Do Meijer Bottle Return Slips Expire? (all You Need To Know)

Meijer’s customers are encouraged to return their unused items. Customers present the returned items to a cashier. The cashier then scans the item into the store’s point of sale computer system.

When dealing with Meijer bottle returns, the process is a little bit different than other chain stores.

Do Meijer Bottle Return Slips Expire In 2022?

For the bottle returns, customers have to bring the returns slips with them during checkout the next time. When a customer arrives with returns slips, the associate scans the slip then places the unclaimed bottle deposits back in the return slip. Meijer would not charge a refund or exchange fee for the bottles. Meijer’s policy will be in effect until the current ones expire in 2022.

If you want to know more information about returning bottles at Meijer and how it works, this article will tell you what you need to know about bottle return slips and Meijer’s bottle return policy.

Returning Meijer Bottles

To return Meijer bottles, you need to bring a bottle return slip with you.

Does Meijer Have a Limit on Bottle Returns?

A customer can return a product for a full refund of the purchase price if it is returned within 60 days of purchase. However, the customer is limited to $25 per day per retailer.

Stores don’t have to make a choice. A retailer can choose to go above 25 dollars or go below 25 dollars.

What Time Does Meijer Bottle Return Close?

If you want your Meijer bottle back, you have to be at a store by 10 pm.

And because of health issues, bottle returns are available on certain days for customers with these conditions.

The dedicated hours for grocery store associates are on Monday and Wednesday mornings from 10 am to 1 pm.

Meijer stores will be open to the public from 8 am to 10 pm on those specified dates.

How Do You Return Bottles to Meijer?

The bottles that are returned by You can return beverage bottles to Meijer stores as long as you have the return slips for the bottle purchased with deposits.

You can use up the content of a bottle by drinking it. When the bottle is empty, it can be returned to Meijer and receive a refund of the bottle deposit amount. You can only return a bottle to the machine inside the store.

(1) Make sure your bottle is completely empty. (2) Take the bottle to a store associate and have them empty it. (3) Take the empty bottle to the returns area. (4) Explain what happened. I have seen bottle returns done quickly and effortlessly.

Do All Meijer Stores Have a Bottle Return Policy?

You will not be able to return your purchase in most Meijer stores.

Meijer will have a bottle return policy if it is located in a state where there is a bottle bill.

The New York bottle bills, also known as the container deposit-return laws, allows customers to pay a small deposit on top of the actual amount of the beverages.

Michigan law requires liquor and wine distributors to pay a 10-cent deposit per bottle on any returnable container sold to retail liquor or wine stores.

Now Meijer passes on the 10-cent surcharge to customers and will get a refund of the 10 cents when the distributors pick up the empty bottles and cans.

Customers can return bottles back to the store and get a refund amounting to about 30 percent of the initial purchase price.

Recycling is done by using a machine that shreds the plastic waste material and then using this shredded material to make pellets. The pellets are then sold to a manufacturer who makes products.

The retailer must give 25% of the unclaimed money to the store and the other 75% to the environment department.

Why Does the Bottle Return Machine at Meijer Not Recognize My Bottles and Cans?

If the return machine does not understand the UPCs on your returned bottles and cans, they might be defective.

Generally, the bottle return machine at Meijer is programmed to recognize the bottles and cans with deposits sold at the store by scanning through the UPC on the container.
But the company has recently announced that it will begin to incorporate RFID (radio frequency identification) technology into its bottle return machines.

As a result, if the machine does not recognize the bottle, the UPC may be damaged or obstructed, making it difficult for the machine to scan the container.

If you get the message that the product is not sold at our stores, it’s likely that the store doesn’t carry your selected item.

If you still have questions after reading this message, contact us at

However, if you encounter difficulty processing an item that the machine will not accept, such as an empty bottle, Meijer offers assistance at the service desk.

Does It Matter If the Bottles for Return at Meijer Are Crushed or Flattened?

Meijer will accept returns of crushed or flattened bottles provided the bar code can still be read and the bottle was purchased at a Meijer store.

(1) a bottle (2) with a crushed or flattened bottom,
(1) contained only liquids,
(2) in an acceptable returnable container and
(3) with a reasonable opportunity for inspection.

Meijer was one of the first retailers to support Apple Pay, but we don’t know if Meijer stores will accept American Express payments in their stores.


Meijer bottle return slips expire, and customers can no longer claim their deposits within the expiration period. Hence, customers should take note of the expiration period and ensure they return the returnable bottles within the specified time.

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