay, Hours + More)

As a Costco bakery wrappers, you are responsible for making sure the baked goods are packaged correctly. Once it’s packed, the goods are transported from the packaging line to the warehouse where they are shipped to stores or restaurants.

If you’re interested in learning more about this Costco bakery wrapper job, you should know that the store manager can train new employees, and you’ll be working a variety of shifts including night shifts.

What is a Costco Bakery Wrapper In 2022?

A bakery wrapper positions are typically part-time and full-time, and are open to all skill levels and ages. They are required to receive a food handlers certification before beginning the job. They are paid $12-$18 per hour, and their shifts are either Monday-Friday or any other day of the week.

If you would like to find out more about the Costco bakery wrapper position, keep reading!

What is a Costco Bakery Wrapper?

While at Costco, you’ll help customers find what they’re looking for and help them with their baskets. So get out of your seat and do something, not just sit there.

Second, this job requires a lot of energy and creativity, since you’ll need to work with people in different departments to ensure that your job is completed correctly.

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When you work at a warehouse, you stock and inventory items. The only difference between this position and stockroom work is that you also have to make sure the items are always neat in the warehouse. You will also spend a lot of time running around, so you will need to have a flexible schedule.

– **Departments**: Departments feature a simple interface with many department-specific tasks. For example, you click to select a department, and then click to select a staff member. It is possible to view a spreadsheet representation of the department, as shown in the screenshot below.

Do I Need to Have Any Specific Qualifications to Be a Bakery Wrapper at Costco?

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The food service workers have to take an exam and pass the certification or else they are fired.

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You can also find links to the classes in the “External Resources” section below.

What Skills Do You Need to Be Successful in the Costco Bakery Wrapper Position?

Â* Applicants should have knowledge or experience related to production, operation and maintenance of bakery equipment to successfully perform their duties.

What Hours are Available to Work as a Costco Bakery Wrapper?

Costco offers full-time and part-time bakery wrappers in each bakery location. Hours can vary, so contact your local Costco location for specific hours.

As there are more people and more demand for bakery products, bakery jobs are among the easiest to get.

How Much Is An Average Hourly Pay For The Costco Bakery Wrapper Job?

In this position, the average employee has a very limited budget and receives no benefits. There is little room for growth and the job is generally very stressful throughout the day.

Where Can You Apply For the Costco Bakery Wrapper Position?

If you’re interested in applying for the Costco bakery job, you can apply online and you can apply through the Costco Career website.

When you open the Application portal, you can find a link which takes you to the applicant portal.

The applicant will be able to select a location to search for a free site or choose to have her search the web. After this, the applicant will access the portal, where she will be able to search for free wireless hotspots.

This is to help the applicant remember their previous login if they have already used it to apply to a job at Costco.

Step 5: Click “I understand” when you’ve reviewed everything.

If they are an existing applicant, they’ll be able to change their profile information through the customer service center.

The bakery application is completed by the applicant and submitted to Costco managers for consideration.

The final step of the process is the applicant’s interview which will take place in one of the managers’ offices.

What Questions Might Be Asked During an Interview For a Bakery Wrapper?

When filling out the job application for the bakery wrapper job, it’s important to be prepared to answer questions about their past work experience and skills.

Is the Costco Bakery Wrapper Position a Good Job?

The Costco bakery wrapper job is the perfect opportunity for someone who can quickly learn business operations and take on a greater responsibility while being supported by a team.

This job is excellent for people who want to enjoy working with their hands and building something with their own two hands. You can work at home, and you can have flexibility in your schedule.

You can also look at our job postings for other roles you might find interesting.
You know, the best part about Costco is that you can spend as much
time as you want to get to know people.


A Costco bakery wrapper is a job that requires you to be good with your hands. You are a helper that helps the customer and works as a team with other people. You are also a multitasker as you help the customers who are purchasing the products and working. And lastly, you will love a customer relationship since you go to the store to make people feel good.

You need to be punctual to work and must be willing to work long hours and stand on your feet. If you are interested in this position, apply using the “Apply” button below.

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